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PYN For a 100% Honest Opinion

53 MisterPredaa, Dec 14, 2017

Note: Burn cream will be provided *UPDATING AT 3:00 PM EST*
#Deeannamorgan - I literally love you sososososososo much you are literally always there for me and treat everyone that gives you respect with respect. You are super loyal to Evan and you put your relationship first and dont take shit from the nasty people on here! Keep doing what you are doing sweetie
#Pizza4256 - I dont know you well at all but I like Pizza so heyyy
#Arris - I hate how weve drifted apart but nothing happened to make our relationship bad. I still think you are one of the funniest, lighthearted, and genuine person on this site that I dont want you to think I dont appreciate :)
#CalebDaBoss - I really want to get to know you because I like to put myself around people that are able to make me feel happy and make me smile. Im not on this website to be cutthroat and be a bitch so id love if we chatted sometime.
#ClassiCaz5 - Ive literally known you for about 6 or 7 years and weve always been friends but never SUPER close. Now more than ever I think we are becoming closer as the OG roblox community is dying off which is making me happy :)
#Kaylabby - Ok I literally love you because literally you are such a queen. You are such a strong female on this site that if I ever had a daughter Id be like look up to her she has it going! You are confident, nice, and can stand up for yourself in a crowd of judgy and mean people
#JustMe - I dont know if its JustMe but I literally love you even though I dont know you that well. Im aware of you being former T-Mod in which I want to APOLOGIZE for you putting up with these monsters! Your blogs always make me smile :) You keep doing you
#DevinB - To be honest I don't know anything about you which is probably a good thing. Good in a way that you dont have a bad rap on here which means you are probably a fun person to be around. Sorry I dont have much else!
#anthousai - We only really talk on the rare occasion we play a frookies in which we get along well but you always join with your friends so I know its hard to work with me when you join with someone else. One day we should join together and really get to know eachother. Id like that!
#SeaKing - You can grow such a fine beard and have all the right looks but I dont know you well enough to judge you personally. If you know or we ever become friends and you are actually a super nice person some guy/girl would be super lucky to have you! Literally iconic
#Thumper91 - LOL We go way back Lauren and Im glad I was able to reconnect with you since I have been back. Its been hard since you are kinda winding down on the site but I understand that you are a super busy lady now and you need to make that money hunny! I love you no matter what xx
#HaliFord & #TotalDramaLover1234 & #NicoleF- Similar to Devin where I dont know you that well, but since I havent heard anything back about you and I am the go to person for people to vent to it probably means you are..


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7 disneygeek, Aug 22, 2017

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HoH- Sam_Hamwich
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POV- TrYhArD1441
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