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Hello, my name is deeannamorgan - Unapologetic, badass bitch.

Im the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet
Swadles owns this ass


[2017-07-15, 12:53:18 AM] Richard (TotsTrashy): deeanna is so amazing anyone who DOESNT support a really powerful female the exit is right there

On 2017-09-07, at 12:01 AM, Zach (Swadles) wrote:
> Dee is a literal goddess because all of her enemies get hit with hurricanes

Deeanna, I'm obviously going to start with the one that kept me sane this whole time, the one person I thought I was gonna hate I turned to love. When do you ever meet someone who can hoe around just like you??? Icons only obviously. I had so many laughs with you and lots of tea, from being sexted at the same time to sending nudes to the same people at different times. Couldn't help it. We bonded on such a personal level before game really, and it sprouted into this beautiful friendship I would never trade. Really the only girl I've clicked with so damn well on this site, I really have to thank Mike and Karim for casting us and bringing us together. Thank you for ALWAYS being Team L <3 love you and slay - eliserose

deeannamorgan idc if I go to jail you are the most beautiful being on and I love messaging you even though you don't want anything to do with me I can't believe you even commented on MY blog I'm so blessed I wish I could call you my girlfriend that way when I jerk off thinking about you ever single night it wouldn't be so weird ily gorgeous :$$$$$

At the end, Dee has had the biggest journey, and I am proud to award her the title of TBB queen. This bad bitch NEVER gave up - karim

Group Game History

Co-Host of D.Z Survivor with Swadles

TBB2 (2/15 Most emotional, Most shook faces, Best rivalry w saraj10)
Liam's Survivor: The Society Islands (1/18 (6-1) Player of the Season, Best Alliance with TJ2807)
Sanctuary 1.0 (1/14) (9-0)
The Mole S1 (1/12)
Sebby's Fast Survivor S19 (1/16)
The Power Struggle: Friend vs. Foe (2/16)
Sebby's Fast Survivor S18 (2/14)
Sebby's Fast Survivor S21 (3/15)
Liam's Survivor: Arabia (3/17)
Chris2pei's Big Brother (3/12)
The Immunity Game S3 (4/20 Best Confessionals, Iconic Duo with CalebJustLeft)
Big Brother Unlimited 11: (All-Stars 2) Heroes VS Villains (4/20)
M&N's Survivor 6: Taiwan (4/18)
Noah's Survivor: Wonderland (4/16)
Ryan's Survivor: Codajas (4/16)
Big Brother Unlimited 10 (5/16 Player of the Season)
Chris2pei's Survivor: Hungary (5/16)
Speed Stars S3 - Friends Over Wins (5/16)
Survivor: FBW vs. The World (6/21)
Kara's Survivor: Honduras (6/16)
Last Man Standing (7/35)
The Immunity Game S7 Countries (7/26 Host's Favourite Player Award, Player of the Season)
M&N's Survivor: The Caribbean- All Stars (8/24)
WitZ Survivor Egypt (8/18)
Kolby's Survivor: Estonia (8/15 Untapped Potential Award, Fan Favourite)
S7 Renny's Big Brother: Roll The Dice (9/18 King and Queen of slaying the favs Award with Swadles)
The Immunity Game S5 All-Stars (10/20)
Kolby's Survivor S6 All-Stars (11/20)
Noah's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (13/20)
Survivor: Tahiti ~ The Volcanic Island (14/20)

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