Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is TWD98 is the love of my life

highest rank: 133

— I’ve won 4 Hunger Games! —

Dating mathboy9 12/1/17 - forever ❤️❤️❤️

Group Games I wanna join soon:

M&N's Survivor - Pieguy555 & OldNewz
Big Brother Unlimited - JordanForReal
RSF - RShowFreak

If any of you guys happen to see this let me know when you are casting again and I will definitely apply. I will probably be stalking the game for applications though xD

hey you notnicky
you make me really sicky
whats funny? thats right your little dickie
nobody will ever give you a hickie
especially no chickie
oh you think youre tricky?

+0 pointsbigbrotherlover7 0 min ago

We first met around two years ago. I found you to be immature, but a little funny. I remember it vividly, like it was yesterday. I had just been added to a chat, called the real fakes. I had been interviewed for this chat and everything. Brandt ran it, and he assured me you were crazy but a nice person. I jokinly messaged you to nominate me and you did. I thought it was kind of funny to be honest. Anyways, flash forward to our first real game together. The hunger games. I needed you. I was dying. People came at me like they always do, and I turned to you for support. You pretended to be offline. I died. What can i say? i didnt know you. I understood. After that moment we were in the chat for two years together. TWO YEARS. we played a stars together. we worked together. It was nice. We always joked around with each other and called each other names. you reminded me of my youth. I thought you had matured. until today, that is. We worked all game together and I had your back. How did you repay me? you shot out andrew. my whole world. words cannot describe how you made me feel. I feel no anger towards you notnicky, just sadness. I trusted you. I trusted our friendship. I thought we really had something on this shitty website, trust and friendship. you are just like the others. I hope you enjoy your karma notnicky, you sure as hell will be getting it.

goodbye notnicky.

+0 pointsTadNuggets69 1 hour 50 min ago
"I'm on tribe autism" -NotNicky333, 2017

[9:52:28 PM] Colin: lets get the black people out

Bluejay7622 0 min ago
capguy1 0 min ago
Lol you guys don't even know what listen means

[9:45:25 PM] nick are you ready for it?: Disorder Rating Information
Paranoid: Very High more info | forum
Schizoid: High more info | forum
Schizotypal: High more info | forum
Antisocial: Moderate more info | forum
Borderline: Very High more info | forum
Histrionic: Very High more info | forum
Narcissistic: Very High more info | forum
Avoidant: Very High more info | forum
Dependent: Very High more info | forum
Obsessive-Compulsive: Very High
[9:45:34 PM] Nicky Hollingsworth: LOOOOL

TG Org Placements:

Survivor Trinity:
Host - TheSexiestDude990
Placement: 2nd/19 (3-2-2)

Host - M_Davis1989
Placement: 10th/17 (4-3)

AdeleAdele, 11:50 PM
nm I'm skinnier but still


I hate being skinny

like I wish I was normal

hey mastro :3

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