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128 justwannasayhi, Jun 9, 2013

Frookies banter aside.
Stars fakeness aside.
sassy003 - you know i love you. you accept me for me and love me even when i'm shady and vote you out of games < 3 loves our friendship being bigger than tengaged games, amg! who woulda thought? i think ur a cool chick and im sorry ppl hate u for being my bestie.
mattygeee - ugh, i love you soooo much. even tho i really dont. you're the best friend none of the people on the website has, sucks for them. you have the patience of a saint being my bestie and a heart of gold that u dont show often enough. i love u more than i love spamming... thats saying something. you make me wanna throw in some mayonnaise and muscurred and call it an egg sammich. thanks for being ride or die.
olympia - i dont know you on a personal level, but you seem to know a lot about the website. I guess you had another account once upon a time? from what I know of u... which is just ur blogs, ur a pretty cool b.
holllyy1230 - you are a queen. we only seem to talk when we're in THG together - but i still luff you. we get along pretty well imo, and yeah, i think ur a bad bitch. mwa.
splozojames50 - another person i don't really associate with around these parts, but i aint got a bad word to say about you! i do remember u going unnommed in stars and losing? if i remember correctly, that was kinda bogus! but yeah, ur A OK in my book james!
RasGrand - aside from you trolling my stars game and getting me evicted you bitch, i actually have a soft spot for your ass, rassy. i think you're a good kid with good intentions, it just takes a bit to uncover all that with you. we have good convos as well.
lemonface - we've never really been friends, but we will always have mutual friends, which sorta makes us like secret best friends thru marriage. i like your blogs, who does your blogs? and yeah, ur a positive light on the website so yay for not being a cunt like 99% of this site. woooop woooop.
Brule - ok.
Dalagninja - anyone from old TMS will always hold a special place in my heart, you being one of them steve. ur like growing up before my eyes, which makes me feel old as fk, but yeah its enjoyable. you definitely are one of the nicest people ive met here - so keep it up and never change. ur awesome < 3
rellizuraddixion - thanks for the compliments < 3 i dont really know u but i heard you are on T O P of your game. work it!!!
zakisaboss - we have a super competitive past but i think you're pretty awesome. i respect you as a gamer for sure. u can hang with me any day of the week brooooo. THG was fun while u were in it as well. mwaaa
vatcheabs - I missed you while u were gone, then u do small little things to piss me off :P but whatever ur vatche, ill always..


I am playing name that tune

3 Zeptis, Nov 13, 2012

On a nice call with
The scores are
Guess who has 16?


8 people got banned tonight

2 Zeptis, Nov 12, 2012

Who were they?
One was #PaulaDeen
Who are the other 7, and why?



0 Zeptis, Nov 7, 2012

Doesn't know what he is talking about.



2 Tigger, Jul 17, 2012

we want to find a new MMORPG to play that is free =[
any ideas?


I love you

1 Foxox, Jul 15, 2012

But Zeptis and tigger are cuter.


how i spent my saturday night?

1 Tigger, Jul 15, 2012

ended up on calls with #pauladeen from 8pm
ate zeptis out for 2 designs
became bffs with foxox
and made fun of jacco because he cant sit with us


Doing Post Your Name Blogs for Ts

78 TheLuckyOne, Jul 1, 2012

So Post Your Name and I will tell you my honest opinion of you from the view of my original account.
I always found you to be such a kind person to your friends and although we were never friends I must say you were so sweet :) and now i am getting to know you and you are even sweeter.
Well you are one of the few who knew who I was when I started this race. You are just such a beautiful person and I must say I want to sing you a love song right now < 33333333
I do not know too much about you but I do know you are the first person to make dramalicious blogs that I always find entertaining. Keep them coming gurl.
Well to be honest I felt you tried so hard to be good and popular when I did not meet you before this account. To be honest I kind of found you standoffish and annoying as well. But as i write this I am sitting on call with you and I must say I am falling in love with my Tengaged BFF.
Prior to this Race i only knew you as the hot kid who did awkward yoga videos for the attention. But I must say after telling your sister how hot I thought you were while you were sitting next to her I must say you are really quite nice :) Even though you never talk to me on skype
I cry everytime I think about the games we played together because there is always drama :D But you are such a sweet person and although you never once talked to me on here on my old account we talked a lot and you are cute
Well, we were not friends or enemies on my old account so I do not know much about you. But I do remember you playing the best stars game I ever saw and still not winning. Your win is coming soon enough :)
I want to fix your boner for you :(
I liked how you could easily join games without Jessica and your premades just as much as you did with them. it shows you try and win by yourself sometimes
I did not know much about you expcept for the fact that you were in the hospital. I am really hoping you are doing ok. And I hope you won that Hunger Games thing.
You are the guy in stars whom always gets evicted to early in my opinion because I have heard you are a standup guy.
I have heard very little about you except for the fact you make people signs. And you say you know who Adelaide is so you probably should tell me who it is
I used to always associate you with the Dusty/Nikkirags/Whoever else you always joined with if I may be honest. But you are also a very pretty girl from what I have seen.
I feel bad saying this but i did not know of your existence on my other account. But on this account you have been so nice to me I will be sure to add you when I go back to my old account
Well I always knew you to be the guy who commented on like so many blogs. And i also know you as the guy who obsesses over soccer as if you were actually a straight bro..

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