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Hello, my name is Skyler or sky for short idc lol

*** NOT a fan of spam btw (so if idk you or we don't talk, then don't spam me, kty.)

Hey guys, so I have met some pretty cool people on here along with some people I don't particularly care for. It's a trade-off I guess. But hey, I am always excited about meeting more awesome people haha. If you ever want to talk then feel free to message me. I love talking lol. If you ever want me to play with you in a game then just let me know. Hmm I think I'm done now so yeah bye haha

TV Star #540

Placed 2nd in Stars 415 -->

Placed 3rd [Morgan/Balboa] in Esquiff's Survivor Season 7: Pearl Islands (first group game ever!!! lol)

Forget about the Abercrombie male models and H&M male models, Liam is my favorite male model of all time! :) He's going to be HUGE one day! I feel fortunate to call him a very good friend of mine (so proud of you hun, ily!)

ich liebe my little munchkin Harry ♥

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  1. Is there a frat that I can join?
  2. Who is going to make it to finals
  3. This was so sweet of you :)
  4. Has anyone else wondered
  5. Love catching up with people!
  6. I hate how Dom is a target now x_x
  7. Is Jessica's eyelash coming off?
  8. I kind of started binge-watching
  9. See you in stars :)
  10. So why is Dominque a target now?
  11. When you have a headache
  12. I'm so over Jessica like wow
  13. Oh Jessica...
  14. What time does big brother come on tonight?
  15. I swear
  16. Me when she fills my inbox with gifs...
  17. Can there be more charities?
  18. Just started watching the POV episode of BB19 10th
  19. I really don't like Cody
  20. That broke t life though... lmfao

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