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Drago's Survivor Ryukyu Islands Finale

Congratulations to yr_2007, the winner of Survivor Ryukyu Islands!

Along the outlines of the Pacific Ocean lies a remote chain of beautiful islands. The Ryukyu Islands. These hidden islands lie directly in the shadow of it's mother country, Japan. Living in quiet solitude, modernizing slowly while the giant business and global rise of Japan's economy strikes the world. But the culture stays true. Connected back to the heart of the Japanese land, the spirits ancient samurais roam these islands like the ghosts of the past. Looking for vengeance where vengeance cannot be found. Living to a code of honor when honor is absent from this world. Protecting civilians when there is no one to protect them. The heart of Japan lies warmly and sovereign in the Ryukyu Islands. Diverse wildlife travels in willful silence as the bats fly swiftly and the monkeys swing with vigor. But underneath the ocean, the land becomes minimal to the fantastical breeches of this underwater kingdom. It is here, in the Ryukyu Islands, where new players mix with players from the past in one free for all. For our tenth season, 20 castaways, both present and past, are here to play a whole new game with a blank slate. No stigma from past mistakes, only looking forward to the hopes of the next 18 days. A twist unlike never before will premiere itself in the shadows of the samurais looking down upon it. It will elevate challenges and gameplay to a whole new level. Forced to work together to create a new society while battling the elements, and each other. They must learn to adapt or they'll be voted out of their tribe. In the end, only one will remain to claim the 50T prize. 18 days, 20 people, 1 SURVIVOR!

3 are left, who will be crowned the Sole Survivor?

[[Day 16 of 17]]

TAIKETSU (Purple Buffs)[3/14 Remaining]
Big Joe S./NewOrleansPelicans
FireDragon D./AlaskanFiredragon
Yogi R./yr_2007

1. Joey T./TheEclipse
2. Jake W./Warthhogs
3. Trey W./treywilkerson1
4. Derrick M./iiAmazing
5. RJ G./Realchance
6. Cam O./preznewton44
7. Max C./maxcrosby2419
8. Rita O./Oxygen
9. Luis L./_Adidas_

20th: Jacob G./BigBrother_78 [#Meiyo](3-1-1)[Lost to Trey]
19th: Erik N./ItsOfficial [#Reisei](2-2-1/2-1)[Lost to Jake]
18th: Alessandra W./Axoxo [#Reisei](4-1)[Lost to Jake]
17th: Bryce S./Copenhagen [#Reisei](2-2/2-0)[Lost to Jake]
16th: Dakota T./Rivoux [#Meiyo/#Reisei](4-3-1)
15th: Martin H./Hudspith [#Meiyo/#Reisei](3-2-1-1)
14th: Brady M./Bradyman7 [#Meiyo/#Meiyo/#Taiketsu](4-3)
13th: Leo S./yinzer149 [#Meiyo/#Reisei/#Taiketsu](4-3)
12th: Joey T./TheEclipse [#Meiyo/#Reisei/#Taiketsu](8{0}-2-1-1)
11th: Jake W./Warthhogs [#Reisei/#Meiyo/#Taiketsu](9-1-1)
10th: Trey W./treywilkerson1 [#Meiyo/#Reisei/#Taiketsu](4-3-2-1]
9th: Derrick M./iiAmazing [#Meiyo/#Reisei/#Taiketsu](3-2-1)
8th: RJ G./Realchance [#Reisei/#Meiyo/#Taiketsu](4-3-1)
7th: Cam O./preznewton44 [#Reisei/#Meiyo/#Taiketsu](5-2)
6th: Max C./maxcrosby2419 [#Reisei/#Meiyo/#Taiketsu](5-1)
5th: Rita O./Oxygen [#Reisei/#Reisei/#Taiketsu](2-2-1{0}/2-1)
4th: Luis L./_Adidas_ [#Meiyo/#Meiyo/#Taiketsu](3-1)
3rd: FireDragon D./AlaskanFiredragon [#Meiyo/#Meiyo/#Taiketsu] 2 JURY VOTES
2nd: Big Joe S./NewOrleansPelicans [#Reisei/#Reisei/#Taiketsu] 3 JURY VOTES
1st: Yogi R./yr_2007 [#Reisei/#Meiyo/#Taiketsu] 4 JURY VOTES


Past Seasons:
Season 1: Survivor Tocantins - SomebodyAwesome [6-1]
Season 2: Survivor Panama - Avatar20 [4-3]
Season 3: Survivor Palau - Wokko [4-3-2]
Season 4: Survivor Arafura Sea - bingo21 [5-4]
Season 5: Survivor Greece - Second Chances - AndThenThereWasOne [4-3]
Season 6: Survivor Oman - Lifer107 [7-2-0]
Season 7: Survivor All Stars - SurvivorFan37 [6-3]
Season 8: Survivor Iceland - amf7410 [7-0]
Season 9: Survivor Ca

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