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Tengaged Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers..

6 Tester, Jun 11, 2019

I don't know everyone's gender so I just put everyone as male (except Gay_Horse_ and SeaViper because they requested female).
Link: https://brantsteele.com/survivortest/35/r.php?c=rhkujx2a
Highlights (Not including everything, check the link to see everything) [SPOILERS]:
- Winner: #TaraG
- Fan Favorite: #Tester (totally unbiased btw, I didn't decide it)
- Most votes: #Tide (17)
- Most challenge wins: #Sameed27 and #lhooper902976 (4 each)
- Most immunity wins: #AntonB, #DracoMalfoy, #Sameed27, #TaraG, #Tester, #Tide, #lhooper902976 and #paulyp15 (1 each)
- Most reward wins: #Sameed27 and #lhooper902976 (3 each)
- Most idols found: #iichaoskimmy and #nijoco (2 each)
- Went home with an idol in their pocket: #Sameed27
- Quits: N/A
- Medevacs: N/A
- Final Three consisted of three original Yawa members LOL


hello can i help u

0 lexeyjane, May 27, 2019

abrogated said: ..I'm jealous of you ..
#TaraG said: ..pyn..
#boicam77 said: ..Me #ghrocky100 lexeyjane..
#mbarnish1 said: ..pyn..
abrogated said: ..you're nothing special..
abrogated said: ..everyone is shaking their heads at this dumb bitch..
#2388 said: .. lexeyjane no haha ..
abrogated said: ..scum of the earth..
abrogated said: ..And you're so fake..
abrogated said: ..I hate you..


Another PYN

20 Tester, May 8, 2019

Post your name and I'll tell you who my favorite user on your front page is and if I like that user better than you. (Inspired by mbarnish1)
Acceptthis - Blitszims and I don't know
pinkiepie512 - boicam77 and not sure but probably yes
KateN7766 - SaskiaRae and yes
Physics - danyyboy67 and no
mathboy9 - ItsAlexia and yes
CalebDaBoss - TaraG and yes
thefox111 - AntonB and yes
DxviousSapphire - Adam94 and this is a hard question
Gay_Horse_ - lhooper902976 and maybe
#TaraG - adamgrant and no (mostly because he's less active than you)
#lhooper902976 - #TaraG and yes
#AntonB - #TaraG and no
Bvance1212 - jussy007 and yes
Foxtrot - #lhooper902976 and this is a hard decision
chillum - Roshy and yes
BBlover96 - boneworks and no (I haven't heard of basically anyone of these)



12 Amnesia_, Apr 14, 2019

With a - love, like or hate for me and I鈥檒l do the same 鉂わ笍
Slightly copied #tarag xo
top20fan33 - LOVE! 鉂わ笍
boicam77 - Like! HMU 馃槉
danyyboy67 - Love! 馃挄
yogscastbigbrother21 - Like! HMU 馃槝
tarag - Like! HMU 馃榿
mbarnish1 - Lovee! 馃グ
thumper91 - Love!! 馃挐
calebdaboss - Love 馃槏
lexeyjane - Like! HMU 鈽猴笍


For every 10 points

22 Cheeseman2468, Jan 18, 2019

I will tag someone i appreciate and why
10- BrittBritt - You are always there for me when i need anything which is always something i appreciate so much and always stay loyal in games
20 - Krisstea - when i first joined this site you helped me out a lot which i will always remember and be thankful for
30 - Fetish - you were also bery helpful when i wasnt as familiar with the site and i will always remember that and i appreciate that
40 - Spartagow - Whenever we play games together you are usually a loyal ally and i appreciate that a lot to have someone like that
50 - J2999 - You are a great friend to have on this site and we always look out for each other and i appreciate that
60 - adeleadele - You were always there to chat when i needed it most a while back and i appreciate that so much
70 - Pinkiepie512 - You are one of the nicest people i have met and you are always there when i need to chat so thank you so much it means a lot
80 - Passionfruit - You are a great friend and i always love playing games together cause you are always loyal so thank you very much for that
90 - Sam_hamwich - you are always a fun person to talk to and you make games so much more fun to play cause you are a great player so i appreciate that
100 - Lexeyjane - You are so kind and i love talking to you which hopefully we can chat more in the future but thank you for always being kind
110 - Thumper91 - You are also so nice when we get the chance to talk and that is the reason im still here so thank you so much and hope to chat more in the future
120 - Blitszims - You are a great friend to have and i enjoy talking to you when we get the chance because you are so kind
130 - Maddog16 - You are such an amazing person that i am glad to have met and gotten the chance to chat with, you are so kind and i hope to keep in touch in the future
140 - Vlad21 - You are a great friend that i like playing games with and also chat with when we get the chance
150 - Alanb1 - You are a great friend that really helped me at the start when i joined so thank you so much for that
160 - mbarnish1 - You are a great friend that im glad i know and i hope to continue talking in the future
170 - anthousai - We havent talked much recently but you are one of my favorite people because we used to chat more when i joined the site and i always appreciate it when we do talk and you are a good game player
180 - Firewolf - You are a great friend and frat leader and i appreciate everything you do on this site and how nice you are when we get the chance to talk
190 - Rubes - You are such a great person to know and i hope we can chat more in the future because you are so kind
200 - Birks4444 - You are a..


I will miss you TaraG!

5 Tammy214, Jan 4, 2019

You were always sweet to me! Hope to see you back soon #TaraG


Instead of banning...

1 Halloween, Sep 18, 2018

miss #TaraG and testing things with Lights how about you check your email! Admin :)


For every +10

38 BrainJak, Jul 19, 2018

I will tag two users. One of these people will have made my stay on Tengaged worthwhile, the other will have nearly ruined it (I won't say which is which).
20 - #TaraG & #Thirteen
30 - #CoachWade & #GoodKaren (yeah you know who fucked up this one LOL)
40 - #moondancer63 & #Emmett4
50 - #Me2013 & #aria_grande
60 - #shellbelle & #Hufus
70 - #rabbaj & #Fishingguy22
80 - #MinnieMax & #hellomynameis347
90 - #RedFabFoxy & #Novamax243
100 - #Crayadian & #rodrigueseve
110 - #Icarus_Mark & #Finnick
120 - #Strawberri & #MartaGH12_
130 - #BengalBoy & #NotNicky333
140 - #MinnieMax & #BasketBall200
150 - #KatarinaDuCouteau & #lionsden121
160 - #Paige54 & #Petro
170 - #Chandlerp1996 & #kgunzrok
180 - #bigdizzleyomama & #KatherinePierce (Guess)
190 - #Kelly0412 & #vansreborn
200 - #dwipeouts & #Pikaplayer
210 - #varlto & #Sloth_Roman
220 - #Timster & #Mathboy9
230 - #bryantandf & #steve4280
240 - #Babeeeidah & #Halloween (LMAO try to guess this one just try)
250 - THEChanelOberlin & Arris
260 - ghrocky100 & mudndawilderness
270 - FireX & Kgamer2218
280 - Flamey9999 & Nebula
290 - TJ2807 & Silver09
300 - Bacon69 & MarieEve
310 - Jacadeux & CrebandCreb
320 - ClarkKent6969 & BlueJay7622
330 - josiahsurvivor & TheRoseHorse
340 - purplebb4 & Allison
350 - Scooby0000 & Memphis_Grizzlies
360 - Deeannamorgan & Matedog1209
370 - Kaseyhope101 & King_Lance
380 - Aintitfun & Cole225
390 - Peace123 & WestTemp


Post who you associate me with..

2 Temeky, Nov 2, 2017

and I'll do it back!
Thirteen - TaraG
#TaraG - #Thirteen


Would You Rather || Blog game Ep.1

9 Owen3939, Jan 9, 2016

All the contestants have agreed to play the "game", so they could win tons of money.
Jackson (the host) brings in two items.
some people will be asked a would you rather question. If you have been asked and don't reply within a day, you will most likely be shot by Jackson for not answering.
#TaraG: You must choose to either Stab #hsb123 in the arm, or shoot #AnnMyers through the hand with a bow & arrow. If #TaraG Doesn't reply before the next episode, she will be eliminated on the spot.
#QueenBae: You must also choose to either Stab #steven999 in the arm, or shoot #opslove through the hand with a Bow & Arrow. If #QueenBae Doesn't reply before the next episode, she will be eliminated on the spot.
#Jodan: You yet again must choose either to stab #Blitszims in the leg this time, or shoot #cswaggerr in the foot with a bow & arrow this time. If #Jodan doesn't choose before the next episode, he will be eliminated on the spot.
#AdeleLover: I think you have already guessed. You must either stab #TR1364 in the leg, or shoot #ahopster in the foot with a bow & arrow. If #AdeleLover doesn't choose before The next episode, she will be eliminated on the spot.
still Need to choose: FINNISHED
Watching/Season 2
Dawnpeacly [Dawn]
Paul41 [Paula]
alwaysvictorious [Romeo]
comment to watch

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