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Hello, my name is Benjamin why don't you try the elliptical machine

I will 'neutralize' the ex you hate, your bully, a policeman that you have been in trouble with, a lawyer, a small politician... I do not care what the cause is. I will solve the problem for you. Int
Doing this over the TOR network is probably the safest way to do it at all. I do not know anything about you, you do not know anything about me. The desired victim will pass away. No one will ever kn
Let's start of with the things I can say about me. I'm in this business for 7 years now and have operated under several different names.

I have gained endless experience(s) in this 7 years. It has changed me a lot. I don't have any empathy for humans anymore. This makes me the perfect professional for taking care of your problems and
I do not operate over a certain Web page anymore so don't be surprised as you will only find links of me to a pastebin or something somewhere. These are all only for some general informations anyways
And the most important thing you have to know about me: I am SERIOUS. I'm going to physically solve your problems if you know what I mean. DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS AS WELL! There are
I obviously am not going to tell you any personal information. Not where I'm from, not how old I am... nothing. Don't even ask or you will be ignored or even be blacklisted (Hello FBI!)
So let's get to some rules. You have to accept this rules if you plan to do business with me:

1. No personal information but the information about the victim is allowed to be exchanged . (I don't want to know anything about you and you don't have to know anything about me.)
2. Only contact me if you are serious. Please don't waste my time.

3. ONLY contact me with PGP (My key is at the bottom of this page) Non encrypted mails will be ignored and deleted. And don't forget to add your own PGP key to your mail so I can answer you! And keep
4. Bitcoin is the only accepted payment method.

5. You have to pay the beforehand or I won't be able to pay travelling costs and eventually new weapon costs.

6. Do not talk about my service in real life or in the clear web.
7. I often get asked this, but I do NOT video tape my work. There could be a minimal fault of myself showing anything that could reveal my personality for just 0.01 seconds or so that I do not notice
8. I do not accept escrow. I do kind of half-half payment though (This has always been welcome by my customers and has worked great.) First payment before the neutralizing and second after neutralizian

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