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3 CopperTribe, Aug 24, 2018

And I'll rank you from like to hate.
Just really bored



63 Marchesa, Jul 9, 2016

Okay, I'm not deleting this LOL
Post your name and I'll give you the absolute first thing that comes to mind when I think of you. Some of these won't even make sense to you but that's the point, right?
#C00LDUDE1000 - nudes
#MrBird - the bird is the word
#GoodKaren - karen from spongebob
#Katherinee_ - katharine mcphee
#mathboy9 - blonde gemma weaves
#ImGonnaWin - garfield
#memphis_grizzlies - kevin durant
#Gkinn1234 - knees
#TDBigBrotherLover112 - big brother season 12
#Darbe - kirby
#Oliviaxoxo - peppa pig
#Vanili - cookies
#Carlo_Costly - #randomize
#PMMGuy - cats
#GimmeDatDub - warriors
#gagaluv - JUDAS
#eliortiz1234 - dating #maturo
#Rperduex11 - purple trout
#Steven999 - Survivor: Microsenia i think
#Robbster1313 - polaroids
#Brayden_ - kristen stewart
#turkeylover - facebook
#PureEssence - flower pedals
#Icarus_Mark - a volcano
MickyBoomy9 - mickey mouse bombing a local ronald mcdonalds house out of jealousy
Lazeric - roblox
Rennac - the devil's lettuce
Pegasus1234 - british comedy shows
ghrocky100 - pokemon GO!
s73100 - zootopia
virgie88 - popeye (the cartoon not the fried chicken)
_m4rw4n - annoying memes
TotalDramaLover1234 - bolbi stroganovsky
Natepresnell - katniss everdeen
SmoothStalker12 - michael jackson's second album
Katniss12 - cat litter
Bluba164 - http://fairlyoddparents.wikia.com/wiki/Blubber_Nuggets
Vlad21 - hotel transylvania < 3
JacksonWalsh - little house on the prairie
@Rizzo - tomatoes
KatarinaDuCouteau - the hunger games
perfectprizetag - jessie j
greenranger8 - GO GO POWER RANGERS
Joobix - spongebob
AdamRuinsEverything - adam ruins everything
jakehou97 - texas gas stations
BluJay112 - my 1st grade teacher ms. jaye
QueenLuna - my little pony
ricardogv - flowers
kewlguy789isback - #C00LDUDE1000
Arris - http://6teen.wikia.com/wiki/Jude_Lizowski
HandSolo - handjobs
SexGoddx - hannah montana's house in malibu
scooby0000 - scooby doo


Random.org TGBB2 (15)

9 disneygeek, May 31, 2016

Eviction Order:
7th- #C00LDUDE1000
8th- #cococolin122
9th- #yellowunicorn
10th- #JourdanBabyXoXo
11th- #rory17
12th- #kgunzrok
13th- #Rodrigues75
14th- #aj1111
15th- #cgy_gayz
16th- #Zuelke
17th- #RachelTension
18th- #ForYouSelena
19th- #Brashful
20th- #benp428
By a vote of 2-0 #C00LDUDE1000 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- Jameslu
Pre Noms- Allyxox & Slice
POV- ninjohn
Used?- On Slice
Final Noms- Allyxox & ghrocky100
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the Noms can vote)
Ask to be tagged:



64 CutieAmy, Jan 15, 2016

for something I dislike(d) about you. If you are too sensitive don't comment.
#C00LDUDE1000 Your blogs are too generic sometimes.
#Imthtawesom Nothing comes to mind. I guess you are just too perfect.
#lexibear Nothing in particular. Probably that one time you spammed for #XxLoveWakizaxX in stars. I could be wrong, I am not sure.
#Danny12 I get that you want to blog about your personal life, but don't expect people to give you positive feedback and complain when they don't.       
#Orlando652 You know what you did Orlando and I still don't understand why you did it but whatever.
#skyler1822 Oh please! You are perfection :*
#sosyomomma How you get mad over the smallest things sometimes and I feel like you turn psycho when things don't go your way, LOL!
#Darbe Nothing too. I guess you are doing it right.
#XoXU How sometimes you seem like you are done with people and don't give good reasoning behind it. Or am I talking about myself?
#evilgenious448 This was like way back. I disliked that you negged my spam and was rude about it, LOL! I love you now. :)
#Billions It feels like whenever we talk it doesn't last more than 5 minutes. Nonetheless, you are a great guy and an interesting person to talk to.
#BlueStar1367 You are too nice from looks of it which can lead to people walking all over you. Or you used to be like that.
#smuguy2012 You don't have double standards.
#Paul41 Being ungrateful.
#KyleDile Nothing really comes to mind.
#Galaxies I feel like you are too sensitive and you take whatever people tell you nagatively to the heart. It is okai if someone over the internet doesn't like you, there are others that care about.
#Milkisgood I wish I had a vagina so that you would love me.
#Delete2544 You said it better in one of your blogs.
#Sam_Hamwich We share many things in common so can't say I dislike(d) something about you.
#brosky17 You give me the impression that you only want to talk about things that involve you.
#Streams There is one thing in particular and you are still doing it atm. I can't reveal it to the public though. I wish you can be yourself more.
#Oliviaxoxo That you gave me the impression I want to cause you pain when I was only trying to look out for you. It was at the time when we didn't talk for a month.
#Tetsuya You are too sweet so I have nothing to dislike you for.
#titoburitto Wow, nothing!
#Joseline Uh, we did dislike eachother but it was in the past. It was back when I was annoying. I don't quite remember what it was about so can't tell you much.
#m7md26 I hate short replies that are based on smiley faces for example and you tend to do that sometimes.
#oreo270 You need to stop giving people what they want and let them hand you things for a change. They can see it as a weakness.
#Alwaysvictorious how you chose to not handle matters in private mails and instead you made blogs when you used to have arguments with Thorn.
#Scrafty Nothing..


Pyn and I'll guess

36 Thegamingdragon, Dec 14, 2015

Your coulor level im good at these i think. (I swear I won't look)
#C00LDUDE1000 - tv star
#temponeptune - tv star
#noah_kondon - black
#Arris - blood level when I last saw
#RyanAndrews - yellow
#Danny12 - gold
Ethan000 - sky
dandoe - tv star
willie_ - gold idk
mrPokeguy9 - blood??
Pegasus1234 - tv star
levonini - blue
Libanz00 - light green I think
tennisplayer963 - tv star
hugatree343 - red
xxthornwyz - blue
boogie23 - dark green
matedog1209 - black I think
bb123 - red?
anthonyy - brown
guigi - blood obvi
pleaseletmestay - easy orange
brayden_ - silver
C_Shizz96 - blood
Sam_Hamwich - sky
PSULucky - blood
pornhub - yellow
geovanycaldeorn - dark green I think
musicinme - yellow
bigbrotherlover7 - brown
renny10 - dark green
rawr25 - silver
hunterbc88 - dark green
kaseyhope101 - easy red
ilovetosing - sky
pedlick44 - light green


u do realise

1 hobnobgpro, Dec 4, 2015

because you're so hated/annoying, you asking to evict baza will get more people to save him LOL!
#c00ldude1000 ur not even worth a trend



2 PaulaDeen, Sep 1, 2015



GoodKaren (Karen) <33333

54 C00LDUDE1000, Jun 8, 2015

So post your name and I will rank your karma with everyone else who comments!
~~~ MOST ~~~
aquamarine - 13617
sjsoccer88 - 11913
jenna2010 - 10222
deathwish - 10005
rebelman2227 - 9782
lemjam6 - 9244
humanmustard - 8558
gabriel24 - 7594
stuartlittle16 - 6081
hobnobgpro - 6069
Carlisle - 4887
acyuta - 3769
maxi1234 - 3740
patrick319 - 3525
simpizzle - 3460
psulucky - 3299
mastropola - 3014
blueu22 - 2923
jasonxtreme - 2868
lamia - 2533
djrnc33 - 2178
sam_hamwich - 2173
temponeptune - 2101
jamie19 - 1706
marwane - 1652
#C00LDUDE1000 - 1639
somebodyawesome - 1622
arcaninemaster - 1545
guigi - 1517
notnicky333 - 1393
littlebrother123 - 1357
#bryce12 - 1353
#typhlosion37 - 1302
#pegasus1234 - 1228
#delete2544 - 1021
#ilovetosing - 1011
#harry1210 - 963
#zachboy967 - 823
#danielleloves2000 - 790
#mradamman12 - 753
#survivor_season1 - 734
#sydneywalsh - 615
#survivorofthetocans - 602
#koolcoop - 452
#davidftw123 - 442
#noah_kondon - 375
#mitchkid64 - 350
#nickdaboss - 334
#loopycoco1 - 272
#kinggeek - 165
#galaxies - 137
#naehasareen - 65
#amnesia_ - 62
#goodkaren - 40
~~~ LEAST ~~~
Btw I will update later

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