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13 CrimsonEnnui, Jun 4, 2017

and i'll tell you if you are a Heroic Hamster or a Villainous Vulture!!!!!
Absol - Heroic Hamster
Batya - Villainous Vulture
Arris - Heroic Hamster
con66 - Heroic Hamster
Emotion - Villainous Vulture
#Cococolin122 - Neither, do not comment on my blogs ever again you disgusting piece of shit.
xxlovewakizaxx - Villainous Vulture
manniboi - Villainous Vulture
garrievans97 - Heroic Hamster
Forest_Knight - Heroic Hamster
Kaseyhope101 - Villainous Vulture
SmoothStalker12 - Heroic Hamster


pyn for one worded opinion

65 Arris, May 12, 2017

#cococolin122 - annoying
#Delete2544 - basic !!! mwhaahah
#C00LDUDE1000 - noobie
#maturo - funny
#ashszoke - chill
#Rperduex11 - interesting
#kaylabby - fake
#iybf - cool
#steven999 - unpredictable
#TheSexiestDude990 - musical (LOL)
#totalDramaLover1234 - 80's ^
#greenranger8 - green
#kaseyhope101 - iconic
#streamx - strange
#badboyy2699 - weird
#eoin - flaming
rizzo - fast
tryandbeatme16 - intriguing
finklestein123 - idk u sorry :(
2388 - hilarious
KatarinaDuCouteau - mysterious
_JB_ - wannabee
KatherinePierce - malibu
JGoodies - goodie
Boots22 - gay
Hisoka - fun
CutieAmy - cute
eliserose - girly
bengalboy - chilly
Bambino - disney
Forest_Knight - amusing
mikec51 - fascinating
brandonpinzu - controversial
Admir - unreliable
garrievans97 - talented
Thirteen - thrilling
Blahblahblahblah - blah
Forest_Knight - entertaining
Roshy - provocative
woeisme - priceless
Gigi10 - joyful
@MickeyBoomy9 - absorbing
GoodKaren - good (LOL)
Forest_Knight - witty
Galaxies - tolerable
Tyler93 - quirky :)



7 BigBrotherDonny, May 7, 2017

and I will put u next to someone else and see between you two who would be evicted. Person who doesn't get evicted moves into the next duo etc. (Stars)
Cococolin122 v Stupendous
Evicted: Stupendous
#Cococolin122 v Thumper91
Evicted: Cococolin122
#Thumper91 v 2388
Evicted: 2388
#Thumper91 v Scooby0000
Evicted: Scooby0000
#Thumper91 v DakotaCoons
Evicted: DakotaCoons
#Thumper91 v s73100
Evicted: Thumper91



44 Kelly2722, Jan 4, 2017

And I'll tell you how I feel about you AT THIS TIME
Being Brutally Honest
#cococolin122 - Honestly, fuck off. Never answering me on skype. Go to bed bitch
#melindaMrskk - I feel used and hurt
#Arris - One of the only people I like on this site. You are literally in my top 3
#Brandt69 - You're a bae but we don't talk much. We need to call more
#Nebula - I don't think I have your skype, so I don't feel anything
#deshonBANNEDisback - I feel like you cut me off after Ultimate Stars
                                      EDIT: I don't respond to spam
#kittykatz553 - You're hot. Glad we're friends again.
#Darriusdabest - Again, you cut me off
#QueenBec - People talk mad shit about you, and I don't know you so
#XxLoveWakizaxX - "We don't talk anymore like we used to do"
#Taybear17 - I don't like you. I never liked you. I only helped you in stars because I hated Bryan more.
#QueenMichelle - Yes. You are very bipolar
rawr25 - Okay, friends talk to each other. No effort was given so, do you call me a 'friend'?
2388 - Go to Hell.
titoburitto - We never talked. Noah Fence, but you remind me of a past 'Biggest Loser' contestant. He was gay, had the same voice as you, looks like you, only he was fatter.
Fishingguy22 - You always indirectly hurt my feelings, so I stopped talking to you because I'm tired of caring.
koolness234 - You're a self-absorbed, pedophile defending, low life LOSER.
born2pizza - Don't know you outside of frooks
MickJagger - I don't argue with you anymore, I don't talk to you, but you're hot so thumbs up
BluJay112 - I'm butthurt you confused me with Kelly0412, but then again everyone does so w/e
PizPaz - We might have talked before??? If we did it was a REALLY long time ago
Kaseyhope101 - Meh. Downgraded harder than Chanel #3 in SQ. You became so... basic.
Memphis_Grizzlies - I feel like we would be really close friends if you talked to me on skype.
s73100 - Skype me to talk more??
MrBird - Idrk you. Maybe we frooked once or twice?
vivivoom87 - Iconic
etaco75 - You're so sweet and always cheer me up. We definately should be friends!
Garrievans97 - You're hotter than Hell, put me in Heaven. Add my skype DJ070400 ROBBED in T-vivor
m7md26 - I don't think we ever talked but add my skype @DJ070400 and that wont be a problem
PMMGuy - We don't talk
Girllover101 - Iconic Goddess Ily Ily Ily Ily ILY SO MUCH
BrendaMeekz - Never talked to you
KatarinaDuCouteau - You da manz
virgie88 - Don't talk to you
LittleBrother123 - Not really..



18 NotAfraid, Dec 31, 2016

and I will tell you if I'd ever fuck you ;)
copying Kelly2722
cococolin122 aren't you under 12?  No!
hugatree343 I love you but I would never fuck you LMAO
ManniBoi I love Hispanics so yes =]
Dane_Williams You're extremely musically talented so it would be a definite yes :)
#cococolin122 still a no hun xoxo
FrozenShadow09 too many people play on your account I wouldn't know who I was fucking so the answer is no =[
KingInternet9 your username sounds like you sleep around a lot (I don't like leftovers) so it's a no
koolcoop you are a cutie =] but way too young for me so it's a no!!
s73100 perhaps!! Never say never ;)
Forest_Knight it would depend on my mood :P
koolness234 of course I would fuck you while playing cards against humanity xx


Pizza's Gift Giveaway: Eliminated Players

5 pizzawithcookirs, Dec 4, 2016

Will be updating this list as we go along :)
DAY 1 (104 players remain)
104th- #cococolin122          eliminated by #2388
103rd- #PMMGuy                eliminated by #Sam_Hamwich
102nd- #Suha                    eliminated by #Sandym89
101st- #AussieDylan           eliminated by #TykerV
100th- #Crayadian              eliminated by #Sandym89
99th- #k4r4k                      eliminated by #Renny10
98th- #Sam_Hamwich         eliminated by #Plastic
97th- #Druhhbby2              eliminated by #Plastic
96th- #Quackerz                 eliminated by #Plastic
95th- #Jourdanbabyxoxo     eliminated by #aj1111
94th- #Plastic                     eliminated by #Maryland
93rd- #shellbelle                 eliminated by #aj1111
92nd- #NotNicky333            eliminated by #zorbo678
91st- #Rizzo                       eliminated by #magicalbaby
DAY 2 (90 players remain)
90th- #Obstreperous           eliminated by #zorbo678
89th- #SmoothStalker12      eliminated by #BigBrotherDonny
88th- #Emmett4                  eliminated by #aj1111
87th- #Maryland                  eliminated by #BigBrotherDonny
86th- #sandym89                eliminated by #BigBrotherDonny
85th- #BigBrotherDonny      eliminated by #2388
84th- #MoneyNeil                eliminated by #Marilise
83rd- #cacapaloma              eliminated by #Krisstea
82nd- #ShelbyMcdowell       eliminated by #IceBeast
81st- #cswaggerr                eliminated by #Jameslu
80th- #DeathNote               eliminated by #IceBeast
79th- #Jameslu                   eliminated by #RealJacksonWalsh
78th- #ohheydudeski           eliminated by #benp428
77th- #TaraG                      eliminated by #TaraG
Day 3 (76 players remain)
76th- #aj1111                     eliminated by #SurvivoroftheTocans
75th- #benp428                  eliminated by #LeahBel
74th- #Dogon                     eliminated by #LeahBel
73rd- #Garrett_Auckland     eliminated by #LeahBel
72nd- #EmilyThorne            eliminated by #M_Davis1998
71st- #randomshows4815    eliminated by #Renny10
70th- #Xshift                       eliminated by #Krisstea
69th- #Renny10                   eliminated by #Evaa1996
68th- #RealJacksonWalsh     eliminated by #TykerV
67th- #Bluestar1367            eliminated by #Krisstea
66th- #Vegasboy94              eliminated by #Nebula
65th- #mastropola               eliminated by #IYBF
64th- #Bluejay762               eliminated by #Marilise
63rd- #s73100                     eliminated by #LeahBel
Day 4 (62 players remain)
62nd- #king_lance               eliminated by #Marilise
61st- #Nebula                      eliminated by #LeahBel
60th- #AlexaVonTrayne         eliminated by #M_Davis1998
59th- #IYBF                         eliminated by #M_Davis1998
58th- #M_Davis1998            eliminated by #LeahBel
57th- #hellocat                    eliminated by #LeahBel
56th- #SurvivoroftheTocans   eliminated by #ThisIsMyGame
55th- #LeahBel                    eliminated by..


Random.org TGBB12 (5)

3 disneygeek, Sep 7, 2016

Eviction Order:
14th- #cococolin122
15th- #GalaxyOrb
16th- #connorfitz15
17th- #Maryland
By a vote of 1-0, #cococolin122 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- Swellow
Pre Noms- turkeylover & aj1111
POV- aj1111
Used?- On Himself
Noms- turkeylover & Ethan000
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote)


Random.org TGBB10 (12)

4 disneygeek, Aug 5, 2016

In Redemption Island:
Eviction Order:
12th- #cgy_gayz
13th- #aj1111
14th- #Paigex
15th- #benp428
16th- #StaRfReSh33
17th- #ghrocky100
18th- #dinosaurdan
19th- #turkeylover
20th- #Jameslu
By a vote of 3-3 Random.org broke the tie and #cococolin122 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
Redemption Island Winner- N/A
HoH- Arcaninemaster
Pre Noms- rawr121 & Survivorgame1
POV- rawr121
Used?- On Himself
Final Nominees- Survivorgame1 & BBCANfan
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the Nominees can vote)
Ask to be tagged:


Random.org TGBB2 (14)

3 disneygeek, May 31, 2016

Eviction Order:
8th- #cococolin122
9th- #yellowunicorn
10th- #JourdanBabyXoXo
11th- #rory17
12th- #kgunzrok
13th- #Rodrigues75
14th- #aj1111
15th- #cgy_gayz
16th- #Zuelke
17th- #RachelTension
18th- #ForYouSelena
19th- #Brashful
20th- #benp428
By a vote of 4-0 #cococolin122 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- Slice
Pre Noms- ghrocky100 & laughingoutloud
POV- laughingoutloud
Used?- On himself
Final Noms- ghrocky100 & C00LDUDE1000
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the Noms can vote)
Ask to be tagged:


Yas bitch

0 cococolin122, Mar 27, 2016

#Cococolin122 - 3


❤️ donosaurus_rex {Andrew} ❤️

4 GiGi10, Mar 18, 2013

or a like OR dislike and say which you want
ill do them all <3
#cococolin122 You seem to be really confident in yourself which is admirable
#Mexus You are super loyal and a really nice person, I enjoy talking to you
#Brayden_ I used to dislike you for no reason really, but now you are one of my favourite people on tengaged that I don't really talk to, if that makes sense. You're still a desk parrot tho
#Kaylabby You are very outgoing and that's a good trait to have
#shyannemystik oh god what is there to like tbh, thank god you gave me dislike or id be STUMPED. JK ilysm but i guess one thing i dislike is that sometimes I just get the feeling that you are upset with me or with something I say but you just won't SAY that you are upset, which annoys me.
#brandt69 I think sometimes you take things too far, especially with like bullying and shit like that. You are a really nice person to me and your friends but you can be a cunt to people you dont like and i dont like seeing that :(
#rawr25 i miss youuu, you are super easy to talk to and are fun to be around. you definitely have a unique personality
#dakotacoons i dont really know enough about you to have a strong dislike, but i guess that sometimes you seem a tad thirsty
#XxLoveWakizaxX That i had to copy and paste your name because idk how to spell it. but actually, sometimes you get salty AF after games and then blog about it and idk ive just never been a big fan of those blogs. Also, sometimes your blogs about certain things are just not my cup of tea
#lemjam6 you used to hate me for god knows what reason. sometimes i find you to be a tad petty but BOY has it gotten better over the years
#mooohades WHY DO YOU HAVE 3 O'S IN YOUR NAME MOO IS 2 O'S BITCH. and i like that i am close with a lot of your friends, and that one time in hunger we made f5 i think!! i might have shot you out but lets forget that
#kyoot LOL i like that you are firm with your beliefs and dont back down, however crazy I think they may be.
#bamold1999 you are fun to talk to and usually when we play games we work well together (until the very end :s). and we both live near calgary so we both know the STRUGGLES of alberta. tims meet up w jdog and brandt still happening?
#thumper91 lets spice it up with a dislike since there are enough nice things said about you :) i feel like sometimes you are waaaaaaay too "nice" to everyone to the point that it comes across super fake. I also think that you don't actually feel bad about moves you make in games but act like it in order to not piss people off. ok this sounds mean but i actually do like you i just thought id spice it up a touch
#iYBF im not 100% sure this is true, i dont know you very well, but i THINK you are very opinionated and have a strong personality which is better than being boring for SURE
#jdog that you wont meet me..

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