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Top ten dumbest moves in Matt’s Survivor..

12 Matt64, Nov 15, 2017

10. Survivor Cuba - Pikaplayer keeps the clear winner FantasyPNTM over MJFjune
9. Survivor Cuba/Treasure Island - Thisismygame makes the same mistake twice and doesnt vote while being active and sends himself home
8. Survivor Maldives - Noah_Kondon wastes his idol on C00ldude1000 when he didnt need it while having immunity and being public enemy #1
7. Survivor Treasure Island - DJ2722 doesnt use his multi he got past my nose Alexa_Bliss to save himself
6. Survivor Madagascar - Bklimas flips on his alliance and basically locks in Gaiaphagee’s win
5. Survivor Madagascar/Maldives/Cuba/Japan/All-Stars - Benp428, KcObedencio, Ghrocky100, Blazer44, #Noah_Kondon, Amf7410 are all voted out with idols
4. Survivor All-Stars - JoshBB17 tells everyone about his boomerang idol and gets blindsided with it in his possesion
3. Survivor All-Stars - #Noah_Kondon’s entire game = -500000000 social game
2. Survivor Maldives - Obstreperous hits reply all when sending his vote for Kidcool404 and secures S73100’s win after Sam played an idol for Garrett
1. Survivor Treasure Island - Tunertin is voted out with 3 idols in possession including the deflect idol


Official Goodbye

22 noah_kondon, Jun 9, 2016

I'm sorry guys but I have to leave tengaged.  This has been a huge part of my life for 2 years and I will forever cherish the friends I had here.  I was not gonna come back but I accedentially logged on so I figured I would type a goodbye blog.  The reason I'm leaving is because one of my clique from elementary school who I played Basketball with every day at recess died from alcohol poisoning at a party recently.  We didn't talk much but we had each other's numbers so I was contacted when he died.  Throughout Elementary School he was sometimes a jackass and sometimes nice tbh.  He was the first person to call me Condom ever and sometimes we were really close, I slept over at his house 1 night as well.  Im not THAT upset since we havnt talked in over 3 years but it's definitely a wake-up call for me.  I don't have many friends at school and I really want to do more with all my free time than play on a crappy site and play roblox.  I need to get on with my life.  I'm only 15 and I don't want to be that homeless guy after college with a long as fuck beard sitting in the library playing tengaged on the computer.  If I do that that's basically wasting my life.  This site has controlled me for 2 years and I can't stay longer.  I have to move on.
I will remember these people for as long as I can and I hope I'll remember them forever but I'm not sure and when I think of childhood friends these people may come to mind as well as my close irl friends and I may give them my phone number in case they wanted to text me for like 2 weeks before we get lazy cuz that happened with jayrox9321 who used to be my best friend:
I will remember theese people for probbly like a year before I forget thier names but I still consider them close friends they just won't immediately come to mind:
And then there is 1 person who I know I'll never forget no matter what:
Matt you are the closest person I have on this site, the person I trust the most, and the only person who I felt like understood me.  Matt you are the reason why I didn't leave this crappy site a long time ago.  You have always been there for me and I've almost (still salty over our first fasting) always been able to trust you.  So thank you Matt, I actually started crying while writing this and I can't write any more.  Just thank you for single-handedly making this experience for me.
I may log on in like 3 days to see if anyone wants to try and keep in touch and obviously I might accedentially open tengaged but I'll exit if I do. But right now for me this is it, this is..


I have made my decision

8 Matt64, Feb 17, 2016

When Noah_Kondon's survivor finishes I will be taking a break from TENGAGED to take care of something going on irl right now. I will be back, but I need to take care of it. I will be back I just might be gone for a while who knows. Unless something changes, I will be leaving. This has nothing to do with stars just want to make that clear. I'll be back once the problem is resolved. Tagging friends who may care
Ryanandrews (Thanks for the blog Hun)



32 NotNicky333, Jun 7, 2015

and Ill tell you my least favorite person on your first page of friends list and my fav person on your first page of friends.
JasonXTreme - fav - Oliviaxoxo least fav- ohheydudeski
bb123 - fav Joaquint561 least fav - Noah_Kondon
TheBlackDog - fav - krrais least fav - McBenjamin
HaliFord - I literally know no one on your friends page except for Maxi1234 so her for both?
magge555550101 - fav - SmoothStalker12 least fav - Vienna16
CoolHeat - fav - Gentlemang - least fav - croatia45
WannaBeeFriends - fav kwiens18 least fav  - XxLoveWakizaxX
TheLogic - fav tie between Kelly0412 and Delphii_Wytch least fav - #Noah_Kondon
Jourdanbabyxoxo - Must have at least 2 people butI like ghrocky100 soooo
christossss - fav - #krrais least fav - #ohheydudeski
GoodKaren - fav rperduex11 least fav - Judd_lover101
Striky - fav - #Sheena least fav - idk any of the others xx
#whoyopappa2 - fav - #DaBaeBae least fav - #Bamold1999 + his sheeps
#kittykatz553 - fav - #brandt69 least fav - #davidftw123
#sprtsguy1989 - fav - #anfx147 least fav - #BradyMan7
#oliviaxoxo - fav - smoothstalker12 least fav - dont know anyone on your friends page that i
#jonghyun408 - fav - #joaquint561 least fav - #bamold1999
#epicwafflez23 - fav - #Jacob_C least fav - #winners1
#steel - fav - #zbase4 least afv - #bb5lover
#laughingoutloud - fav - #BigBrotherDonny least fav - #Drooseph
#lukey_ fav - #brandt69 least fav - #rachellove
#harrywasnak - fav - #kellyduex11 least afv - #Talian
#mitchkid64 - fav - #pegasus1234 least fav - #Bradyman7
#cooldude1000 - fav - #pegasus1234 least fav - #noah_kondon
#whiteboy69 - fav - #pegasus1234 least afv - #thegreateye
#answerable - fav - #hwest14 least fav - #deshonbannedisback
#pilatesgirl- fav - #DaBaeBae least afv - #Avatar20
#krrais - fav - #FighterMan least fav - #Talian
#Matt64 - Fav - #brandt69 least fav - #noahthebitch aka noah_kondon
#ghrocky1000 - fav - jourdanbabyxoxo least fav - avatar20

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