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48 baza76, Dec 10, 2015

I'm a Hero or Villian and I'll do the same back, idk if that doesn't make sense gg
Just because i put you as a Villian doesn't mean I hate you or dislike you BTW and just because I put you as a Hero doesn't mean I like you, if you say me or whatever i'll miss you :)
#PotatoSalad 80% of the time
#Cornelia i hope you still love me
Cotbey most of the time
Timberlie ????? maybe im not really sure
Galaxies maybe????????
brandonpinzu when he is nice
#TayBear17 ig
#sosyomomma even though you aren't as bad as you how you use to be
AshleyBabyx3 even though i feel like you're not as bad as you use to be
brandonpinzu when he is mean


Omg log on to 2 gifts

2 Carrot, Sep 29, 2015

Thank you to the baes < 3
really didn't expect either of them x
and thanks aes222aes and #kyledile for the save delivery ahhh


PYN for an opinion

31 Tetsuya, Jun 26, 2015

Let's get down to business * cracks knuckles *
TheJoe - You're annoying most of the times but you can be lovable. Keep up the good work so I will see someone posting a blog about your funeral.
GetSomeColdCuts - Aidan, a great person to talk to, sometimes naggy on games but that's it.
JasonXtreme - You're extremely awesome, idk if you're hot because ur username is cos' we never talk...
ghrocky100 - Where's your fucking vlog, waiting for a month now? Anyways, you're a very good person, with a small sense of humor :'( but you're quite awesome but you're fucking weird.
rory17 - You're a very nice person but when you get down to group games, you're very shady but you seem to do decent haha.
KBeastW - You're hot but too much steroids can kill you, jk haha. You're lovely, hope you and your girlfriend stay together longer to prove there is forever, and you're hot. LOL.
Arris - An awesome guy, a weird guy, an adorable guy, a hot guy.
Boots22 - A fellow-PML lad :P You're tad awesome, sometimes your chat looks like you're tired and sometimes you never reply to me but when you do, it makes me happy haha, go play your Ruby Destiny good xD
Snap - Marcussss, I miss talking to you, you were such an awesome cute adorable fucking ga-guy.. xD omg sorry anyways, we had like a lot in common and it's sad not talking to you :P
pleaseletmestay - you're very nice and you're a great person, i never talked to you personally but thanks for being in my group games!
CalebJustLeft - You just left the building cos' I forgot who you are.
GoodKaren - Two words, good karen.
KyleDile - Ok, you're such an adorable person, a funny and sweet guy, you're also that type of person that puts himself aside for other's happiness which I usually do but I hope you find your true happiness :P
TheGreatJake - We only met so here's my impressions, you're quite decently cool, you are also kinda atlethic (i dont spell), which i dig and you look like fucking Mark Zuckenberg!
Carrot - You're cute, you're awesome, you're hilarious, you're perfect to be my husband but you have #KyleDile so nvm. also we never talk anymore.
tomdudley - A fierce-ass queen momma, but we never talk personally.
Typhlosion37 - I love you so much dude, you're a great person, a bad to good jokester.. most of the times bad, you're a great player, you helped me with my 2-day stars and you are like my best friend rn in this site. :P [Reposted]
FairyBoss - You're friggin' adorable! You're a jokester like me and I love you, and you're my boo < 3
Survivorofthetocans - You joined my group game and I'm thankful but I don't really know you.
jonghyun408 - Well I don't know you literally..



54 Arris, Jun 10, 2015

for a simple like / dislike / question mark (when I don't know you)
#KyleDile - LIKE obv
#EliotWhi - LIKE I feel like we sorted out all the differences
#Shonaynay - LIKE although we should talk more
#maxiphone27 - ? chat me up ;)
#krrais - LIKE
#Tetsuya - LIKE we should talk more
#useamint - LIKE we don't talk too much , but you're a funny guy and helpful
#Typhlosion37 - ? I've seen you around but we don't talk xx
#skyler1822 - LIKE I've met you recently but you're sooo funny!
#Carlisle - LIKE btw we gotta play cah again ;)
#JourdanBabyXoXo - ? I know exactly who you are but we never talked. You can chat me up ;)
#BBlover96 - LIKE
#Boots22 - LIKE, DJ anytime soon? ;)
#WannaBeeFriends - LIKE - you're a good host :)
#Oliviaxoxo - LIKE
#FairyBoss - LIKE
#Marwane - LIKE
#Darriusdabest - LIKE even tho we don't talk much, you're funny
#tennisplayer963 - ? chat me up xx
#Carrot - LIKE
#JesseM - LIKE
#KBeastW - ? I've seen your around, we gotta talk ;D
#lonelypuppie - LIKE
Davidftw123 - LIKE you're a nice guy :)
semajdude - LIKE we need to talk more xx
Pukai - ? sorry never spoken to you
africanwoman - LIKE
KingGeek - LIKE
Lotus - ? I've seen you around but we don't talk :(
Tadd - ? never talked to ya
Harry1210 - LIKE
ghrocky100 - LIKE
JasonXtreme - LIKE
Forest_Knight - LIKE
m7md26 - LIKE
Striky - ?
tpidude73 - LIKE
danielleloves2000 - ? never spoken to you
tonyalbright - LIKE
DanielleDonato - DISLIKE / jk LIKE lmaaao
Oysterman11 - LIKE(?)
Anoreoz897 - LIKE
Carsonl - LIKE
hujain - LIKE met you recently but you seem chill
Lemjam6 - LIKE
oreo270 - LIKE
lemonface - LIKEISH i'll send you pic later ! ;)
DeathIsGreat - ?
yellowunicorn - ?
MoooHades - LIKE
JustMe - LIKE
Coffeybean94 - LIKE
TheBlackDog - ?


Caleb :) Hedley < 333

19 NotAfraid, May 29, 2015

and I'll tell you my favourite person on your first page of friends :)
#KyleDile = #Shonaynay < 3
XoXLouLouXoX = mattmon3365 < 3
KingGeek = DanielleDonato < 3
pizzawithcookirs = Pegasus1234 < 3
sprtsgy1989 = DCSooner < 3
FairyBoss = acyuta < 3
austinrules6969 = jacksonjoseph99 < 3
MrPokeguy9 = tharealmike < 3
Galaxies = alanb1 < 3
acyuta = Irelia < 3
DCSooner = sahmosean < 3 (I'm not full of myself like Sean)
TotalDramaLover1234 = EyooMarcus < 3
MickJagger = #xXandytraicyXx < 3
kittykatz553 = WannaBeeFriends < 3
CarsonWorld = Tundra < 3
Booyahhayoob = carlab1 < 3


❤ ❤

25 baza76, Dec 17, 2014

and I'll put you into 1 of the following categories. Copied off #KyleDile but eh
I fucking love you
jadennator1 :]
I love you
We should talk more
I like you
I don't know you, message me?
You're annoying
Fuck off


lol your bestie died

0 gloss13, Sep 2, 2014

#kyledile and thumper91 is his bestie


Random.Org Stars 1!

5 LiteCitrus123, Aug 3, 2014

Beer (Raffle Seat)
Arik2745 (Frat Seat: The Beer Society!)
16th: #KyleDile v.s. #Etienne
Evicted: #Etienne
15th: #Lucinda v.s. #K4r4k
Evicted: #Lucinda
14th: #Macken v.s. #Arik2745
Evicted: #Macken
13th: #Tofutime v.s. #Jacksonjoseph99
Evicted: #Tofutime
12th: #Vixanu v.s. #Jacksonjoseph99
Evicted: #Vixanu
11th: #Beer v.s. #Instagram
Evicted: #Instagram
10th: #KyleDile v.s. #K4r4k
Evicted: #K4r4k
9th: #Stoopkid95 v.s. #Arik2745
Evicted: #Arik2745
8th: #KyleDile v.s. #Stoopkid95
Evicted: #Stoopkid95
7th: #KyleDile v.s. #Foxox
Evicted: #Foxox
6th: #KyleDile v.s. #Thumper91
Evicted: #KyleDile
5th: #Beer v.s. #Jacksonjoseph99
Evicted: #Beer
4th: #Maxi1234 v.s. #Gabriel24
Evicted: #Mxi1234
3rd: #Jacksonjoseph99
2nd: #Gabriel24
1st: #Thumper91


PYN for opinion

69 KyleDile, Apr 12, 2014

Will update after lauren gets back from work.!
from #kyledile and #thumper91. go go go :)
Lauren: "why did u trend urself haha"......   
i just felt like it ok.............
L: We are in a few chats together. We also played a frookies together, he was a really good ally.
K: Aidan! i love you! i can talk to you about anything, and u have really helped me these past few days... marry me... lol jks.... or am i >.>.. :P
L: He's a very nice guy, i really like him even though we don't talk much anymore.
K: Bailey, you r crazy.. but thats why i love you! you are funny and we need to talk more, im glad you came on call tonight :D.
L: I think you are such a lovely person, however i wish you didnt think i always ignore you.
K: ummm i don't know you haha. sorry.
L: i'll always be there for you in any time of need.
K: Literally never seen you before, mail me i guess.
L: I LOVE HIM (calm down lauren) ... hes like my sister deep down inside.
K: I think you are super nice, ive been on many calls with you and im jealous of your accent... and pretty much everything else about you.
L: I dont know you, but i like to meet new ppl... so message me if u want to.l
K: hiii white level! welcome to this shitty game. message me if u want to ... i like to meet new ppl.
L: i always support you in stars, you seem like a nice person even though we have never spoken.
K: CHRIS, finally you are back and talking in ded rewd, so excited! im glad we talk again! you are crazy and feel free to talk to me at anytime cause u never fail to put a smile on my dile. hahaha username reference.!
L: Your a very sweet kid... i think we have played a frookies together
K: I dont think we hav spoken before.. but i think ive seen u around a little bit.
L: I miss you, we havnt talked in like... forever. text me so we can talk. :)
K: Ummmmmm hi. yeh, i havnt seen u around before. but hello.
L: I dont know much about you.. but if u want to talk u can send me a message.
K: Another crazy Australian! hahah, Hey Jasmine! your crazy... but most aussies are ahha. i wish u were more active :P its been ages since u hav come on call!.
L: I remember we were in a castings together and you were very fun to talk to.
K: ummm i havnt really seen or heard much about u... which is weird cause ur sky level!. mail me... maybe we can talk on skype or something.
L: I love you, your 1 of my best friends on this site. kyle is jealous (fuck off lauren, im not) cause you r my best friend.
K: Im pretty sure you think im a slut, and gay... hahaha but thts ok. umm i think your super nice and i love playing epic mafia with u! i wish u came on calls more. :D
L: I dont really know u, but i dnt think u like me.
L: I dont really know him either, your comment is rude...


Rhysarnie14's big brother story ep2

7 rhysarnie14, Feb 22, 2013

Hello i am rhysarnie14 and this is big brother
#kyledile - im so happy i stayed its now my time to make up an alliance ,with hippydude126 and some others.
#hippydude126 - kyle asked me for an allaince course im not going to say no but i never said that im not in another alliance.
#Lifer107 - im jsut goign to stick in the background for now but there is a big rumor that theres a big allaince but i dont know whos in it.
#guesswho - i really dont like rellizuraddixion , i hope he goes next he had ago at me because i drank the last of the milk.he needs to get a grip.
HOH- The winner of this challenge will be who can eat the most dohnuts in 20 mins
Jack can not take part
Tommeh208 - 4 dohnuts
HelenCoops -  6 dohnuts
Lachie227 -    3 dohnuts
GentlemanG - 7 dohnuts
KyleDile  - 8 dohnuts
Lifer107  - 4 dohnuts
xCelestex - 9 dohnuts
Robinhood99 - 7 dohnuts
rellizuraddixion - 3 dohnuts
hippydude126 - 8 dohnuts
LindseyPirtle - 4 dohnuts
Guess_Who - 8 dohnuts
luis_leal77 - 6 dohnuts
Stary - 5 dohnuts
The new hoh is xCelestex
#Xcelestex -   i cant believe i won the challenge me and  HelenCoops are in it for either week
#stary - i ate 5 dohnuts thats alot of pounds
#rellizuraddixion - ha i could of ate alot more dohnuts then that xvelestex girl but i dont wanna give away my plan
#hippydude126 - i was so close
#Xcelestex - weclome to the nom's ceromony , its been a hard chocie to pick people but im picking these to people because i think they are a threat , im sorry .... KyleDile and Guess_Who
#kyledile - WHAT again, no way #xcelestex is a bithc and im going to tell her that
#guess_who - i think im going to be ok and anyway if i go i know its because im a threat :D
#kyledie and #xcelestex -  kyle - why the fuck would you put me up again
                                        cele- im sorry i could not put anyone else up
                                        kyle- i hope u know when im save your leaveing this
POV- cele,kyle,guess,helen,hippy,tommeh,
they have to spell out the longest word to win
cele- books (5 words)
kyle - birthday ( 8 words)
guess- house (5 words)
helen- bitch (5 words
hippy- puzzle (6 words)
tommeh- chips (5 words)
the pov winner is kyle
#kyle - yesss i won them bitchs are not getting me out that easy
#cele- nooo y did that dick have to win not only is he staying i have to nom someone else
#kyle - i am taking my self off the block
#cele - im so sorry its so hard to pick but going  up with guess who is..



38 rhysarnie14, Feb 1, 2013

and ill rate your avater 1-100 :D
Simplyobsessed -  15/100
Vitamin - 85/100
LexiVazquez - 70/100
DylanPerri - 32/100
BryanXx - 15/100  (was good but u changed it)
kindlycruel1 - 70/100
Imthtawesom - 60/100
TaylorStLouis - 40/100 (looks cute without any designs)
Regularise - 25/100
michael222 - 30/100
xCelestex - 90/100
danio - 35/100
DrPepsi - 9/100
Icing - 93/100
TeganH - 65/100
RoboZoe - 45/100 (was one of my faves but u changed it)
Jenna2010 - 75/100
Donutdude556 - 45/100 (i really liked it but u changed it)
atti12 - 65/100
Utsumi - 45/100
Glinda - 25/100
Stronger1 - 15/100
nickp - 18/100
XoXU - 28/100
Dmpwb45 - 40/100
Halio88 - 17/100
ryan5676 - 30/100
smuguy2012 - 65/100 (more if u wont so angry)
Diva1 - 100/100 (hot hot hot)
#KyleDile - 80/100
#lonelypuppie - 75/100
#Jirachi - 60/100
#1Mimi1 - 15/100
#MoooHades - 40/100
#Foxox - 75/100
#Typhlosion37 - 15/100

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