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Bored, so pyn

49 Brookie0126, Jan 14, 2018

for an opinion. If I don't know you (which is most of you) I'll try to find something from your profile.
I'll try to keep up with :p
Edit: Anymore updates will happen this evening after work. Have a great day, Tengaged!
#Delete2544 I remember you from back in the day before I took my hiatus. We never got to know each other well, but you were such a sweetheart :) I hope you've been well!< 3
#scooby0000 I don't know you, but I snooped on your profile a bit, and you started the site the week that I had my son xD You seem super cool from your blogs that I have seen! Also, I agree that bullying is wrong. Everyone please, stand together and put an end to bullying! xx
#Wade03 I barely know you, but I really like you! =] You called me an icon on a random blog of mine the other day, so you have extra brownie points in my book! Feel free to message me anytime!
#Question I don't know you, but you said your name was Seth, so hey Seth nice to meet ya! :) Ps, I fucking love your avatar! < 3 Is that Jessica's eviction dress? I'm so jealous :( Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat!
#Brxan I don't know you super well, but I have a big opinion of you so far! lol, I have seen a lot of people talking shit about you since I've came back, but I usually don't listen to haters. Fuck em lol, but you have been such a doll to me! So kind with your comments and I just adore you lol! Feel free to message me anytime! xo
#Sloth_Roman I haven't had any encounters with you on the site yet, but I have to say, yes I was thinking that you are better than mein every way. Like your avatar is beautiful and I'm just so jelly. :p
#CalebDaBoss heyyyy, I don't know you, but I snooped a little and a) your avatar is hella great, definite 10/10 and b) I got advice for you mr 14 year old, please don't let this site steal away your childhood. I was 15 when I joined and I spent too much time on here and not enough time living my teenage years.
#Arris AREKKKKK!! We were so close during my pregnancy and unfortunately during my hiatus we grew apart =[ I still fucking adore you, and I hope to get to catch up sometime! < 3
#jojo7784 My little Joey < 3 I remember being in Toxic with you and just bonding. You're sassy, you're lovely and you're just a bundled of love. Your avatar is gorgeous and I hope to get to really catch up sometime xoxo
#Cornelia JAKEYYYY! You are hands down one of my all time favorite people from this site. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I know whenever I need someone to chat with I can message you and discuss anything under the sun. Your guy best know how lucky he is to have you because I may become a man just to steal you away xD < 3
#dwipeouts We were in a casting the other day. I'm pretty sure you're the one who kept negging me because you randomly negged and commented on my top blog the other day? lol, like sorry if it offended you in any way, but you negging my blog isn't going to change anything? Feel free..



4 Delete2544, Sep 4, 2017

#Delete2544 Jenzie Icing BrandonPinzu are all online so feel free to claim this exclusive opportunity!!!!!!!


86 ElectraViv, May 31, 2016

And I will reveal chat logs from The Millz™ with your name in them (if any exist).
Some names will be blocked to save people from getting caught talking shit on their besties, or whatever.
[5/28/2016 9:52:32 PM] Torsa [Christian]: i deleted that shit
[5/28/2016 9:52:43 PM] Torsa [Christian]: ages ago
[5/28/2016 9:52:49 PM] jenz: U CANT EVEN FIND 1 OLD ONE?
[4/12/2016 1:21:12 PM] REMOVED: if arris drinks bleach i will donate 1000 dollars to autism awareness
[2/10/2016 10:08:18 PM] dru: quid = great british pounds
[2/10/2016 10:08:42 PM] REMOVED: 400 pounds stering
[5/30/2016 9:34:39 PM] REMOVED: Did you guys see ItsAlexia after he got stung by a bee
[5/30/2016 9:34:48 PM] badgalcandy: No
[5/30/2016 9:34:48 PM] REMOVED 2ND PERSON: omg looking like a fucking OOMPA LOOMPA
honey there is literally too much to copy and paste here im sorry
[2/10/2016 11:40:34 AM] Minie: i had waffles with spicy crab meat n mint & lime frappe
[2/10/2016 12:08:49 PM] dru: waffles with crab meat sounds weird as fuck
[5/29/2016 8:33:15 PM] Viv: after almost a year
May 29, 2016 by maturo
my page monitor still works!
too bad the hair is ugly
[5/23/2016 10:04:21 PM] tofutime: well i just got a mail and apparently last night he was on call shit talking me and he said i was top 2 in his hate list :/
[5/23/2016 10:04:47 PM] jenz: LMAO on call with who
[5/23/2016 10:05:26 PM] tofutime: not sure, i think petro was on it
[5/28/2016 3:16:09 PM] Viv: When does your summer start bitch
[5/28/2016 3:23:46 PM] Claud: June something hub
[3/3/2016 3:17:48 PM] jenz: Timberlie asked me if he can pay me real money to gift him from my shop
[3/3/2016 3:18:13 PM] dru: LOL
[3/3/2016 3:18:17 PM] dru: hang on
[3/3/2016 3:18:19 PM] dru: how much is he willing to pay
[3/4/2016 8:09:33 PM] Gemma: @Jenz, you're a fucking cunt, so.
[5/21/2016 11:23:33 PM] Viv: I'm gonna wedge my ass right in between death and billions
[5/21/2016 11:24:09 PM] Nic|Rawr25 ♥♥♥ Mikey_Elite: we arent throwing
[5/21/2016 11:24:18 PM] Nic|Rawr25 ♥♥♥ Mikey_Elite: but if you beat us feel free to join
[11/8/2015 11:40:49 AM] Chanel Oberlin (Claud): Whats the click
[11/8/2015 11:46:13 AM] REMOVED: The suicidal attention seeking fags minus Pedro and Pieguy
[9/10/2015 10:23:15 AM] lind: back when i played the only game i in fact ever played it was like
[9/10/2015 10:23:20 AM] lind: me/abro + crew
[7:52:59 PM] Claud: Omg I FKN love..


74 ElectraViv, Jan 29, 2016

And I'll say my favorite song by them, and then I'll tag you!
#Delete2544 - Swagga Like Us
#Galaxies - Tough one.. but... Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
#jojo7784 - Skyfall
#turkeylover - Black Magic
#Rperduex11 - The one where she says "its like your pouring salt in my cunts"
#Bluestar1367 - Yesterday
#Girllover101 - Big Girls Cry
tofutime - Twenty Eight
MickJagger - Flashing Lights
Judi - Juicy Coochie
Kaseyhope101 - I dont know either of them im sorry
Loopspeare - Hands To Myself
krissycx - Bring Me To Life
TheEclipse - This Is What Makes Us Girls
harrywasnak - Lush Life
Brandt69 - Princess In China
snowflake3 - Curiosity
boogie23 - Smooth Criminal, duh!
EliOrtiz1234 - Stupid Love
LeahBel - Idk any songs by them babe
ilovetosing - Idk who that is im sorry boo
TrollingPenguin - G4L
KingGeek - Gypsy Woman
Padfoot - How You Get The Girl
Smuguy2012 - Ring The Alarm
lemjam6 - Stupid Girls / Cool
Gardenia - The Resistance
RobertGuajardo - Beauty and a beat
LeahBel - Drag me Down
devinwithparasites - Play Date (sorry didnt mean to skip you before)
canadiankid - In Da Club
oreo270 - Bubbly
DumbGinger - Icky Thump
Notsae - Why Try
Sam_hamwich - Fight Song
Arcaninemaster - Car Radio
KayleighWinz - white lightning


PYN and I will take

95 JayElVeeIsBack, Jan 23, 2016

a shitty guess at your Karma while stoned
Edit: I usually kind of assume your color level which is how I get so close in some. Also Still Stoned
#Delete2544 - 900             Actual: 1122                 Off By: 222
#Jenzie - 2654                   Actual: 4130                 Off By: 1476
#DanielleDonato - 5433     Actual: 6006                  Off By: 573
#30Rock - 169                   Actual: 231                   Off By: 62
#EliOrtiz1234 - 5741         Actual: 8351                  Off By: 2610
#LittleBrother123 - 1766   Actual: 1592                 Off By: -174 (First person I guessed had more than they had)
#Darbe - 752                    Actual: 314                    Off By: -438
#Galaxies - 1493             Actual: 1182                    Off By: -311
#NotAfraid - 3149           Actual: 2058                    Off By: -1091
#DaveLooney - 1328      Actual: 1203                    Off By: -125
#C_Shizz96 - 1987        Actual: 2239                    Off By: 252
#ASupreme - 2583        Actual: 3213                     Off By: 630
#scooby0000 - 697       Actual: 407                       Off By: -290
#Joseline - 3615            Actual:  4113                    Off By: 498
#Lavaworks - 98            Actual: 542                       Off By: 444
#Neathery - 987            Actual: 765                       Off By: -222
#Typhlosion37 - 1876   Actual: 1716                      Off By: -160
#ItsAlexia - 382            Actual: 184                         Off By: -198
#alanb1 - 3418             Actual: 4271                       Off By: 853
AlyssaB - 2143           Actual: 2177                       Off By: 34
#zachboy967 - 1128     Actual: 829                        Off By: -299
#hellboy274 - 3150      Actual: 2806                       Off By: -344
#onemanarmy - 952     Actual: 806                         Off By: -146
#Timberlie - 873           Actual: 525                          Off By: -348
#Illdi - 105                   Actual: 120                          Off By: 15
#Admir - 5183              Actual: 5609                        Off By: 426
#JoelW55 - 1367          Actual: 378                           Off By: -989
#Aoki - 208                  Actual: 166                           Off By: -42
#MickyBoomy9 - 409    Actual: 332                           Off By: -77
#harrywasnak - 1219   Actual: 561                           Off By: -658
#LoopyCoco1 - 354       Actual: 289                            Off By: -65
#m7md26 - 2741          Actual: 4031                          Off By: 1290
#Juliann - 924               Actual: 1020                          Off By: 96
#Icarus_Mark - 870        Actual: 1435                          Off By: 565
#Streams - 408               Actual: 82                               Off By: -326
#Arris - 2254                 Actual: 2130                            Off By: -124
#Pmmguy - 365       ..


Pretty Binches.

4 Delete2544, Nov 23, 2015

#Delete2544 = Main Gurl
KaseyHope101 =  Gurl 2
AlyssaAF = Gurl 3
Maxi1234 = Gurl 4
CrimsonEnnui = Gurl 5
MrOrange890 = Gurl 5's Voice Crack
KingGeek = Martini


[VLOG] with AJ

0 Delete2544, Nov 23, 2015

#Delete2544 = Perfect Incredible Iconic Great Super Stellar Amazing Singer
KingGeek = Background Dancer


Pretty Binches Spoons! (2)

8 Delete2544, Nov 22, 2015

Just Give a Spoon to ONE USER from the Pretty Binches Skype Chat!
Last User w/out a Spoon is ELIMINATED!
8th Place - HowLovely
KingGeek - SAFE
AlyssaAF - SAFE
KaseyHope101 - SAFE


Pretty Binches Spoons! (1)

8 Delete2544, Nov 22, 2015

Just Give a Spoon to ONE USER from the Pretty Binches Skype Chat!
Last User w/out a Spoon is ELIMINATED!
#Delete2544 - SAFE
KingGeek - SAFE
Maxi1234 - SAFE
AlyssaAF - SAFE
KaseyHope101 - SAFE
C_Shizz96 - SAFE
CrimsonEnnui - SAFE


No title

1 Delete2544, Nov 20, 2015

Britney = #Delete2544
Victim = Maxi1234
Cameraman = MrOrange890
Screaming Infant = KingGeek


I Just Sent my First Ever 1t$ Gift!

0 Delete2544, Nov 16, 2015

De #Delete2544 para #Beatriz_, na loja Jingle Bell Rock
Eu te amo
Idk why I consider this to be an achievement bc it's literally virtual money BUT I am very proud of myself!! :D :P


kiss, marry, perm

4 Zuelke, Nov 1, 2015

tag three people and ill fit them into each category (stolen from kaseyhope101)
k: #delete2544
m: #kinggeek
p: #maxi1234
k: #kaseyhope101
m: #zuelke
p: #raonic


PYN I will do my best

45 STOKES2009, Oct 14, 2015

Hi, Miss so many of you!!!
#Delete2544 -  what I know of you,you are very nice
hwest14 -    I have known you since day 1,you are the sweetest guy ever
KingGeek -   don't know you,you must have joined after I left
#Zazooski   -   don't know you
shawnpat7  -     love you
Temeky -      Love you too
silas86   I miss you so much ,I miss your laugh and I miss being on our calls each night, I love you!!!!!!!
Mikey_Elite  - I miss talking to you,you are so sweet and I love you >3
Graneceffect  -  you are a very nice and funny guy
Tyler93  - I miss you so much,you are the sweetest guy,love you
faygo  - I have know you so long,I really miss the Stokes/faygo days , we rocked lol  love you
ASupreme - I miss you so much,miss our calls, miss our games, I miss how fun you are, I love you , you are one of the best!
#PureEssence - don't know you but i'm sure you are a nice person
SexyTex - Austin, we go way back to , we had our good times and bad times but we always seem to being some kind of friends, no matter what we went thru I still think you are a really nice and sweet friend
brosky17 - you are such a sweet guy I wish we would have talked more
RoseMaria - we use to have some good times and some bad times but I always liked you
#Steel - no cats here sorry
mrkkkkyle - Kyle,you are one of the sweetest guys on here that never changed,love you
Minie  -don't really know you
Don_Draper - We use to be best friends,don't really know what happened there, had to be a game, if it was me I'm sorry because games shouldn't come between friends, we use to really close and I do miss that, you were a really good friend.
#yoshicoolman - don't know you
#Butcher - I really don't know you
Lamia - You are such a sweetie, love and miss you
NegaSub - You are really a good guy,I love playing games with you, miss you
Phenomanimal you are a good person, miss you too
#Arris - don't know you
#Timberlie - don't know you
Shabootyquiqui3 - we have known each other a long time to other then games you are a good guy
megzbl -  OMG girl I miss you, I miss our calls you are so funny, I will come on some calls soon I hope ,  love you
damo1990  you have always been a nice guy
Wisconsinite96 -  David, I miss you and our calls to, you are so sweet, love you
#Crickets -  dont know you
BrendonByrne - We go way way back, you are my best friend and favorite person on this site ever, you have always been there for me and I will always be there for you, it will never change no matter what, In a game I will always have your back, I need to..


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