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PYN for an opinion (:

67 alanb1, Jun 30, 2017

I'm super Uber bored!
#Imthtawesom --- aha ur so funny I used to be amazed by how many guys u have wrapped around your finger til I became one BUT NOT ANYMORE CUZ I LOVE MYSELF. Anywho ilysm Isiah wat a king < 33
#brandt69 --- ups and downs and ups and downs and I'm sorry for coming for u a couple days ago I do like you a lot I think you've matured and are really loyal to the people you care about the most.
#fishingguy22 --- ya you're right we never talk but ur a funny little gal! You nommed me 3 times in stars so no offense dude but u can eat shit BUT you make me laugh and are a very unique individual.
#malachite05 --- I don't think we've ever talked but you seem like an oldie but a goodie!! Welcome back to tengaged after your long break hmu let's be friends.
#katherinepierce --- I love you with all my heart.
#renny10 excuse my saltiness I can't stand u for talking to the BB Legend today but ya we r cool now after months of us fighting so that's good and I like that you're Hispanic.
#deeannamorgan - AHHH you're so familiar I have no idea how I know you I just know that I know you. It has to be from some kind of game that one of us flopped probably but I feel like we were deff allies. HMU!
#geazybeast21 I don't know where to start. You love eli more than me but at the same time I love eli more than me. You are the light to my darkness and I want to hug you until we die.
#joshlyn34 ily joshie ❤️ We've had our ups and downs mostly cuz you are bitter AS FUCK buttttt with that being said I'm so glad I ran into you in a frook like 3 freaking years ago or something when you were the king of tengaged. You became one of my closest friends heck we even got banned together! ILY glad we are good again and I'm gonna crush u in the BB draft.
#titoburitto we used to be besties now we are just friends and that's like your fault for not appreciate what you had xo anywho ilysm ur so stupid sometimes it's cute stay in touch kissy kissy
#koolness234 JOSH JOSH JOSH! Omg I love every josh on tengaged I think. You're so fucking cool I can't believe I have a cool friend on tengaged like wow ilysm. I'm your biggest fan girl and I'm always on skype if u wanna vent about these little fatties.
#nicoleF oh hunny we're fine as long as you keep your mouth SHUT. ok but honestly youre not rly that loyal as u leak my shit BUT youre a great friend cuz u care about me even tho i put u thru some shit which u remind me of on the daily. ILY eddie.
#totaldramalover1234 hi Caleb!! We don't rly talk much anymore but nonetheless I know you're a really sweet person with a bomb af friend group (that's a good thing).
#crimsonennui wow I said I'd give y'all honest opinions but this ones a tough oneee! I don't know what to say or what you want me to say or what I can say but what I do want to tell you is you're an amazing human being with a big heart and an amazing support system. I wish I had some of that :P but I don't. I suck. K..


PYN and I'll try to guess your color level!

50 Ethan000, Feb 6, 2017

I'm really bad at this, so don't get offended
#Imthtawesom - Well I know you're a TV Star
#m7md26 - TV Star 100%
#Steven999 - Silver???
#lionsden121 - Black?
#Lilsatan969 - No clue, Blue?
#SurvivorFreak13 - 10000% TV Star
#EmilyThorne - Oh god, ummm Sky?
#Carlo_Costly - I'm pretty sure you're Blood
#TaraG - I know you're TV Star :p
pizzawithcookirs - Black??
Kaylabby - Gold I'm pretty sure
BOBROCKS333 - Since I STALK YOUR PROFILE (jk), I know you're TV Star [EDIT: LOOOOOOL WTF?]
C00LDUDE1000 - TV Star I'm positive
useamint - Uhhhh I'm pretty sure you're Blood :s
whatsmyusernamelol - Yellow?!??
Renny10 - I THINK you're Silver....please God
iYBF - It better be Gold cunt
ashleykarp - Purple?!?
hugatree343 - 99.9% sure you're silver
Juliann - Pretty sure you're a TV Star
xFalsify - Uhhhh Uhhhhh Brown? D:
mudndawilderness - Brown?!?! :S
Vlad21 - Sky??
Jimmytv I THINK Black? D:
Osiris - I feel like I should know this, ugh.....Gold?
Roshy - I really hope you're a TV Star
rory17 - Black?!!
greenranger8 - Def Light Green
Christian_ - I THINK SKY
noah_kondon - Ummmm Gold?
MickyBoomy9 - Light Green?!?
Memphis_Grizzlies - Silver
Spicoli - Blood?!?!
Flickgamecolin - Silver?!
virgie88 - Blood I think!
rawr121 - I THINK Sky?
ChilltownBB7 - 100% a TV Star, I'm sure of it
ClumsyConnor - Pretty sure you're light green? :s


PYN & another name

15 SurvivorFreak13, Jan 25, 2017

and I'll say who I'd save and who I'd sacrifice, like in that Saw 6 trap
Save - #Imthtawesom / Sacrifice - #Tigger
Save - #AllieBoBallie / Sacrifice - #Lucyx3Jean
Save - #lexibear / Sacrifice - #xXLoveWakizaXx
Save - #MarieTori / Sacrifice - #levonini for saying I had a bland personality
Save - #Pieguy555 / Sacrifice - #SouthernSong
Save - #GrrrImABear / Sacrifice - #Hwest14
Save - #saraj10 / Sacrifice - #owlb0ned
Save - #TaylorStLouis / Sacrifice - #Qwertyioup
Save - #Galaxies / Sacrifice - #koolness234
Save - #Gaiaphagee / Sacrifice - #Christossss
Save - #Blujay112 / Sacrifice - #garrievans97
Save - #Imthtawesom / Sacrifice - #KatarinaDuCouteau



24 CrimsonEnnui, Nov 28, 2016

And I'll rate how hot you are on a rate of 1-10
icequeen2 - 8
thirteen - 1
flickgamecolin - 7
mathboy9 - 5
ethan000 - 9
kittykatz553 - 7
fishingguy22 - 9
#imthtawesom - 10
deshonbannedisback - 8
girllover101 - 7
druhhbby2 - 8
beccajo16 - 10 and the answer to the question is that I finished my assignment
rory17 - 6 cause you didn't let me play your game
lovelykiss - 8
iybf - 10
davelooney - 10
notafraid - 10 i love all the real women < 3
imthtawesom - 10000000000
renny10 - 7
brandt69 - 10
C_shizz96 - 10
Cali_Cvu13 - 7


PYN for an opinion

32 levonini, Nov 27, 2016

From levonini valdamien ashleyd jinxh deshonbannedisback titoburitto
val = dickhead , jin = fetch, ash = horny, desh =cute , tito = desperate, lev=weird cuz u tried to make me have a threesome w u and danielledonato
val = rat, ash = crack addict, jin = audacity, desh = insane, tito = hilarious, lev = idk her
val = nobody, jin =hippo(potamus), ash = phat, desh = genuine, tito = misunderstood, lev = weird and smells
val = fuckboy, jin = mean and saucy, ash = respectful, desh = boyfriend, tito = sexy, lev = bicurious
val = who?, jin = hanan, ash = queen, desh = icon, tito = cute, lev = next
val = he has vienna sausage (small pecker), jin = terrible opinions, ash = love of my life, desh = love trumps hate, tito = troll, lev = nightly reminders need to stop
val = pretty hurts, jin = meninist, ash = state, desh = brother, tito = wannabe, lev = iconic mother
val = ass kisser/sweetheart, jin = fried rice, ash = the cold state, desh = cutie, tito = math tutor material, lev = chen
val = little brother that i wish i never had, jin = annoying psychotic trashbag, ash = ghetto, desh = bff, tito = ex bff, lev = 100 toys
val = who O.O, jin = mongoose, ash = grease like the movie, desh = nice, tito = vomit, lev = aaliyah
val = mistress, jin = tranny, ash = cutie, desh = innocent, tito = hard eyes, lev = annie slayer
val = girlfriend #2, jin = ur face looks like a texas chainsaw massacre victim, ash =love her, desh = makeup, tito = texas, lev = jocelyn
val = chipotle/tacobell, jin = illiterate fat hippo, ash = poz, desh = puta, tito = beauty, lev = botched penis
val = pussy, jin = awesome, ash = my fave, desh = bae, tito = abs, lev = latanya williams
val = sexci hunny and i can call him daddy yass!, jin = dirty, ash = husband, desh = black, tito = please be a power top, lev = randy and lamar couple of the year
val = flipflopper, jin = friendly, ash = annoying, desh = adorbs, tito = attention seeking skank, lev = cutie patootie
val = bipolar, jin = stupid, ash = kind, desh = queen of frooks, tito = beautiful goddess, lev = mother, lam = i hate that bitch and go suck a dick
val = sweet, jin = good singer/cute, ash = snapchat buddy, desh = dapper, tito = boyfriend stealer, lam = org showmance, lev = bathhouse
val = forgotten, jin = wants to suck jenzie's clit, ash = dad, desh = creep, tito = stalker, lamar = 40 year old disgusting cunt, lev = big titty tanya
val = thats my..



11 Imthtawesom, Jul 13, 2016




10 hwest14, Nov 8, 2015

and ask me a question in the comments and I'll answer it here :)
literally anything you wanna know xo
Maxi1234 yes
Imthtawesom 6.75 ISH give or take 0.25 depending on the day
GoodKaren YES I AM xo (:
Darriusdabest duhhh
Arris love ya
BlueStar1367 Color: depends on the day..today blue; other days red [depends on how my eyes look that day tbh]
I'm a male
And yasssssss idk you really tbh
#Imthtawesom duhhh if you'd actually talk 2 me!!!



0 Funnehliner, Sep 26, 2015

did #Imthtawesom literally perm himself



110 owlb0ned, Apr 29, 2015

post your name and i'll introduce you to your perfect match!
#imthtawesom - your match is #tofutime
#allieboballie - your match is #bb5lover
#tigger - your match is #gabriel24
#sosyomomma - your match is #patriciasigmond
#neworleanspelicans - your match is #oliviaxoxo
#notafraid - your match is #halloween
#tofutime - your match is #robertguajardo
[4/28/2015 1:25:59 PM] tofutime: robg gives me butterflies
[4/28/2015 1:26:02 PM] tofutime: please dont tell anyone
#kaylabby - your match is #kdog
#fighterman - your match is #saraj10
#jgoodies - your match is #best
#austino15fffan - your match is #hwest14
#magge555550101 - your match is #lonelypuppy
#wannabeefriends - your match is #xlovewakizax
#realityobsessed - your match is #realityfreek
#steel - your match is #nikki101
#vergi1 - your match is #lemjam6
#lunapark - your match is #ak73
#amf7410 - your match is #imthtawesom
#dayum - your match is #baza76
dhucking_quacks - your match is #alanb1
danielkennedy111 - your match is #mattmon3365
stoopkid95 - your match is #mooohades
eliotwhi - your match is irelia
sam_hamwich - your match is #shonaynay and #magicduck
amills5 - ur right hand or #kyledile
austinrules6969 - ur perfect match is #sterling
chilltownbb7 - me duh
jojo7784 - ur mic since u scream into it................
survivorrocks - your match is #allieboballie
hwest14 - #sandizzle
answerable  - #questionable
maxi1234 - #pens87
bblover96 - #smoothstalker11
kob3sm1th - #chelss



7 jdog, Jan 8, 2015

16th- KatnissEverdeen 54.1% vs #Imthtawesom
15th- TheEclipse 53.5% vs #EyooMarcus
14th- CheapCheep 55.6% vs #DanielleDonato
13th- Imthtawesom 50.4% vs #shyannemystik
12th- Yaxha 52.0% vs #Lachie227
11th- EyooMarcus 53.6% vs #Lachie227
10th- RobertGuajardo 51.1% vs #DanielleDonato
9th- maxiphone27 63.5% vs #shyannemystik
8th- PotatoSalad 58.9% vs #shyannemystik
7th- dandoe 65.6% vs #shyannemystik
6th- Lexibear 55.0% vs #shyannemystik
5th- JGoodies 57.7% vs #shyannemystik
4th- kewlguy789isback 64.6% vs #shyannemystik
3rd- DanielleDonato 16.1%
2nd- Lachie227 16.3%
1st- shyannemystik 67.6%



34 ilovetosing, Oct 23, 2014

And I will guess your colour level without looking at your profile
#Imthtawesom -Blood?
#sosyomomma -Blood,lol,I always seen you around.
#potatosalad -Black,we've played before so I know your colour level :p
#oysterman11 -Sky
#Jordan009 -Blue
#likevines20 -Sky
#finklestein123 -TV Star,you're in the HOF,lol.
#Lachie227 -TV Star
#hellboy274 -Blood
#Pepperdude_is_back -Purple
#mminervini219 -I think you're TV Star
#McBenjamin -Everybody knows you're a TV Star,lol.
#alanb1 - I am 100% sure you're TV Star
#Aydanmac01 -Red
#imprincearthur -Orange
#acyuta -TV Star
#Tadd -Blood
#Tetsuya -Light Green
#TheUncanny -Lol,black
#rohanchaubey -Black
#Fredcrugar -Blood
#BigDude -Red
#Dane_Williams -TV Star
#texty -Purple
#COOLDUDE1000 -Red
#temponeptune -Gold
#IRandomal123 -Gold
#hwest14 -TV Star
#christossss -Purple
#krrais -TV Star
#Oliviaxoxo -Gold
#casting #rookies
Edit:I don't know why I can't tag,so I will hashtag everyone


PYN + Help

52 black0ut247, Sep 27, 2014

Hey guys so as most of you don't know, I still log in here every couple weeks or so to play stars.
But I do understand that stars is a popularity contest and staying offline in the 5 weeks between each stars isn't really helping me out
So heres my little ploy for attention because I unfortunately need it to get by this week
PYN for some super nice fake words about you. I promise they will be incredibly sweet and ill basically be brightening up your day so that you can click a button for me sometime this week.
Also while your at it go ahead and post a couple more stars ploys for me to attempt over the course of the week. (Optional) If I can make it work then ill go for it.
#Imthtawesom - Dude you ARE THAT AWESOME. Literally the coolest guy I know, keep slayin my dude because your sick af
#gaiaphage - #420BlazeIt You know your my Brosph Joesph and da real MVP
#Thesexiestdude990 - Your name makes so much sense, you are the sexiest dude, and if I were to rate you id say 990... out of 10
#Thumper91 - Your literally the nicest person out here and we should become closer because you are really awesome and smart and beautiful so keep up the good work
#Rennac - MY DUDE remember that 1 frookies we played together back in 2009? ME TOO! Dude that shit was so much fun your literally so freakin cool. Ik you won that shit in a 13-0 jury vote but I still need to let you know I voted for you to win. Keep slayin
#SomebodyAwesome - Bro lets get this straight, your not just somebody. Your somebody awesome. Your da real mvp if i've ever seen one and one day I hope ill slay half as much as you do.
#sosyomomma - Yah you get it, sprinkle dat attention. Clearly the smartest one here, I also remember when I was like "oh shit a meteor" and you were like "I got dis" and you flew up into space and punched it and it exploded and I was like "OH SHIT yo nice job" and that was just your typical tuesday
#Blitszims - I love you so much. Your probably like my best friend on the site, if not my idol. I think your incredible and did you lose weight?
#likevines20 - Well CLEARLY the sexiest female on here would managed to snatch the sexiestdude m i rite? If you were any more beautiful... I cant finish that sentence theres literally nothing more beautiful
#maxi1234 - Whats been goin on? You know how much I respect you ever since *insert name here* tied me to that railroad and you just stood in front of me and the train hit you and stopped from your hard as steel muscles. Thanks again my main brutha
#piddu - Remember that stars you half played with me? Hehe every time I was nommed I realized it was a dc you were playin. Solid show takes a real mvp to get me multiple times. I salute you you sexy little thing you
#mooohades - I think your probably the funniest person on the entire site, I remember seeing you for the first time and being stricken with love at first sight. Your probably my favorite person here and you..


lol Canada sucks

9 dmann, Dec 10, 2013

i mean look at the tengaged representatives...
etienne < 3
wonderland :*
phenomanimal =D


Top 10 Hottest Guys and Girls of TG

22 Tigger, Nov 14, 2013

1. Justwannasayhi 2. Etienne 3. #ImThtAwesom 4. Playboyy 5. Nmh95
6. Qwert2 7. Gabriel24 8. Gaiaphage 9. Jerimondo 10. TheGreatXL
1. Lemonface 2. Inkread 3. Foxox 4. Teddybear 5. Jenzie
6. holllyy1230 7. Zimy 8. MintCokeify 9. Wonderland 10. Icegirl50
These are probably off because I cannot think for the life of me but ye grats if u made it!!!


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