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Wide Window CLOSED

5 SmoothStalker12, Jun 3, 2018

The Wide Window has not only closed, but I'd like to report that Aunt Josephine's house has been blown into the sea due to Hurricane Herman.
Thank you to my gifters who helped send out my gifts :)
GrrrImABear x5 Count Olaf
Allieboballie x3 we love a woman of charity
M_Davis1998 x3
maturo x3
Ametrine x2
Ashleybabyx3 x2
Gentlemang x2
I hope everyone who was gifted enjoyed their clothing and it survived the hurricane. My apologies if they may be a bit damp.
Recently my shops have turned into gifting mainly people who gift me and not so much my friends. I've kept track of who has helped me gift this summer and I will now be enforcing my "gift 2-3 times in order to get gifted back". If you're interested in seeing your ratio of gifts sent to gifts received, feel free to mail me and see!
ALSO, I understand I have been draining bank accounts with 3 shops in the past month, so I will be waiting at least another 3 weeks before opening up....


my m*m

5 maturo, Dec 10, 2017

is m*king p*rk f*r d*nner and it s*ells g**d
wh*t are you g*ys h*ving f*r d*nner?


Do you know where the camera is

6 maturo, Dec 10, 2017

when you are taking pictures? scooby0000
also, we aren't laughing with you, we are laughing at you.



3 maturo, Dec 10, 2017

if you are autistic, 15, from massachusetts and your name is equally as retarded as your brain. Then you should be executed



22 tryandbeatme16, May 18, 2017

Bored af
#maturo - Joe I love our talks you literally give me some great advice. You're one controversial son of a gun somethings you say are out of line. However I don't see you as a bad person but you defiantly could try to filter yourself a bit :p other than that I love ya bro!
#hisoka - I do not know you :/ but would live to get to know you!
#funnehliner - I think we exchanged words like awhile back in a game, I think you're good at games more than what people give you credit for. Would love to chat more!
#acyuta - We met way back and you're still probably one of the few people I'm kind of mad that I fell off with. Like I miss our talks it's hard to find genuine people on here so let's get back in touch!(:
#deshonBANNEDISBACK - First off I've admired you from afar hope that's not creepy lol but your vlogs/ blogs  and you on the orgs just make me want to be your friend.  They're always entertaining or funny . So like we should chat dude would love to get to know you! ^_^
#steven999 - I don't know you :/ I see you around a lot tho you seem cool! Hmu sometimes
#righttocensor - never spoken but let's change that!(:
#arris - it's weird we've spoken a couple times at a short length but both want to know more about the other let's change that buddy! You seem like a great person I need more great people in my life.
brandt69 - Nick I love you (: you're one of my best friends on here and I know I can count on you to tell me how it is. Thanks for accepting me flaws and all(:
kaylabby - we've had a couple chats I think you're a cool person . I don't get why people give you a lot of shit but I'm glad you don't let their negative comments effect you!(: let's chat more (:
#thumper91 - I adore you and the relationship we have. I love that I can tell you everything and you just automatically know how to comfort me. I love how genuine and seeet you are such good qualities. I love that you're one of my best friends :)
#Denisg29 - Den you're my best bud on here and man have we been through a lot between ashes and my ex you've stuck by me lol couldn't ask for a better bud. Mostly I can always depend on you to tell me how it is man, when I'm wrong you let me know and I need that a lot lmao. Sorry I always do dumb shit bro!
#music - Mitch you're a cool dude but we don't chat that much . Would love to chat more  I know you're a cool guy just would like to know more of what's beneath the surface. Shoot me a message sometime!
#alyssab - uhhh I think you already know how I feel about you.  We've been through a lot and still managed to be cool. I'm glad to call you a friend you are the most straight up person I ever met keep being yourself because you're a pretty awesome person. I would say more but tg don't need to know how nice you really are :p
#vlad - you're one of my bros but like we don't really chat about stuff maybe like once or twice but yea not so much. We're cool with each other so that's nice..


PYN :)

60 Lemjam6, Jan 18, 2017

And I will give you my honest opinion of you.
I don't usually do PYN's so GL I'm stopping at 50 if I get that many!
#maturo - I used to think you were a complete psychopath when you were on your old account, but now I like to think of us as friends. We don't talk much, but I do like you as a person. You're a little out there, but you're cool.
#brenla - OMG I miss you. I loved playing stars with you even if it didn't work out well. I think you're a stand up dude and I wish we talked more. I hope everything is going well. :)
#cornelia - You are someone who I always wanted to be friends with on here, to be honest. I mean like we're friends, but we never became close friends. Like in games we always work together or support each other in stars, but we don't talk outside of that. I think you're funny and yeah I'd love to be friends!
#jasonxtreme - You used to hate because your friends hated me, but I have no problem with you. You're cool and you like Jarvis Landry so I have to support your taste in sports!
#sosyomomma - Absolute lunatic. Anyone can say one word about you that you don't like and you will go nuts. You have a very bad temper, but that's part of who you are, and I love it. You are one of the most loyal friends and even though you attack me all the time, you never let anyone else attack me, you always have my back. A lot of people I think will have my back, but when it comes down to it, they don't, however you do. You are a true friend.
#kaylabby - I have known you for a while on this site. We always have been friends and support each other and comment on blogs and stuff, but we never like talk personally. Maybe it's my fault for that, IDK. I see your blogs and you seem depressed a lot of the time, so just be happy.
#rikardo - Well, we used to play games together a lot and you'd always sheep my premade in frookies, so thanks. Don't know you much more than that.
#petro - LOL we have a lot of history together. We used to not like each other at all, it was nothing personal, but our friend groups just did not get along which caused us to not liking each other. However, one day you mailed me and then well from there on we became extremely good friends, maybe too fast. I loved talking to you like all day every day. I know I'm annoying and got a little crazy, so I'm sorry for that. I think you're a really great person and you were a good friend to me. Although we don't talk much anymore, I still like you a lot and wish you nothing but the best in your life.
#shyannemystik - I used to fucking hate your guts. You're honestly one of the most low key shady bitches to play games with. So as much as I like you now, I NEVER want to play a game with you again because we have not had good experiences together, besides stars < 3. But yeah now I think you're fucking funny. I used to think you were a quiet, sweet girl, but boy was I wrong. You are not quiet or sweet, but I love you!
#downeaster - I don't know you well,..


♥♥ #Maturo Thank you so much for the..

3 aquetejodo, Oct 30, 2016

Thank u so much for the gift < 3
oh thank you very much for the gift, which is so beautiful!
see a gift in spam .........
You have received a gift from Maturo . Visit your gifts page to see what you received .
From #maturo  bought in shop (angel)
I love you...
!!!  It`s   a very very nice, and so so nice detail. tahnks thank 
thanks for  Skin !!!  < 333
Maturo                  Maturo                  Maturo                  Maturo
            Maturo                  Maturo                  Maturo                  Maturo
Special mention for the person who posted the designs in her shop
#angel  / Tigger



59 Marchesa, Jul 13, 2016

PYN for an opinion from someone in the Minions chat below, the opinion will be anonymous!
http://www.tengaged.com/blog/Marchesa/7497573/mdm (the correct link)
#maturo - you're a funny one and you're loyal in skype games :)
#Marble - we don't want you in our chat
#TheBlackDog - you are always nice to me and help me gift whenever you can :d stay nice bro
#Steven999 - i hope his IQ is higher than his KPG that's for sure
#Moxii - moxii is hmmm... difficult
#xxThornWYZ - the green glasses and that red... outfit... don't go well together
#cococolin122 - hes in my casting and he keeps telling me 2 stop spamming
#Petro - Ruthless and unreliable. Will stab your back when you expect it the least
#mathboy9 - adam is a sweetheart , we need to slay frooks again
#ivetta - ivetta slays my life in every game and she is hella rude
#KingGeek - youre never getting added to this chat!
deshonbannedisBACK - he has good BBUK opinions!
JasonXtreme - i mean he must be cool by the way he spelled extreme (city>dortmund)
s73100 - i remember when a guy was coming at me in casting, and he defended me and got banned :(
dinosaurdan - i'm still waiting for you to send the dicc piccks, i sent the nudes!
darbri - darbri is the biggest queen of tengaged, i love her so much , half that trash darbe and half the guy marchesa
acyuta - acyuta is one of the nicest people on this site, a true bro. hmu bud!
JourdanBabyXoxo - you are a nice girl and your bf alex loves you
Haileyyy - she actually seems like a rly nice girl
Zazooski - He's a dick
Brayden_ - them "nightly reminders" are the fucking most
Phenomanimal - He's an awesome buddy
connorfitz15 - Hey bro we use to play frookies together a lot and we are always alligned ..u are so nice to everyone, dont change
perfectprizetag - Masami you're one of the nicest gals on tg that hides weed in her vagina, you're also a ching chong that spanks YasGaga all night
PureEssence - Ess < 3 love you girl ..i love talking to you and u are always ready to help me in my problems ..thanks for being awesome (shit)
SupahHero - i've seen you around and you seem rly cool, hmu fam < 3
Spicoli - You're a freaking lunatic! I'm just glad that I don't have to live with you anymore. Oh and nice feather in your hair.
EliOrtiz1234 - youre my favourite skype game f2 & one of the best people on this site, congrats!
Absol - i used to like you like last year but then you started hanging out with different people and you turned into mr. hollywood
kittykatz553 - Thanks again for helping us with speeding the dc and saying nice..


Joaquin's RANDOM.ORG Big Brother Season 1..

12 joaquint561, Jun 2, 2016

Hello everyone Welcome to Big Brother!!!!
By a vote of  14-2 #maturo you have been evicted from Joaquin's RANDOM.ORG Big Brother house!
HoH: #topazisqueen
Partial Noms: #yolo #cococolin122
POV Players: #topazisqueen #yolo #cococolin122 #MrBird #aj1111 #NeonCoke
POV Winner: #aj1111
#aj1111 chosen to use the POV on #cococolin122
#topazisqueen renominates #MrBird       
VOTE TO EVICT #yolo or #MrBird
VOTING ENDS ON 6/4/16 9:00 am EST
ForYouSelena 16th
maturo 15th
Current Memory Wall:



72 Brandt69, Feb 26, 2016

And ill tell you what I like or hate about you.
#maturo - Hate how you moved away :(
#mitchkid64 - Hate you live in USA and not NEXT DOOR :(
#Bluestar1367 - Like you know nicky irl, so when i meet nicky i can meet you!
#Galaxies - Hate how you beg for gifts :/
#kittykatz553 - like how you are loyal and have a good sense of humour , even tho sometimes its against me XD
#absol - hate how we used to be close then now we never talk
#kelly0412 - Hate how you keep getting nominated in stars
#typhlosion37 - Hate how you dont love yourself
#davelooney - Hate how YOU WONT MAKE A SNAPCHAT :( and hate how ur MORE ADORABLE THAN ME.
#kaseyhope101 - Hate how you dont think you're cute AF irl < 3
#rawr25 - Like how you're a slut like me
#scooby0000 - Like how you're sweet!
#babiicakes - Like how you're an absolute fucking queen, slay me.
#rainbowking - Like how you've been a loyal member of the real fakes and one of my bffs!
#willie_ - Hate how you won stars before me! >:(
#turkeylover - Hate how we aren't friends! i love turkey!!!
#typhlosion - Like every single feature you possess < 33
#Uruguay - Hate how you spam real fakes :/
#lemjam6 - Like how you're my older brother/baby daddy and u trust me
#parkerstack7 - Like how you're an absolute QUEEN.
anick_bb2 - Like how you support annick! she was queeeeen
jenzie - Like how you're really sweet!
jguill - Like ur dick
jwigg67 - Like how you slayed my skype game!
arcaninemaster - Like how you always gift me!! :) xox
xx_legend_xx - Hate how we haven't talked yet!
m7md26 - Like how you are very nice!
c_shizz96 - Hate how you said u didn't love me today SINCE I FUCKING LOVE YOU.
livvieboo12 - Like how you are very nice x
guigi - like how you are canadian and such a queen xoxxoxo
Mikey_elite - Hate how we can't be together irl! Other than that theres nothing I could ever hate about you < 3
koolcoop - like how you are very mature and very nice for someone who is young :)
kaylabby - Like how you're always there for me< 3 And hate you you're a real girl and can go for that straight boy dick XD #Jealous
halloween - Hate how you troll me ://// and kick from ur chats!
COLTSfan876 - Hate, idk you :( nothing to hate ;(
Vanili - Hate nothing, you're way too sweet to be hated!
Mickyboomy9 - Hate how u were mean to be before :(
Thumper91 - Like how you're sooo nice and such a sweetie! < 3 Hate how you're not my irl mother, only my tg mother  :(((
harrywasnak - Like how you're sooo fucking adorable omgggg
Libanz00 - Like how you're a cute lil noob!
justin_hicks - Like how you can make me happy during my least happy moments..


It has been a crazy year (plus pyn)

29 oreo270, Feb 17, 2016

It's hard to believe that I have only been on here for a year.  I have met so many people through this year, I remember being told not to join this site but I am glad I did.  Thank you to everyone who has been my friend through this time.
Shoutout to eliortiz1234 jtotalturtle amf7410 instagram and bowling4fun for having been there for me through the time and especially recently
but pyn for an opinion or favorite thing I have done with you since being on this site
#maturo ~Joe first happy birthday but we had some good times when i first joined and you were on thejoe then stuff happened but I'm glad we are alright now :)
#C_Shizz96 ~We haven't done much together so I would have to say the skype game even though I wasn't active but I think you were one of my favorites when I did pay attention to it
Cornelia ~My favorite time with you probably was when we talked a bit when you were in stars with Danny even though you guys were on opposite sides, but it was nice talking to you then
#Danny12 ~I don't think we have had much interaction, but I know you are in stars so good luck
Delete2544 ~Josh my favorite thing was when we used to be super close and talk every day, or when you would let me dress your avi, I miss you
Paul41 ~Um we had good times but now you don't like me, but I remember that one call on your new years eve that was fun
cfff ~Brian! If we talked more still you would have been on my shoutouts :( I miss getting to talk to you, I remember that first time we met on call with chaz and because of your picture I thought you were weird, but I have learned you aren't, then we met in that castings and became close, I miss the days of us talking everyday, oh and I'm sorry about annoying you in that skype game
mradamman12 ~We used to be close and I enjoyed my calls with you but once Callum and I got in a fight and you left the site we stopped talking :(
#EliOrtiz1234 ~Eli my first friend on this site, and it all happened cuz you evicted me for 7th in that frooks, but you were nice enough to continue talking to me after and we have been great friends since :) we got in a fight once but it was over miscommunication, we don't talk as much as we used to but we do still talk a lot and I like that, you are a great friend < 3
BengalBoy ~Dru we used to talk a lot more than we do now :/ but I remember when we used to talk a lot when I was close with Sue and Jenna and all of them we were in a chat together for a while but I think I probably got kicked
Ali123Francesca ~I really should get to know you, I am pretty close with a few of your friends so I think we would be friends, hit me up some time
KingGeek ~AJ we haven't talked much but you sometimes appear in chats I am in and you seem to be cool I wouldn't mind getting to know you..

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