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Danganronpa S1 E1

4 JourdanBabyXoXo, Nov 21, 2017

Game Influencing Characters:
Yuna Kyoto (#Jourdanbabyxoxo) Female, 17, Lesbian, Ultimate Fashionista
Hisoka Mitoma (#Jourdanbabyxoxo) Male, 16, Straight, Ultimate Artist
Haruna Soto (#JourdanBabyxoxo) Female, 17, Straight, Ultimate Cheerleader
Imogen Kira ( Rollingderp) Female, 17 , Straight, Ultimate Musician
Silver Chokinata ( Silver09) Male, 16, Straight, Ultimate Athlete
Dusk Maizonota ( rellizuraddixion) Male, 18, Gay, Ultimate Friend
Caleb Emitoya ( Varlto) Male, 16, Gay, Ultimate Photographer
Rocky Krisoto ( ghrocky100) Male, 17, Straight, Ultimate Director
Yukika Minotozaki ( AlexaVonTrayne) Female, 17, Lesbian, Ultimate Dancer
Minho Junji ( BigDizzleYoMama) Male, 18, Bisexual, Ultimate Fighter
Sachiko Murata ( Sachi) Female, 18, Bisexual, Ultimate Performer
Nick Noxity ( Noxity) Male, 17, Gay, Ultimate Manipulator
    Yuna Kyoto, a young fashion icon in her city wakes up in a small classroom. The classroom has about 10 or 12 chairs in it with a big chalk board with the writing “Welcome students”. She looks around the room. As she looks around she notices the windows are replaced with paintings. The paintings are all the exact same thing besides one of the paintings. One of the paintings is of a park- except they are all parks. But this park is different. This park has a dead body. Right in the middle of it. There are students walking, playing, and not even noticing the dead bloody corpse right in the middle. She looks closer at the painting and recognizes the cold blood splattered person laying there limp and dead. Its her. In her exact same outfit. She cant make out the face but she can tell its her. A blonde short girl with rosy cheeks and very small features. She can tell its her. She continues to study the painting when shes suddenly interrupted by a loud chaotic sound in the classroom next to hers. She leaves the classroom through two big double doors and goes into the doors next to hers.
    In the other classroom, students are talking to eachother loudly, one boy yelling at another. Yuna looks for a teacher but theres none in sight. Suddenly the door slams shut behind her and everyone looks at her. A boy steps over toward her and she backs up. “Hey hey… Im not gonna hurt you. Were all scared” the boy says. “Im Caleb. Photographer”. He puts his hand out and suddenly Yuna feels safe.
    “Your going to creep her out” says a girl standing in the corner. The girl has bright yellow hair and a valley girl accent. Shes dressed… provacitively to put it lightly. “My names Yukika. I dance, do yoga, anything like that”.
    “Im Yuna. Nice to meet you” Yuna replies to the both of them, still confused but starting to piece things together. Yuna meets all of the other students with all their interesting talents. Where she used to live, she was #1,..


PYN and I'll guess your sexuality!

80 aes222aes, Nov 12, 2017

fighterman - gay
petro - asexual
#JourdanBabyXoXo - bi
#scooby0000 - str8
#Bluejay7622 - str8
#cindering - unknown
#turkeylover - gay
#MoneyNeil - bi
#Paige5459 - str8
#NoChildSupport - str8
#Steven999 - gay
#GoodKaren - bi
#C00LDUDE1000 - str8
#Carriexoxo24xo - gay
#Innocent - str8
#KatarinaDuCouteau - transgayder
#acyuta - str8
#DJ2722 - bi
#CrimsonEnnui - str8
#Girllover101 - super gay
#s73100 - gay
#titoburitto - gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
#Question - gay
#YasGaga - gay
#2Beastly - str8
#mancebo - gay puta
#Renny10 - bi
jadennator1 - lesbo
#bamold1999 - gay
#haliford - gay u love stary
#Adamloveseverything - str8
#Patrick319 - bi
#sosyomomma - gay
#ryanr36 - gay
#arris - gay
#MJFJUNE - gay
#immaxyman - bi
#cocia2890 - gay
#anas - gay
#diogojsgomes - gay
#Sam_Hamwich - gay
#rory17 - str8
#SurvivorFreak13 - str8
#KatherinePierce - gay
#Willie_ - gay
#Vlad21 - bi
#IceBeast - gay
ghrocky100 - str8
music - gay
XxLoveWakizaxX - gay
ricktworick1 - str8
Caleb9211 - gay
Emmett4 - str8
Bix123 - str8
paul028 - gay
gkg0718 - str8
JoelW55 - gay
anthousai - str8
garrievans97 - str8
Roshy - ultra gay
rfkfdr - str8
Jkjkjk15 - str8
FlaggedALot - gay
Kpnna - bi
asjc - str8
Sebbers - bi
BklynTracey - str8
bigbrotherlover7 - str8
noah_kondon - str8
oreo270 - str8
vh1luvr15 - gay


Random.org TGBB23 (8)

15 disneygeek, Jul 18, 2017

Eviction Order:
15th- #JourdanBabyXoXo
16th- #benp428
17th- #FrozenShadow09
18th- #DuncanSurferBoy
19th- #Halloween
20th- #ItsAustin
By a vote of 3-2, #JourdanBabyXoXo you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- xShift
Pre Noms- alanb1, NicoleF & Batya
Used?- On NicoleF
Final Noms- alanb1, Batya & Kelly0412
Vote to !SAVE! (Anyone but the nominees may vote.)
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Random.org TGBB19AS2 (Finale)

4 disneygeek, Jun 4, 2017

Eviction Order:
3rd- #JourdanBabyXoXo
4th- #semajdude
5th- #LunaPark
6th- #LoopyCoco1
7th- #rawr121
8th- #garrievans97
9th- #carlyjordan14
10th- #Jameslu
11th- #C_Shizz96
12th- #ImGonnaWin
13th- #Violets
14th- #Girllover101
15th- #Christian_
16th- #AmandaBynes
17th- #Ethan000
18th- #aj1111
19th- #NotNicky333
20th- #FrozenShadow09
21st- #_Aria
By a vote of 2-0 #JourdanBabyXoXo you have been the lastevicted from the TGBBAS house.
All Star Finalists- CrimsonEnnui & hints
Vote to Win! (Anyone but the finalists may vote).
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Random.org TGBB18 (9)

10 disneygeek, May 13, 2017

Eviction Order:
15th- #JourdanBabyXoXo
16th- #rawr121
17th- #Hisoka
18th- #Javio
19th- #MickyBoomy9
20th- #Boots22
21st- #NicoleF
22nd- #konohavillage1
23rd- #Lalisa
By a vote of 6-4, #JourdanBabyXoXo you have been evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- pizzawithcookirs
Pre Noms- Violets, KrisStory & Stupendous
POV- Sarah48
Used?- On Violets
Final Noms- KrisStory, Stupendous & NotNicky333
Vote to !SAVE! (Anyone but the nominees can vote).
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Fears: Asylum Ep5 "Silence"

0 JourdanBabyXoXo, Nov 24, 2016

Fears: Asylum is an American Horror Story themed show. Season 1 takes place in an Asylum in 1961 but we will see many different time periods not just the 60s. Every season is a new place and new Fear. You will very quickly learn this seasons fear.
NOTE: Some character information has been changed to create a more dramatic story but all names and genders will stay the same!
Celeste wanders around the Asylum alone and bored. She walks over to her room and sits down. She's stuck there ever since she was first admitted. She never aged past 20. Just stayed there. Never able to leave. If she walked out the door, suddenly she would be going in through the door. There was no way for her to leave. She did know all the others were still there. Shannon. Preston. Riri. Everyone who was ever admitted there was still in the asylum. Just stuck. In separate universes. They had been separated. They are all in the asylum and all on earth but just different universes. Celeste knows she can never see any of them again.
It's 4 years later. Jaden and Colin and Bridgette are all dead. Their bodies are in body bags being dragged out to the back where a large wagon awaits them but in the windows, Bridgette, Colin, and Jaden Fox all watch. Reina Alexandra, a gangly new patient is next on the list to be killed. It was always Riri's job to kill them. The goal was to kill every patient and doctor. They wanted the asylum to be gone. They wanted it to be completely over so nobody else had to suffer through living there. But everyone knew this was Riri's secret way of revenge. Bryan walks around the asylum crying. He thinks there is some kind of serial killer in the asylum. Over the past years all of his friends have been killed. Seth walks over to him and hugs him and they walk over to the large stair case when suddenly a body drops from the top of the stairs with a rope attached to the neck. Shannon. At the top from where she dropped is Riri. The two boys scream and run.
Celeste stands at the staircase looking up at the rope where Shannon was hung. Shannon no longer hangs there but the rope remains. Celeste cries. She hates Riri for killing her. She wanted Shannon to live a long and happy life.
Sister Karen Exial comforts Bryan in his room while they watch through the window as another body- Seth, is dragged out to a wagon.
Bryan stands in the room where Seth once cried over his death. "Hey" Bryan hears Seths voice. He turns around to see him standing in the doorway. Bryan looks at him confused not able to say anything.
Celeste and Shannon walk holding hands as they look at Riri stabbing Reina to death. They both look at Riri in disgust. Shannon pushes Riri off of Reinas corpse and takes the knife. In one swift move Shannon plunges the knife into Riri's throat. Riri dies- again. Celeste and Shannon look at eachother and smile when suddenly a green fog comes from Riri's stab wound and goes into the..


Fears: Asylum Ep4 "Stuck"

4 JourdanBabyXoXo, Nov 21, 2016

Fears: Asylum is an American Horror Story themed show. Season 1 takes place in an Asylum in 1961 but we will see many different time periods not just the 60s. Every season is a new place and new Fear. You will very quickly learn this seasons fear.
NOTE: Some character information has been changed to create a more dramatic story but all names and genders will stay the same!
A big heavy girl walks into the Asylum on her phone. She looks around wondering where she is. She dials in "Mom" and the phone suddenly turns off. She looks around and sees a blonde tall girl walking over to her from behind the staircase. It's Celeste. "Hello. I'm Celeste." The girl backs up, scared. "Can I use your phone? Mine isn't working......". Celeste looks at her funny. "You were never a patient here were you? I thought maybe you were like me. Stuck" Celeste starts to walk away. "Wait. Creepy girl. What do you mean.... stuck?" Celeste turns around and looks at her and the girl disappears.
Celeste and Shannon sit in Celeste's room looking at eachother. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have-" Celeste cuts her off. "No. don't be sorry. We've had an undeniable connection since we first met!" Shannon looks at Celeste unsure.
Riri Latti after going missing for 5 days. Rose looks at her really confused wondering why she has been gone for so long when Riri shoves her through a door and into Prestons old room. Preston looks up while sitting in his chair. Rose looks at Preston and screams not knowing how he's alive. But he isn't. He has a huge bullet wound in the side of his head. Rose looks at Riri and then Riri pulls out a machine gun and shoots her several times in the stomach. Rose looks around confused as to why this is happening and why she's still able to look around. Rose looks down and sees her body. She screams but none of the living can hear her.
Preston and Riri walk the halls of the asylum. Celeste turns a corner and sees them. She drops her pile of laundry and runs over to Preston. She's about to hug him when she remembers how things ended between them and she backs up. But it's too late. Rose runs up from behind and stabs her with a machete into her back and Celeste turns around. She looks around before something on the ground catches her eye. It's her. Shannon walks out of a patient room and sees Celeste dead on the ground and runs over. Shannon cries over her body. "What's going on? Shannon! It's me! I'm alive!" Celeste screams at Shannon. "She can't hear you or see you. She can only see you if you choose to allow her to. But your dead. You've lost the ability to speak" Preston explains to her. Suddenly Shannon looks up and sees Celeste and hugs her but pulls away almost instantly. "wait! Your- there's.... theres 2 of you!". Celeste explains everything she knows to Shannon in a side room with Riri who also explains what's going on. It's..


Fears: Asylum Ep3 "Kisses"

3 JourdanBabyXoXo, Nov 16, 2016

Fears: Asylum is an American Horror Story themed show. Season 1 takes place in an Asylum in 1961 but we will see many different time periods not just the 60s. Every season is a new place and new Fear. You will very quickly learn this seasons fear.
NOTE: Some character information has been changed to create a more dramatic story but all names and genders will stay the same!
Rose walks down her street and sees a toy shop. She goes over thinking she could get her little sister a new doll. She opens the door and isn't greeted how she usually is: Cameras and people screaming her name. She wanders through the toy shop wondering where are the fans. A little girl- about 7 or 8, walks into the toy shop holding her books and her two arms. She skips through aisles. Rose walks by her and flashes her a smile. The girl pays her no attention. Rose asks her "Excuse me? Do you know who I am?" The girl answers with a solemn "no". The next day Rose is at home reading the news paper and hears of a tragic event. She reads he paper. It states a 7 year old girl was found skinned and cut in half in a toy shop on Holly Boulevard- the exact same toy shop Rose visited earlier.
Colin nervously walks through the hall on the way to the cafeteria. Jaden Fox, a male patient there for criminal insanity after killing his grandfather walks up to him from behind. "Hey! I heard you like that Celeste girl?" Colin punches him on the shoulder "And who told you that?". Colin looks nervously around making sure nobody is hearing the conversation. "Duh. You literally told Bridgette AND Rose the two biggest gossips here! Bridgette said Celeste is a..." Jaden lowers his voice "lesbian". Colin tells him there is no way that's true. Colin says he's absolutely positive that after a few conversations with Celeste, she will be head over heels for him. Jaden shakes his head chuckling. He walks away and leaves Colin to go face his fears and talk to Celeste.
Celeste and Preston sit on the tables talking and laughing as Colin approaches them. Preston immediately stands up "HEY what do you want? You gonna call me fag like all the other guys?" Preston says this in a harsh tone and Celeste tells him to sit down. "Dude I don't care you like to put on makeup i don't give a crap. I just want friends. You guys seem to be really good friends and that dumbass Jaden is the only friend I have and I think I'm like normal- or whatever normal is here, normal enough... to have friends!" Celeste and Preston look at him and examine him. "Weren't you like a serial killer or something? Like are you gonna stab us in our sleep?" Colin laughs at Celeste. He assures them his "stabbing days" are over. Celeste looks down and sees a little green dot on his arm. She asks him what it's from and he says he doesn't at all remember the day before. Celeste pokes it and it grows a little on his..


Fears: Asylum Ep2 "Hallucinate"

3 JourdanBabyXoXo, Nov 15, 2016

You can still apply here!:
Fears: Asylum is an American Horror Story themed show. Season 1 takes place in an Asylum in 1961 but we will see many different time periods not just the 60s. Every season is a new place and new Fear. You will very quickly learn this seasons fear.
NOTE: Some character information has been changed to create a more dramatic story but all names and genders will stay the same!
Celeste is standing behind a tree in a park with a girl with dirty blonde hair. They look around to make sure nobody is watching. "Listen Analiese, my parents know somethings going on. I heard my mom calling my aunt, the one who runs that Asylum on Oak Street. I don't know what it was about but I don't know how long I can stay here." Celeste says in a hushed voice. Analiese looks around "Let's just run away together! I heard of a place- a safe haven, for people like us!" Analiese tries to convince Celeste. Celeste is skeptical of this. "What do you mean? People like us? I'm the crazy one! Your normal!" Celeste realizes Analiese is just trying to help but it's too late. She's always had a problem with talking before thinking. "Your not crazy," Analiese says "Your just different! And different is good. I'm different too but in a... different way!" Analiese is always looking on the bright side.
Sister Exial stands outside Celestes room looking through the tiny hole on her door watching quietly as she sits with Preston in her room. Celeste applies Sister Exials favorite mascara onto Prestons face. "You know o your gonna be a big shot Drag queen in Berlin your going to have to learn to do your own makeup" Celeste says as though she's some big shot. Preston ignores her. He insists he will never have to do his own makeup he will have his makeup artists do everything for him. Sister Karen leaves the door not seeing anything new. Sister Karen secretly did not care Preston was interested in drag. She was also fully aware of Celeste's sexuality but kept quiet about it. Seconds later Celeste and Preston hear a knock at the door. It was Bridgette Summers. Everyone hates Bridgette Summers. She murdered her sisters. Or so everyone thinks.
Two girls with shaved hair cry in a cage in the attic of a large beautiful home. One of them is Bridgette. A tall skinny man with half ripped off mustache who looks like he was just beaten up walks in. The girls stay quiet but one whispers "Bridgette. Kill him." The girl pulls out a pistol. Bridgette grabs it knowing her little sister can't shoot a gun if it meant the world would be saved. Bridgette Aimee and shot in a second without hesitation. But she missed. The bullet went through the wall and they heard a yelp and a thunk. The man grabs the gun from her hand and shoots the other sister in the cage. The uncle then shoots himself in the..


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