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Life without Tito - Day 2

5 MarieTori, Jul 23, 2018

It's day 2 without my friend, confidante, and partner #titoburitto . Logging in today was overwhelming, I tried to postpone it because I knew it wouldn't be the same... I feel abandoned in a way but I try not to blame him. My joy is deflated and I'm counting the days until I can see his avatar change again <3



35 JustMe, Jul 22, 2018

Admin you should just stop doing special stars or group games if you’re not going to stick to the prizes you say. You didn’t give #titoburitto time to even get on and he has a life outside of Tengaged you can’t just take his prize away cus he wasn’t fast enough. He asked in his pollbox to get evicted for the 400 t$ prize if that’s not enough proof what he wanted then you should at least give him time.
EDIT: your mail doesn’t even have a time limit. https://prnt.sc/k9pmpu


[GC] Banned Stars - Twist

36 Admin, Jul 22, 2018

As it is Banned Stars, we granted the 16th position an opportunity to accept a reward from two options.
400T$ and a 2-week ban.
0T$ and they'll receive no ban throughout the Stars game.
We thought it would be amusing to twist things up within Stars. If you have any other concepts we could introduce to a future Stars game, forward it to my mail and I'll consider.
The user #titoburitto has been evicted with a result of 59.8%. We contacted them via mail but received no response. In conclusion, they will be banned until the winner has been announced.


I'm in mourning

4 MarieTori, Jul 22, 2018

me allieboballie and levonini mourning our girl :(


How yall gonna do that?....

6 MarieTori, Jul 22, 2018

I can't go two weeks without #titoburitto s blogs :( I love him I'm gonna miss him so much
I feel like half of my heart is gone



49 levonini, May 28, 2017

PYN for an honest opinion xo im not holding back <3
#titoburitto - YAS TITO DADDY! You are prob one of my current faves on tengaged atm. I used to think you were corny af pre tvivor 1 but after that I realized that you were prob one of the only normal people on here. luv you bestie
#taybear17 - my father dev ily. i used to hate you so much like so long ago when we would come for each others necks in skype games but you are prob one of the funniest people on here and i like how you keep it real and love to drag people #icon
#thumper91 - omg mother!! i didnt really know you until recently, like just before tvivor 3. but thank god you played tvivor this season because you are such a fun person to be on call with and im glad we talk  more now <3
#2beastly - i dont really know who you are but i think you are a dentist or something lololol idk sorry xo
#marietori - also like tito, you are one of my faves on the site. i find it very fun to be mean to you and sometimes i go to far but i always just mean to do it for fun. sometimes im not sure if you are actually annoyed by me or not but ily you anyways so xoxo :* also, u are a very loyal ally in games unless leia is playing
#pizzawithcookirs - i dont really know you that well be we slayed a frooks together and that was fun :)
#con66 - i have no idea who u are
#kaylabby - i used to not like you just cuz some of my friends on here didnt like you and also because you tried to come for my wig once on the blogs page, however, after being on call with you, you are very nice and fun! we should def talk more! also, i love how you always keep people pressed on the blogs page
#koolness234 - yas josh dad, i used to think you were so annoying before i even spoke to you because of all your vlogs but tbh, after you were on tvivor and i actually spoke to u, we became close and you are such an icon. and bitch, the only reason why im shady in games is cuz i have to be if i want to beat you, also tysm for helping with tvivor this season xoxo
#pureessence - MOM! Ess i love u so much and i used to fucking hate you cuz u gave me 4th in the long term bb skype game. However, after playing tvivor, we became very close but we prob became the closest after all the podcast drama LOL also i love how u are 100% real and always stand up for urself and other people :)
streamx - omg i havent spoken to you in so long but you are very funny but i remember sometimes you got annoying af, i thought u died tbh lmao
bengalboy - yas dru!! you are one of my fave brits on the site and i think you are so nice! we used to talk alot more before i was kicked from tbc a while ago, but we dont really talk as much anymore :( anyways ily dad
greenranger8 - honestly, one of my faves to play tvivor LOL you were very fun to host and i think you are very funny LOL. you are a loyal tvivor fan and were a very good gameplayer on season 1. ALSO THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE..



35 Hisoka, Apr 17, 2017

I am currently playing stars on the account that was given to me today xx_legend_xx this is just a small little vlog explaining just a few things and why i wont be updating the earliar blog


For Every 10 Points

62 TaraG, Dec 18, 2016

I'll give my opinion on a person who commented. Starting with the 1st and working my way down. If I don't know or remember you, I will go to your page and read some of your blogs, last mentions and last actions. 
#titoburitto - Keeping in mind to, "spread love not hate", I love your user name 
#MrBird - You are always nice and fun to talk to in castings
#turkeylover - You aren't very good at planning charities, I will join to help < 3
woeisme - For sure all good for you. I always hate when I pm the wrong person in castings, except the time I pm'd you, that was a good mistake < 3
#TheKevmiester - We only played one casting, but both got to final day. You are nice and funny and hope we play another game together some day
s73100 - Sam is a sweetie, I miss playing castings with you! < 3
#Libanz00 - I don't really know you, I remember being in games with you, but we didn't chat much
shellbelle - You are my favorite female on TG! I love you my twinzie! I am always there for you if you need help < 3
joshie1 - Easy one, no pun intended ; )  You are a horny boy! < 3
10 #Brandt69 - I don't know you, but liked the video you posted in temponeptune gift giveaway
WpwSers196 - You are so nice, calm and honest. I wish all the best for you < 3
#acyuta - I don't know you, but from looking at your profile, I would like to : )
Thirteen - 13th opinion has to go to Thirteen, even if he isn't here. 1st thing I do when I log onto TG in the morning, is check for a key in casting, then I go check Thirteens page, to see if he is on, or to read his blogs. To me, he is my, "BOO" < 3
#king_lance - You are my knight in shining armour ; ) i love that anytime someone says something mean to, or about me, you are right there to stick up for me. < 3 u Landon!
tonyalbright - So many good things to say about you! You are kind, funny and a cutie, to name a few. I am happy to have you as a friend. I love you tonyalbright! < 3
Steven999 - You are such a sweetie! I was happy to have helped you in ur charity, and I hope you make it till last day in our casting! < 3
#BluJay112 - You are another really nice person. I hope we get to play in a casting again soon. I like talking with you. : )
#Osiris - I don't know you. I am always mixing you up with McBenjamin though, because of ur avi. I like you 100 times better then him though. ; )
Yaddddiggz - You are another TGer that is so nice and I love! I hope you get your dream job that lets you play on here as much as you like! I am always here for you if you need to talk, even if it is just to pass the time as you wait for a plane to land. < 3
#hellocat - We must have played a game before, because I remember seeing ur page, "hi guys I like to say hello a lot I love cats", and thinking, I like her. You must not..

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