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1 disneygeek, Jul 7, 2017

Eviction Order:
10th- #Vanili
11th- #SeaKing&
12th- #Jameslu
13th- #ashszoke
14th- #RealJacksonWalsh
15th- #eric_136
16th- #CalebDaBoss
17th- #Analiese
18th- #rawr121
19th- #BrainJak
20th- #survivingreality
21st- #MJFJUNE
22nd- #Christina13
By a vote of 2-0, #Vanili you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- benp428
Pre Noms- aria_grande & ghrocky100
POV- Brandt69
Used?- No
Final Noms- aria_grande & ghrocky100
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Random.org TGBB5 (20)

8 disneygeek, Jun 15, 2016

Eviction Order
4th- #Vanili
5th- #Lovelife
6th- #LoopyCoco1
7th- #Macda27
8th- #_M4rw4n
9th- #MickyBoomy9
10th- #Maxi1234
11th- #perfectprizetag
12th- #MrCool
13th- #aj1111
14th- #virgie88
15th- #ghrocky100
16th- #rozlyn
17th- #Threedevils
18th- #topazisqueen
19th- #SpiderBoom
20th- #Brashful
21st- #JourdanBabyXoXo
22nd- #Rodrigues75
By a vote of 4-2 #Vanili you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH Part 1 Winner- MrPokeguy9
HoH Part 2 Winner- Cornelia
Final HoH- MrPokeguy9
Final Noms- tagalongs & Cornelia
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80 Arris, Apr 27, 2015

and tell you if I think you're a virgin LMAO
#Vanili - Hmm i don't know... you seem like a really good girl, not sure bout you're age but Imma say yes, you're a virgin ^
#Davidftw123 - Deffo yes, just a vibe I get.
#semajdude - I'm not sure why but I think you're not a virgin anymore.
#Johnster - I think not.
#CutieAmy - Yeah! Good girl :P
#TheJoe - You might have lost it , but somehow I think you're still a virgin.
#bowling4fun - Yes just a vibe.
#TheSexiestDude990 - LMAO do I even have to go there? Deffo not !
#WannaBeeFriends - You're a naughty one but considering you're age I think you're still a V.
#BoyToy4Cato - Just the feeling, no.
#jimmy1661 - I think so.
#TDBigBrotherLover112 - Yes!
#BrendonByrne - I have a feeling, you're still a virgin.
#LewisC - No ;)
#dayum - You're young, you have got to be a virgin!
#Carrot - I don't know it could go either way. I think you're not a virgin anymore ;-)
#survivor8 - I'd say yes!
#MagicDuck - Idk again just a feeling, I think you're a virgin.
#acyuta - Again it could go either way, but I'd say you're a virgin ;)
#Thumper91 - I have a STRONG feeling you're not a virgin anymore.
#PotatoSalad - Definitely yes!
#BBlover96 - I'm pretty sure excluding cam shows or whateves, you're still a virgin.
#Judd_lover101 - I'd say yes!
#suzycroatia - I have a feeling you're not a virgin anymore!
#AllieBoBallie - I think so.
#DanielleDonato - Yes! I would have said no prob earlier, but you know ;)
#iGoddess - Definitely not!
#rellizuraddixion - Somehow I think you're not a virgin anymore :P
#Arcaninemaster - Well the feeling is you're not a virgin.
#DrIcicle - Either way, I'd guess yes.
#KyleDile - I don't know why but I think you're not a virgin anymore.
#ohheydudeski - I'm pretty sure you're not a virgin ;)
#koolcoop - I have a feeling you're not a virgin.
forevermissprice - you seem like a virgin :)
Orlando652 - I don't know I think you are one ;d
ManniBoi - I say yes.
JasonXtreme - I know you're a virgin.
PureEssence - Definitely yes!
JeffWinger - I'd say no.
carlab1 - No ;))
Booyahhayoob - Yes ;)
Skyler_TW - I don't know, the feeling is ... no?
JamieAndre - It could honestly go either way, I don't know I'll say no? ;)
dmann - I feel like you're not a virgin anymore.
Imthtawesom - Idk... I think not?
hwest14 - More likely, no ;)
Kelly2722 - I'd say yes !
stuartlittle16 - Yes!
LoopyCoco1 - You're definitely a virgin!
Brookie0126 - Let's not go there haha! Nope ;)
ghrocky100 - I guess you are!
chad123 - No!
oreo270 - Yes!
TotalDramaLover1234 - More likely yes!
Danny - I'd say nooo.
rudge12 - I think you..



60 Meyaar, Dec 23, 2014

and I will tell you if I have ever heard bad/negative thing about you on tg/skype or wherever.
#Vanili - I don't actually remember anything real bad. Just heard how people are jealous of you being so fuckin gorgeous haha.
#Brookie0126 - Ahan. So, I heard how you never show up on time.
#Acyuta - Initially I was told/heard that you are starting to games too seriously. Yup, that is it.
#Justunreal - Urm, kind of a no brainer, but I heard people saying you are bloggin a whole lot. like a LOT lot. haha
#damo1990 - Well initially people used to say you did everything for a win, and then I heard you over did in the stars you win. but, i love you and you know that so yeah.
#makingallfall2 - I heard how you don't care about your wife over tg games, but well I know you more than them so...
#yoshicoolman - Well the last thing I heard is how you spam a design thrice ahaha. I plus all your spam the first time so.. hopefully others do too.
#JasonXtreme - That you play a dozen of frookies, which is not being taken very nicely, idk why though.
#Typhlosion37 - The latest was how did we not know you were so young and still on tg.
#EliotWhi - Sorry but I was told someone needs to teach you how to win a game on tengaged, cause you never win? idk :S
#TheSexiestDude990 Apologies but, people say you are hungry for more stars win after winning the 3rd time. SO yup.
Minie - She is a bitch, Spams non stop, replies after ages .... these are the select few i heard. Aha!
deshonBANNEDISBACK - People say why you had to come back, but well they don't see the bright light, you are here for fun just like them. hey.
JustMe - She never ever ever ever ever is online haha. JK. Nothing about ya hun < 3
Oliviaxoxo - What I remember is, people saying how you are so attached to your frat and don't want to lose it, I think it's a good thing? so yeah.
Spookie - A complete bully. Racist. Never goes by the rules. A lot more. mail for complete answer.
Thumper91 - How you ride on your popularity, people also say if they had played the same amount of games as you, they would be really really popular like you >.<
Jenna2010 - Filtered, reason spam. Yeah that is about it. haha
Jettsmith7 - i really don't know you sorry buddy. perhaps i am not online much to hear about a great person like you. hit me sometime.
austino15fffan - Wellllll, i heard how you take survivor too seriously and tell people how you deserve to stay over others.
Music - I haven't really heard anything about you tbvh. I guess it's a good thing, Also hey :)
MagicDuck - About how you mention bailey and tom all day long haha
christossss - I don't remember correctly but someone said you think you are doing things for people but in actuality you keep yourself over anyone...



16 Tetsuya, Dec 10, 2014

1) Pancakes or Bacon?
2) Tengaged_Moderation or randomize?
3) baza76 or MoooHades?
4) dayum or WannaBeeFriends?
5) Beer or Wine?
6) Young or Old?
7) Diva1 or Thumper91? * NEW *
8) Is Vanili nice? YES OR NO * NEW *
9) #Vanili or christossss?
Any more suggestions?
#casting #rookies


Random Stars #51

3 Grapefruit, Aug 16, 2013

Vanili (raffle winner)
Guigi (star seat winner - Reborn Shelter)
Day 1: Noms - #Vanili and #Guigi
Evicted - #Vanili (50.2%)
Day 2: Noms - #Lemjam6 and #Sweet_susan
Evicted - #Lemjam6 (58.0%)
Day 3: Noms - #superman11 and #Jenika
Evicted - #superman11 (56.0%)
Day 4: Noms - #TheGoodMan and #Sweet_susan
Evicted - #TheGoodMan (63.5%)
Day 5: Noms - #Carlisle and #Jenika
Evicted - #Jenika (54.0%)
Day 6: Noms - #jtotalturtle and #Sweet_susan
Evicted - #jtotalturtle (51.0%)
Day 7: Noms - #tyleror and #finklestein123
Evicted - #tyleror (58.5%)
Day 8: Noms - #Lizel and #Guigi
Evicted - #Guigi (52.6%)
Day 9: Noms - #Markb101 and #sprtsgy1989
Evicted - #sprtsgy1989 (50.2%)
Day 10: Noms - #Lizel and #ivan1234
Evicted - #ivan1234 (56.3%)
Day 11: Noms - #Carlisle and #Sweet_susan
Evicted - #Carlisle (55.5%)
Day 12: Noms - #Sweet_susan and #Markb101
Evicted - #Sweet_susan (56.0%)
Day 13: Noms - #MastaManipulator_11 and #finklestein123
Evicted - #finklestein123 (62.0%)
3rd - Lizel
2nd - MastaManipulator_11
1st - Markb101

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