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33 CrimsonEnnui, Jun 1, 2016

And i will say my favorite memory i ever had with you :)
kelly2722  Playing hangman tengaged edition on call with you , #beccajo16 , #matt64, #tr1364, #daulton7996
mexus us randomly messaging each other LMAO xP
scooby0000 when you rigged a simulator for lindsay to win , jk it was when i first joined your total drama blog game
xx_legend_xx us slaying the masses in survivor xo and when you let me get 3rd or 2nd when you join casting with multis LMAO
jenzie when i gave you scores and threw challenges and let your tribe win. i even kpelled LMAO
i was such a problematic favorite please let me merge with you in survivor on day xoxoxoxoxo love you
frozenshadow09 when you had a charity and you tried to get me out for 13th ( beccajo16 was in the game ) then i overcame and slayed the masses and made final 4 LOL
christossss when we played stars together, you were my bro lmaooo and you will always be my bro and my bae xo ... but lets not play stars again because it might ruin our friendship * looks at mitchkid64 *
cornelia well we recently just met xo LOL my fave memory is when we trashed talked someone when they vlogged about us 2 , that person is jealous because we are beautiful. Love you xo
mickyboomy9 when i helped you out in your first hunger :) sorry for suiciding :/ it was very selfish of me but i couldnt deal with it anymore I WAS A EMOTIONAL WRECK ( rawr25 would agree with me about that )
con66 well we barely talked but we messaged each other on snap , so i guess thats it haha :P
xxThornwyz when we always came for each other on a iconic blog game 
ninjohn - when we did that iconic random.org game with ridonculous race characters xo
notnicky333 playing my first hunger games with you :) i had so much fun , we slayed the masses before we got majorly robbed
beccajo16 when we did prank calls and fucking with people on Omgele, playing town of salem but my favorite memory was meeting you, with out that none of that fun stuff wouldnt have happened xo love you lots
mrcool well my favorite memory is when we used to have fake blog debates about which tdrr team is better
maturo we used to talk lol but we just stopped so my fave memory with you was the stars assessment haha :)
kittykatz553 when we used to send random emojis to each other on skype and our conversations lol :D
koolness234 well we havent actually talked in forever.. Well i hope you know that i love you still < 3 My fave memory is when we slayed frooks in our premade of #ohhayy , #benjamins #raverkid #xrain_shooter and many more
love you lots
petro us messaging each other on snap, Skype and mails all..

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