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2nd Brantsteele Hunger Games!

34 tyboy618, Nov 17, 2015

1. Parvati Shallow - Padfoot
2. Keesha Smith - TayBear17
3. Katie Hanson - Decisions
4. Cody Calafiore - brosky17
5. Lindsay (TDI) - Maxi1234
6. GinaMarie Zimmerman - SmoothStalker12
7. Heather Decksheimer - cfff
8. Britney Haynes - Simpizzle
9. Derrick Levasseur - Mikey_Elite
10. Mrs. Kasha Davis - AintItFun
11. Jeff Varner - Bolet36
12. Aubrey O'Day - Iceyblue52
13. Stephenie LaGrossa - Jimmytv
14. Spencer Bledsoe - c00ldude1000
15. Andrew Frazer - Daniel123456
16. Camilla Poindexter - rory17
17. Bobby Hlad - cotbey
18. Leshawna (TDI) - Zuelke
19. Kelley Wentworth - Shabootyquiqui3
20. Cara Maria Sorbello - Eoin
21. Natalie Nunn - OhNatalie
22. Christy (Amazon) - mradamman12
23. Aaryn Gries - NotNicky333
24. Ciera Eastin - EliOrtiz1234
1st Bransteele THG: http://www.tengaged.com/blog/tyboy618/6925734/brantsteele-hunger-games-1-results
Winner: Christina LeBlanc - #cotbey


Tengaged Murder Story // EP3

11 SkooterEYZ, Apr 7, 2015

Everyone sat on the couch and steadied their eyes on the spinning bottle. The bottle finally came to a stop and pointed towards #cotbey .
"Truth or dare?" asked #jkjkjk15
"Fucking truth! I've got nothing to hide!!" said #cotbey
"I'm sure you have SOMETHING to hide." replied #jkjkjk15 . "How many times do you suck someone off every week?"
"Oh! Well that one is easy. 2 times before watching the good morning news, 3 times while I'm watching sex and the city, and 3 times while I'm watching charlie fuck people in big brother. Those are all daily events... so... 56 times a week?" answered #cotbey . Everyone had a disgusted look on their faces.
"Ew fucking gross, I was eating." #Guigi Interruped.
"Oh come on, #Guigi ! I'm sure you like sucking dick once in a while." laughed #cotbey
"Once in a while isn't 8 times a day." replied #Guigi "Plus, I only suck #LittleBrother123 's dick - I mean-"
"WHAT LOL" Yelled #Absol
"You and #LittleBrother123 are dating?" Screamed #Ethan000
"They deserve the truth, GuiGui" whispered #LittleBrother123
"GuiGui? Gross much?" laughed #GentlemanG
"someone get me the barf bag" said #SomebodyAwesome with a sassy tone. The conversation was interrupted by a voice in the kitchen.
"Everyone, Quick come!" yelled #Petro . "I found this note on the table." #PureEssence snatches the note and starts to read it out loud.
"Dear Houseguests. It's about time I revealed my true intentions. I was just a happy typical Tengager. Day by day, I saw Tengaged break down even more. Drama and disgusting people only started to grow. I was fucking done with this disgusting site and the people in it. I tracked down all Tengagers and killed them. All except the 18 of you. You were the top 18 genuine Tengagers. I planned this "meetup" to trap you all in this house. There's only room for 1 Tengager other than me. Day by day, the most unworthy houseguest will be slayed. Watch what you say around anyone... I could be your best friend. Now all you can do is hope I don't already dislike you." #PureEssence read out.
Everyone stood in shock. "Bitch" yelled #Absol
"What?" asked #Gagaluv
"Bitch Bitch Bitch Motherfucker Bitch Bitch Bitch." screamed #Absol "You can't get me bitch! I'm fabulous. Bitch Motherfucker bitch bitch bitch!"
"Did you listen to the message?" Asked #C00ldude1000
"Who the fuck cares. It can't touch me." laughed #Absol . Suddenly, The lights turned off. "oopsies". Everyone started screaming.
"FUCK OMG" A voice yelled. The lights turn on. "I'M BLEEDING" Yells #Temponeptune .
"Baby no! I promise I'll give you blowjobs, alive or dead. I'M GOING TO MISS YOU" cries #cotbey
"He's not dying! It's just a..


Name game day 8

4 Lol4ever, Feb 22, 2015

Day6 #Cotbey got out
zach3051 SAFE
bigdizzleyomama OUT
SurvivoroftheTocans SAFE
QueenFrossy SAFE
13th: Mariahann
12th: Joaquint561
11th: Padfoot
10th: harrywasnak
9th: CharlotteArnold
8th: AlaskanFiredragoN
7th: woollybear98
6th: hwest14
5th: Cotbey
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PYN - Honest & Blunt Opinion.

101 DanielKennedy111, Oct 11, 2014

Don't post if you don't want to be insulted.
If I don't know you, I'm going to skip you.
Lemjam6 - Jake, I think you definitely are bipolar like your friends say. However, you only show 1 side with me and that is just a generally normal person... But I have seen the huge insult blogs and everything and it's just like "Aw.". Overall, I do enjoy talking to you but I hope you start taking Tengaged a little less seriously.
Aydanmac01 - Aydan, you are really nice. I really do enjoy talking to you. In Gemma's game you really did nothing which helped me because you were one less threat to my game. Overall, I was sad to see you go because you trusted me, and had my back. :|
Maxi1234 - Max, you definitely have grown a lot lately. I have too, but I am just happy that I got to actually get to know you as a person and not as a persona. You are a sweet kid and you deserve happiness. :)
Typhlosion37 - We don't talk, I know you are connected to Donutdude somehow... I really don't remember. You are cool.
chrisw756 - Chris, you are really nice and friendly. I always have enjoyed your goofy ways, you make me smile. I am really happy and blessed to call you my friend. I wished I lived closer to your time zone so that I could talk to you more.
Thumper91 - Honestly, your "niceness" pisses me the fuck off sometimes. You can't be that nice all the time. I have seen your blogs recently and it made me feel like I was seeing the real you... :)
carleebear - I don't know enough about you to insult you, sorry.
Dhucking_Quacks - I don't know you
kasey2011 - Dusty's friend who I haven't talked to... You seem nice.
skyler1822 - Seemly's friend. I haven't talked to you in a really long time but you were really nice to me.
nikki101 - You are a fucking slut both on this website and off of it. You are funny as hell and I love you because you will never hit on me because you know I see right through you. xoxo have  a good life ;)
dash - You are really cool and I always have enjoyed talking to you but you are at times monotonous so it bores me
mocallio - you are the guy who called out dusty for being racist and it was funny
bamold1999 - I don't understand you at all. I like you but you take games too seriously idk. Your voice makes me laugh and I am pretty sure you don't have any other hobbies other than Tengaged. I enjoy talking to you when I can but I think it's funnier to watch you have meltdown over games
mattkwon1 - havent talked to you in a while but hey man
marwane - you dont like me and find me annoying yet I have only talked to you once like, 4 months ago? kinda questioning your judgement skills
littlemix - ty for the follow on instagram but I..



34 Funnehliner, Jun 10, 2014

And I will tell you a 100% honest opinion in less than or in 10 words
#cotbey you evicted me in stars, that's sad, youre cool tho
#DantezFire youre sweet and good looking, we need to talk more
seemlyrough sorry for hating you once brendan, love you
zachboy967, youre nice, dont understand why people make fun of you
BengalBoy Tengaged Comedy-Legend in my eyes, great person
sjsoccer88 See Sue's Survivor Speech to Kelly, desert & water part
Jacob_96 We dont talk much but youre nice
KittyTheEmolga cute, love you, miss to talk to you
jakehou97 dont really speak to you but you seem cool
Qwertyioup You seem to hate me for no reason, noobie-friend
RoughNightBro Dont know what happened between us, probs Lucinda & #ShopBullies
Steel You're a rock and a good person, I respect you
DumbGinger Your two-line-jokes are hilarious, you seem cool
Delete2544 You know way too many avatars on this site
rdude_1 Don't really know you soray, thx for plussing spam
Thetrumpetman423 - You seem nice, ur in the charity I'm in
ghrocky100 See rdude
AlexRyder Quack, we have the same name, dont really know you
DarkTyphoon23 You're leaving for a while, that is sad
Danny12 ew
Maxi1234 kinda slut, kinda fake, speaks too much french on calls
Thumper91 Still love each other when we screwed ourselves in Stars
Instagram You're up in Stars, that is sad. love you matt
Balloons, cute & fiesty, want to get to know you more
DaveLooney You were annoying as fuck, now less annoying
PotatoSalad You're pretty funny, keep it up
Lucinda Worthless, too obsessed with shops, needs a life outside shops
amf7410 Really nice, we dont really talk anymore
Simplyobsessed Shiny eyes, probs cuz everyone can see through ur brain
ajg31397 - Too many numbers, cute face, adorable
Jenzie - Prettier than the sun, funny, fiesty, cute
Dhucking_Quacks really cute and adorable person


The best thing about the tribe ban

1 Funnehliner, Mar 16, 2014

is seeing #cotbey being banned
ahahahahhaha Karma


Does anyone know

0 Grace5, Nov 21, 2013

how long #cotbey is banned for?

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