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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is austin (they/them)

26 year old recent college graduate from missouri who's been on this site since i was 11 and this account since i was 13. most of the friends i made growing up have moved on from the site but i'm always welcome to making new friends and love reconnecting and reminiscing with old friends. my activity level on the site fluctuates but i am pretty active in a few different org communities, so you may see me around there!

discord: axstxn

five-time stars finalist
stars 298 - 2nd
stars 626 - 2nd
stars 641 - 3rd
stars 664 - 2nd
stars 777 - 1st

winner of suitman's survivor: kalahari and will's survivor: amu dayra

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My Games 851 games played

8 May, 24
2 May, 24
7 Jan, 24
3 Jan, 24
2 Jan, 24
28 Dec, 23
27 Dec, 23

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  1. ain't gotta ever talk about it
  2. compare me to reality tv people
  3. going out of business sale
  4. since we're apologizing
  5. find a deeper well
  6. find a deeper well
  7. gift me any and all
  8. find a deeper well
  9. i found a deeper well
  10. This host rigs all of his games for returness
  11. This host rigs all of his games for returness
  12. is lgbt
  13. im gay
  14. oreo spelled backwards is still oreo
  15. i was ijboling
  16. rip jk rowling15th
  17. i’m lgbt
  18. i found a deeper well.
  19. i found a deeper well.
  20. nancy botwin

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