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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is (he/him) I'm 6'5", hot, and have like 5 tgers thirsting over me (although im not gay but its still flattering) What do you have? excessive leftover amounts of proactiv?

I won Stars some day somehow


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Day 11
3 Dec, 21
Day 8
29 Nov, 21
26 Nov, 21
19 Nov, 21
14 Aug, 21
5 Aug, 21
31 Jul, 21

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  1. Nena fully promoted blackface and wasnt bannedvote
  2. The reason TGers are so sour nowvote
  3. Most of y'all fighting are mad annoyingvote
  4. This was a fucking waste of a goddamn frookiesvote
  5. how much is a shopvote
  6. The Stars Cast @ ParvatiSvote
  7. I mean,
  8. J*e P*ti looks like a wet thumb
  9. I was very naughty this year indeed
  10. "CYA" in general is concerning
  11. stupid cunt
  12. I wonder if this is what ppl think I'm like
  13. Which chewaka will go up for 9th?
  14. Do your medium shit or whatever
  15. Girly,
  16. Wait this makes so much sense now
  17. Now what the hell is your problem
  18. Anyway,
  19. Now what is this made up bullshit
  20. Of course

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  1. ARTPOP2 said: ..@funnehliner pls i meant bc the blog i wrote above this one is called shut up long head and i wanted u to know it's not directe..
  2. brightongal said: ..@funnehliner yes like the omen or the possessed kids in films ..
  3. rellizuraddixion said: ..PYN- To be on santas list!..
  4. nenalalala said: ..Funnehliner (EXPOSED)..

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  1. Funnehliner's bet on zorbo678 won 64.0T$ in game #216039 0 min
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  5. Funnehliner bet on LittleMix 32T$ in game #216129 1 day
  6. Funnehliner bet on ShazamTheThird 32T$ in game #216116 1 day
  7. Funnehliner's bet on tyleror won 64.0T$ in game #216032 1 day
  8. Funnehliner bet on dannyjr0587 32T$ in game #216110 2 days
  9. Funnehliner's bet on GeorgeFlair won 64.0T$ in game #216015 2 days
  10. Funnehliner bet on cswaggerr 32T$ in game #216099 2 days
  11. Funnehliner bet on Vort 32T$ in game #216081 2 days
  12. Funnehliner's bet on brightongal won 64.0T$ in game #216009 3 days
  13. Funnehliner's bet on Thnksfrthmmrs won 64.0T$ in game #216003 3 days
  14. Funnehliner added a comment on post "PYN for an alternative username" 3 days
  15. Funnehliner bet on MsKathryne 32T$ in game #216075 3 days