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BB Queens Of Pop 2

BB Queens is  a BBUS-meets-BBUK type Skype/Blogs game with some fun twists, that allows players to embody their faves, and compete for them.

Every couple of days an HOH competition will be hosted. The winner will then select 2 nominees. The HOH, the 2 nominees, and 3 other players will then compete for the POV, in order to attempt to change, or keep the nominations previously made by the HOH. Once the POV is used, or not - it's up to the public to decide who gets to stay or go.

Attending competitions will not be mandatory, however it would count as you've won 0 points. However, POV competitions will be hosted at times that work for both the HOH and the initial nominees.

Also, the controversial spamming rule. Messaging friends on Skype is OK, while spamming anyone and everyone on Tengaged via mail is not allowed. Personally, I find spamming for Skype/Blogs games to be quite tacky, but it seems unavoidable. Also, you are allowed one blog per poll to advertise. Starting, supporting, and promoting your own gift giveaway, or someone else's in order to get votes will not be permitted. Blatantly asking friends to spam for you on Tengaged won't be allowed.




BB1 Queens Of Pop.
WINNER: Lady Gaga [Jenii_Valenta] #QueenOfPop

BB2 Queens Of BB.
WINNER: Keesha Smith [Cornelia] #QueenOfBB

BB3 Screen Queens.
WINNER: Rachel McAdams [JGoodies] #ScreenQueen

BB4 Queens Of Survivor.
WINNER: Parvati Shallow [BrandonPinzu] #QueenOfSurvivor

BB5 Queens Of Young Hollywood.
WINNER: Kylie Jenner [Stering_Butter] #QueenOfYoungHollywood

BB6 Queens Of BB 2.
WINNER: JoJo Spatafora [Skyler_TW] #QueenOfBB

BB7 Queens Of The Modeling Industry.
WINNER: Chanel Iman [ARTPOP] #QueenOfTheModelingIndustry

BB8 Queens Of Survivor 2.
WINNER: Morgan McLeod [JGoodies] #QueenOfSurvivor

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BB Queens Of Pop 2

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