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you know you're irrelevant when

1 Guigi, Jul 27, 2017

#guigi - literally never have heard of you and or spoken to you, but I like your username haha we should talk some time


That's Disturbing

4 Guigi, May 5, 2016

Q: how would you describe Tim Hortons' Ice Caps?
asked by #Guigi
Better than sex.
your sex life must be pretty weak cuz ice caps arent that great...
btw this isnt a blog attacking your sex life its just that i dont like ice caps that much



1 Guigi, Feb 8, 2016

#Guigi - bitch


PYN [1100 Karma]

32 MariahAnn, Jul 2, 2015

I'm going to be super honest about each one of you.
Guillomouve - Sometimes I have a glimpse of you being super nice, and sometimes you backstab me, but it works both ways. Whenever we are in games, it's like... as soon as it hits Final 5, we start backstabbing each other.
PSULucky - We haven't talked in a while, I used to think that you were afraid of me... I know weird, you might still be, hahaha.
sosyomomma - We work together, but usually you have a Final 2 with someone else and it sucks because i'm like... I work to keep you off the block, then you go off and make F2 with someone else... like WTF.
JourdanBabyXoXo - If we had to pick the bad guy in the relationship, it's me. I am always letting you down in events. I'm the one that ends up using you so much... I need to be a better friend to you.
pilatesgrl - I don't know you, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were a multi. TBH.
jkjkjk15 Alright, so when we first met it was during RAGE. You played one of my games and we became friends. You were Janet, then Jacob I got confused. Whenever you hosted RAGE, I was like YASSSSSSSSSS. Maybe I can finally play some games, and then you stopped and I was like... NOOOO BOOOO! I WANNA PLAY... Maybe I should start RAGE up again... idk.
thetrumpetman423 We kinda have been around a lot of the same things and times, I remember playing fastings with you... but we never truly became that good of friends.
TheJoe I always try to use you in games, mostly frookies. I can't even remember anything about you except I use you.
spinfur Yea.... I think your name is Andrew, but we haven't talked in a while. I am nice to you whenever I see you. You are always super sweet. I was hoping you would turn into a diva, but that hasn't happened.
Harry1210 Not trying to be mean rn, but WHO ARE YOU?
GoodKaren When you arrived a laughed, I was like MULTI OBVIOUSLY, if you are one... I applaud you for lasting this long.
ArcanineMaster I don't remember where we met, I don't remember really much. All I remember is that we both used each other all the time in games. I would use you, then the very next game, you would use me, getting the other one eliminated. But I didn't mind. It's nice having those people. You also played in RAGE, it was a great time and maybe i'll start it back up, but i'll need help lol
TheLogic We don't know each other that well, but it's nice when we see each other.
ParvatiS Whenever I started my survivor I was like... you, NightOwl, Ramanik, and NovaScotiaChic were like, the PERFECT FOUR. I love you guys so much! I fell in love, then you switched over to RAGE. I hope I can get people to help start that up again! I have loved you and Carriexoxo24xo and your..



5 SkooterEYZ, Jun 11, 2015




3 Guigi, Jun 8, 2015

Day7 POV FighterMan has saved #Guigi from the block


Watch Out Sihz

3 Guigi, May 18, 2015

Sihz Because we are both getting played by that Ship guy/girl
Q: why do you like me?
asked by #Guigi
Because you keep it real! Ship > Guigi > Everyone


Rate My Username

56 McBenjamin, May 18, 2015

out of 10 & I'll rate yours~
#Guigi - Solid 9 - It's unique & it reminds me of Luigi from the Mario Bros.
#GoodAllan - Solid 8 - I do like the name Allan first of all. Secondly, it's simple and easy to remember
#GetSomeColdCuts - 5.5 - It's a little humorous, however it just looks like a multi name tbh. It's also a little gross.
Bryce12 - Solid 8 - I really like the name Bryce and honestly the 12 at the end isn't a bad thing. If it were me, I'd probably put the year I was born at the end to add some originality but that's just me.
Broniak - 7.5 - I don't really understand this username, however it has a uniqueness to it. I just think when you say it out loud, it doesn't sound the most pleasant
Sparkinator - 7 - in a way, it's unique and easy to remember but it also seems too cliche for my taste. At least you didn't put a bunch of numbers after it.
Zuelke - 8 - This name definitely stands out. I've never heard it before and it's original.
Copenhagen - 9 - Chris you always pick out interesting and diverse usernames, and this one is definitely interesting. I think it's a city in a foreign country or something. I do however like #Gaiaphage a little bit better and I give that one a 10.
RasCity - 10! - This username is so cool and so different. Even when you say it out loud it sounds cool. I feel like this could be a cool trend or hashtag that people would start. Definitely your best username to date!
Scyfin - 9.5 - This username is really cool. When I say it out loud, it sounds beautiful. Great job!
ManniBoi - 8 - The i's at the end of each name makes it stand out. Although it's easy to remember, it might not be so easy to remember the spelling xD but that's okay
seapoose - Solid 3 - First of all, you don't have t capitalize. Secondly, the sound of your username makes me think of fish poop. Get it? "sea" "poo" ? Idk if this is your first account, but if it isn't then you should probably go back to your old one if available.
Davidftw123 - 5.5 - It just seems too generic and noobish. sorry :/
Tanarexix - 7.5 - Unique, but is it bad that it reminds me of some sort of tampon brand?
Answerable - 8.5 - It's original, and clean. I like #Questionable better but eh, I like them both a lot :)
DrIcicle - 8.5 - It's definitely unique. A little random, but other than that it's good :) I'd like to know the story behind this name
Kaseyhope101 - 7.5 - I think it's okay, you should've capitalized the h in hope because it kinda looks noobish. Other than that, it's simple and clean.
Dash - 8 - Plain, but different. I like it.
Padfoot - 8 - It reminds me of an Indian tribe for some reason
#JayElveeIsBack - 5 - I don't like the "Is Back" And..



1 Guigi, May 17, 2015

Day9 HOH FighterMan has nominated ParvatiS and Guigi
Day9 Participants evicted #Guigi       
He should be ban for such a horrible crime :'(


PYN If You Think

9 Guigi, May 17, 2015

You're My Friend and ill tell you yes or no
CheapCheep yes my new chinese friend :3
Day9 HOH FighterMan has nominated ParvatiS and Guigi
Day9 Participants evicted #Guigi       
Thats a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jk i could never hate you
TheSexiestDude990 well i like you and save you in polls but i dont think we are friends :3
IceBeast one of Ahmed's friend so yea :)
Jkjkjk15 eww god no you smell. JK YES LUH YA
Thumper91 you are just too sweet to not like but we arent really friends :///


Survivor Story W/ Drawings Ep4

1 JourdanBabyXoXo, Apr 20, 2015

1 Jourdanbabyxoxo
2 #Guigi
4 Pizzawithcookirs
5 Meduncan
6 Rascity
1 Ninjohn
2 Totaldramalover1234
3 Goodkaren
4 Littlemix
12- LexiVazquez - #Tagi
11- Andrewisbored - #Pangong
10- Ethan000 - #Merge
Davidftw123 enters them into the challenge.
The contestants must all stand on a wooden teeter totter. They stand in the middle of them. On each side is a doll of an eliminated player. The dolls are of Lexi and Andrew. The only thing keeping the dolls up on the totter and above the flames below is the flat surface. You rock it, and they burn.
Everyone gets up and does it with ease until about 10 minutes in when Goodkaren starts to struggle. Her doll of ethan falls into fire meaning she has one life left!
Jourdanbabyxoxo - 2
Guigi - 2
Pizzawithcookirs - 2
Meduncan - 2
Rascity - 2
Ninjohn - 2
Totaldramalover1234 - 2
Goodkaren - 1
Littlemix - 2
Ninjohn and Meduncan both start to strggle about 10 minutes in. Meducan drops Lexi into the fire and loses a life but John regains balance for awhile.
Totaldramalover has a sudden balance loss and drops ethan and shortly after drops Lexi!
Jourdanbabyxoxo - 2
Guigi - 2
Pizzawithcookirs - 2
Meduncan - 1
Rascity - 2
Ninjohn - 2
Goodkaren - 1
Littlemix - 2
A big wave of wind comes over and knocks Rascitys Ethan into the fire!
Also goodkarens lexi falls!
Jourdanbabyxoxo - 2
Guigi - 2
Pizzawithcookirs - 2
Meduncan - 1
Rascity - 1
Ninjohn - 2
Littlemix - 2
Jourdanbabyxoxo starts to lose balance and while trying to keep balance, she kicks over ethan into the fire.
Guigi laughs at that but loses her footing and kicks off Lexi and Ethan!
Jourdanbabyxoxo - 1
Pizzawithcookirs - 2
Meduncan - 1
Rascity - 1
Ninjohn - 2
Littlemix - 2
Ninjohn loses his balance again and steps backwards knocking over Lexi!
Pizza also loses balance and knocks both of his off!
Jourdanbabyxoxo - 1
Meduncan - 1
Rascity - 1
Ninjohn - 1
Littlemix - 2
Another thing of wind comes and Rascity completely falls off of his totter making him elimineted from the challenge!
Meduncan knocks over his last remaining doll and is also out!
Jourdanbabyxoxo - 1
Ninjohn - 1
Littlemix - 2
Littlemix starts to wobble and Lexi falls into the fire.
Jourdan loses her balance and completely falls!
Ninjohn - 1
Littlemix - 1
Ninjohn and Littlemix stand up there but John loses his balance and kicks his last doll!
Back at camp Goodkaren starts to annoy people by just sitting around doing nothing!


Oh Well

0 Kelly2722, Apr 20, 2015

#Guigi didn't like me anyway


Is she permed?

0 Matt64, Apr 20, 2015

#guigi did she actually post porn?


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