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PYN for a Netflix Original Show

42 Arris, Aug 9, 2018

to watch !!!
#CalebDaBoss - The OA
#m7md26 - American Vandal
#ManniBoi - Fuller House
BengalBoy - Friends from College
purplebb4 - Narcos
koolness234 - Everything Sucks!
paul028 - The Punisher
aria_grande - She's Gotta Have It
dan12233445566 - Altered Carbon
CORNACIA - Mindhunter
Amanyaman - Jessica Jones
fearlessfoxy - Seven Seconds
Crayadian - lol ok it was meant to be, Hemlock Grove
iiVoloxity - Santa Clarita Diet
Amnesia_ - Atypical
IceIceBaby - Lost in Space
Jayglezst - BoJack Horseman
JasonXtreme - Black Mirror
Jameslu - Master of None
Admir - F Is for Family
MizCrackHead - Orange Is the New Black
LivvieBoo12 - The Get Down
TaraG - Bloodline
75937563748 - Easy
yarn - Alexa & Katie
rellizuraddixion - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
FighterMan - On My Block
sihz - Insatiable because its about fatties like u
Paige54 - Grace and Frankie
Philip13 - Luke Cage
adeleadele - Iron Fist
ghrocky100 - House of Cards



30 sihz, Aug 8, 2018

I'll tell you my fav person from your front page of friends.
#calebdaboss - #brandt69
#allieboballie - #patrick319
paige54 - allison
justme - i like many of them but bengalboy
forest_knight - #arris
milkisgood - thumper91
rory17 - koolness234
underwzc - #roshy
icebeast - patrick319 again sorry that i love him so much
firewolf - j2999
noxity - LMAO didnt think id ever say it but halloween
roshy - darbe
jennavalentina - eliserose
arris - styxxe
Burgerman2929292 - #j2999 loves james
Birks4444 - goodkaren
Amnesia_ - spikedcurley
admir - obvs me... jk #darbe cuz the bitch needs love


BBCAN6 Spoons Round 4

13 Birks4444, Mar 10, 2018

This is how it works: Each round, there will be a specific number of BBCAN6 house guests (number will decrease by 1 each time). You must save your favorite houseguest by typing and pasting they're name in the comments section below. The last houseguest to be saved will be eliminated.
16th Place: Johnny
15th Place: William
14th Place: Kaela
Round 4:
1st Saved: Ryan by #CalebDaBoss
2nd Saved: Rozina by #adeleadele
3rd Saved: Maddy by #Maddog16
4th Saved: Jesse by #Mickiejames22
5th Saved: Andrew by #Silver09
6th Saved: Derek by #Dmpwb45
7th Saved: Veronica by #mrcool
8th Saved: Olivia by #Neda_Kalantar
9th Saved: Alejandra by #me2013
10th Saved: Hamza by #Latisha0987
11th Saved: Paras by #NicoleF
12th Saved Erica by #HaydenNicole
CalebDaBoss me2013 MJFJUNE s73100 wwemrpeeps TaraG Silver09 adeleadele Maddog16 NicoleF Emotion J2999 melindaMrskk BritishRomeo17 allyxox loopspeare Burgerman2929292 Mickiejames22 mrcool thepug FelipeS Neda_Kalantar Latisha0987 iiGalaxyii KateN7766 Dmpwb45 HaydenNicole Jameslu
PYN to be tagged also.


PYN End of the year 2017

47 _Adidas_, Dec 30, 2017

Post ya name and I'll share my favorite memory of the year w u, I don't ever do these so pyn ;)
Also bit drink so I'll be sharing a lot hehe
#Calebdaboss - seeing your photo being shared throughout Tengaged
#mickiejames22 - stanning the one the only Selena Quintanilla, along with 3 other irrelevant people
#thirteen - "tito buritto mosquitto" and winning stars
#thumper91 - of all the 3 games we played we didn't work together despite being like the best of friends in 2014-2015 D;
alanb1 - your weird obsession with me; joining survivor and orchestrating hisoka's demise by getting rid of the .es while I still slay stars with 1 of them only for you to be voted out and having a Romeo and Juliet moment ; slaying yet another survivor expect u get voted out an doin with all your cult members only to get screwed by your Aussie crush and getting the satisfaction of achieving revenge on all the haters wow we rlly do slay can't wait to slay all the fags on SF but I'm nervous to meet u bc ur obsessed; your black friend
JSBReality - probably aligning in frookies and owning my design
mikec51 - "im outsmarting Ms. Smartypants" all jokes aside i wnated to work with you but you rlly ruined it by cheating in zoo to get rid of Hunter and then plan on voting me out
jackyboy - getting 3rd in bb, getting 11th in survivor, joining the multi castings and wanting to be friends with you only to be fake
justme - our castings with mama c #JustSueMe
Lazeric - the rookies we played and seeing u in frooks w ur premade
paige5459 - I actually don't think we have envkuhntered but I hear you are a sweetheart
anthousai - I really don't know how we even met it must have been a frooks bc that's all e used to do; we have become a gr8 clique with Geneva divas and giving rozlyn 13th and joining castings even tho u eloped just like our recent frooks D; I wish 2018 we talk way more tho since I am closer w Nichole vlad Sparta Finn than u
nichole98 I know u have an obsession with me l, I can't help being so irristitable with my caramel skin, too bad u hacent added me on sc so I can show u all my parts , nonetheless we have became a power couple from calling u out in the first frooks from slaying Deanna from killing u in hunger from seducing u to gift me from being Mexican wow we are every duo combine dinto 1 but 100x better I can't compare us to anyone we are unstoppable,  2018 I expect u to come out as a man
scooby0000 - your pictures posted everywhere, joining stars, being a string supporter of mine in stars
philip13 - maybe frooke?
levonini - hosting tvivor,  attempting to seduce me in endurance, your nose, Rico Suave, uglifying your avatar,
hints - the boring ass supertribe D; oh and we also did hunger but it was in early 2017
theacf12  -..



16 tryandbeatme16, Jul 25, 2017

#Calebdaboss - We always play games together but you never talk to me outside of them much anymore so I don't know, you're a cool person tho
2388 - You post a lot of blogs lol but 75% of them are funny so I don't mind it. Talk more ya?
thumper91 - I Love You so much one of my best friends on here but I always seem to make you think I don't care about you /: but trust me I do very much <3
pizzawithcookirs - James! One of my new found bros on here, super chill guy and funny very funny . Love that you give nothing but positive vibes!
deshonbannedisback - I hope you get banned lol but ahh Deshon our friendship is one of my favs because we're such jackasses to each other it's great :p
music - Mitch I <3 you from afar speak to me more mate
k4r4k - Kara I miss you very much these days! We haven't really spoke these past couple weeks :/ but you're always looking out for me and I love you for that #perfectmatch
vanili - Sara (: I could say a million great things but all I will say is that I'm glad you're in my life and helping make it just 10x better one kiss at a time lol . No but seriously thanks for being incredible ^_^
livvieboo12 - you're very interesting and never hide how your feeling I respect that (: love getting to know you these past weeks
beccajo16 - Becca you're the perfect definition of a great friend and I'm glad I can call you that. Glad our friendship is so open and I love you very much , Jonahs lucky to have you!


Random.org TGBB22 (5)

5 disneygeek, Jul 5, 2017

Game A:
Eviction Order:
16th- #CalebDaBoss
18th- #rawr121
20th- #survivingreality
22nd- #Christina13
By a vote of 3-0, #CalebDaBoss you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- rory17
Pre Noms- #RealJacksonWalsh & #ghrocky100
POV- ImGonnaWin
Used?- No
Final Noms- #RealJacksonWalsh & #ghrocky100
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees in this game may vote).
Game B:
Eviction Order:
15th- #eric_136
17th- #Analiese
19th- #BrainJak
21st- #MJFJUNE
By a vote of 2-1, #eric_136 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- Vanili
Pre Noms- #ashszoke & #virgie88
POV- virgie88
Used?- On Herself
Final Noms- #ashszoke & #SeaKing
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees of this game may vote).


Random.org TGBB21 (8)

2 disneygeek, Jun 27, 2017

Advanced apology: I'm currently in mourning so my activity might not be so great.
Eviction Order:
9th- #CalebDaBoss
10th- #Libanz00
11th- #BrainJak
12th- #ImGonnaWin
13th- #tkoj555
14th- #rory17
15th- #Batya
By a vote of 1-1-0, Random.org broke the tie and #ghrocky100 you are safe. Which means #CalebDaBoss and #BigBrotherDonny you are evicted from the TGBB house.
Battle Back Winner- BigBrotherDonny, you have returned to the TGBB house.
#BigBrotherDonny you are officially evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- benp428
Pre Noms- BigBrotherDonny, aria_grande & ghrocky100
POV- NicoleF
Used?- On ghrocky100
Final Noms- BigBrotherDonny, aria_grande & TheOmen
Vote to SAVE! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).


Random Rig Brother S1: Ep. 10

3 BBCANfan, Aug 18, 2016

By a vote of 1-0, epicwafflez23, you are the last houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house.
AntonB - 2 HoH | 1 Veto | 4 Nominations
#CalebDaBoss (8th) - 1 Nomination
#ThebestlerHoH - 2 HoH's | 1 Veto | 1 Nomination
#epicwafflez23 - 3 HoH | 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#JarBearFTW (9th) - 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#Joshbb17 (7th) - 1 Veto | 3 Nominations
#Obstreperous (6th) - 1 Nomination
#Crayadian (10th) - 1 Nomination
macken - 1 HoH | 2 Veto's | 3 Nominations
#_m4rw4n (11th) - 2 Nominations
#RightToCensor - 1 HoH | 1 Veto | 3 Nominations
#Shunta (12th) - 1 Nomination
Vote for someone to WIN this season of Random Big Brother. Let's recap our final 2 houseguests.
AntonB played quiet the first 3 weeks before winning the HoH during a double eviction week. She also won the veto, being the first person to not use. She was nominated week 5 and 6 respectively before winning her 2nd HoH, taking her to the Final 4. Ironically, she was put up the next 2 weeks after her HoH. She survived Week 8's eviction and failed to win the Final HoH, but still managed to stay in the game.
macken played a quiet game. She was first only nominated during Week 4's double eviction week. She survived and was still flying under the radar until her 1st Veto win, she didn't use it, however, and was nominated the next week. Winning the final veto, she secured herself to the final 3 and ultimately won the Final HoH, and epicwafflez23 was sent packing.
Vote for who you want to win. I do want 7 votes, so get voting.


Random Big Brother S1: Ep. 9

1 BBCANfan, Aug 18, 2016

By a vote of 2-1 (random.org broke 1-1 tie), RightToCensor, you've been evicted from the Big Brother house.
AntonB - 2 HoH | 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#CalebDaBoss (8th) - 1 Nomination
#ThebestlerHoH - 2 HoH's | 1 Veto | 1 Nomination
epicwafflez23 - 3 HoH | 1 Veto
#JarBearFTW (9th) - 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#Joshbb17 (7th) - 1 Veto | 3 Nominations
#Obstreperous (6th) - 1 Nomination
#Crayadian (10th) - 1 Nomination
macken - 2 Veto's | 2 Nomination
#_m4rw4n (11th) - 2 Nominations
#RightToCensor - 1 HoH | 1 Veto | 3 Nominations
#Shunta (12th) - 1 Nomination
Winner of Part 1: epicwafflez23
Winner of Part 2: macken
Final HoH: macken
Nominees: AntonB | epicwafflez23
Vote to evict one of the 2 nominees to be evicted for 3rd place!


Random Big Brother S1: Ep. 8

3 BBCANfan, Aug 17, 2016

By a vote of 1-0, ThebestlerHoH, you've been evicted from the Big Brother house.
AntonB - 2 HoH | 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#CalebDaBoss (8th) - 1 Nomination
#ThebestlerHoH - 2 HoH's | 1 Veto | 1 Nomination
epicwafflez23 - 2 HoH | 1 Veto
#JarBearFTW (9th) - 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#Joshbb17 (7th) - 1 Veto | 3 Nominations
#Obstreperous (6th) - 1 Nomination
#Crayadian (10th) - 1 Nomination
macken - 1 Veto | 2 Nomination
#_m4rw4n (11th) - 2 Nominations
RightToCensor - 1 HoH | 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#Shunta (12th) - 1 Nomination
HoH: epicwafflez23
Nominees: RightToCensor | macken
Final Veto: macken
Veto Used?: Yes, on herself.
Rep. Nom: AntonB (by default)
Final Nominees: RightToCensor | AntonB
Vote either RightToCensor or AntonB to go home.


Random Big Brother S1: Ep. 7

1 BBCANfan, Aug 17, 2016

By a vote of 1-1, we have a tie. Random.org broke the tie and Obstreperous, you've been evicted from the Big Brother house.
AntonB - 1 HoH | 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#CalebDaBoss (8th) - 1 Nomination
ThebestlerHoH - 2 HoH's | 1 Veto
epicwafflez23 - 2 HoH
#JarBearFTW (9th) - 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#Joshbb17 (7th) - 1 Veto | 3 Nominations
#Obstreperous (6th) - 1 Nomination
#Crayadian (10th) - 1 Nomination
macken - 1 Veto | 1 Nomination
#_m4rw4n (11th) - 2 Nominations
RightToCensor - 1 HoH | 1 Veto | 2 Nominations
#Shunta (12th) - 1 Nomination
(Evicted houseguests are hashtagged)
HoH: AntonB
Nominees: ThebestlerHoH | epicwafflez23
Veto: epicwafflez23
Veto Used?: Yes, on himself.
Rep. Nom: macken
Final Nominees: ThebestlerHoH | macken
Vote to evict. Voting ends when I say so :)


Random.org Survivor Episode 5

0 DillyDally, Aug 11, 2016

By a vote of 2-2-1-1 we have a tie, and in a tiebreaker cococolin122 you are the 3rd Person Voted Out of Survivor,
[]White Tribe[]
Each tribe member will stand on top of a wooden pillar in the water. At random points, Dylan will tempt the Survivors down by bribing food items. Last person left standing wins Immunity.
IMMUNITY: #CalebDaBoss


Random.org Big Brother Game Episode 7

2 iiAmazing, Aug 3, 2016

1. LivvieBoo12  1 HoH/1 PoV/ 0 Nom
2. YasGaga 2 HoH/0 PoV/ 2 Nom
4. lexibear 1 HoH/2 PoV/ 1 Nom
5. CalebDaBoss 1 HoH/1 PoV/ 0 Nom
9. revampedpants12 1 HoH/0 PoV/ 0 Nom
10 Exterminator10 1 HoH/1 PoV/ 3 Nom
11. SharnyciaDaQueeen 0 HoH/0 PoV/ 2 Nom
12. Matedog1209 0 HoH/1 PoV/ 3 Nom
13th. _m4rw4n  0 HoH/0 PoV/ 1 Nom
12th. TDDawnFan 0 HoH/0 PoV/1 Nom
11th. Philip13 0 HoH/0 PoV/ 1 Nom
10th. Gdog12  0 HoH/0 PoV/ 1 Nom
9th. Koji 0 HoH/0 PoV/ 3 Nom
8th. SharnyciaDaQueeen 0 HoH/0 PoV/ 2 Nom
HoH: #CalebDaBoss
Nominees: #Exterminator10 and #Matedog1209
PoV: #lexibear
Used: No
Final Nominees: #Exterminator10 and #Matedog1209
Evicted: @Extermimator10

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