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Pyn for opinion

48 Thumper91, Aug 2, 2018

#manniboi I miss you!!!! I loved how we use to be so close and when we would like have conversations that no one would understand you’re a sweetheart to your friends:)
#kelly2722 I don’t know you too well I think we’ve talked before but if we haven’t we totally should change that I love talking to new people:)
#mikec51 ugh your so adorable and sweet and just a great person all around I can’t help but to love you
mjfjune i think i consider us lowkey friends im pretty sure at one point we have pmd before but if we havent we should b/c you always seem nice in your blogs and who doesnt like a nice person :)
crissy15 i love you youre so sweet and just very geniune and a real girl :)
anthousai playing that frooks with you the other day you seem very sweet and you are very pretty from your vlogs wish we were closer :)
sameed27 we just met not too long ago but you are easily probably one of my fave people on here we should talk more :) you seem like a good friend
nochildsupport i miss you and the days where we would talk alot. you have always been a good friend youre a sweetheart and very selfless and more people should be like you :)
rellizuraddixion i remember our calls and youre extremely sweet and so funny and a just all around good person one of my fave spammers :)
pureessence you are easily probably one of the nicest and my favorite girls on this site and you are so gorgeous :). more people should be like you honestly you are such a sweetheart and not petty at all like most people can be :)
bengalboy i love our talks and snaps ;) you are so funny and sweet and such a huge flirt :P silly ole dru but i love you  <3
sjsoccer88 im really glad i have gotten the pleasure to know you past those days where you would not like me at all LOL you are a very great person and very loyal to the ones you consider friends ps thanks for the gorgeous hair ;)
princevans i remember you and how we use to snap sometimes and you were so funny and treated me very well which is very highly looked to me :)
dirt we played that frooks the other night and you seem like youre a nice person we should talk outside of games sometime to get to know eachother :)
city you know i love you and will keep everything you tell me safe :P i mean sometimes your high snaps can  be much since you do it all the time but you do you i like you nonetheless :)
thirteen sometimes i think your blogs are trolling but im glad we got past our differences b/c youre a loyal king in games <3
lemjam6 ughh jake i fucking love you im always #teamlemjam fucking king. im glad were friends b/c i know you always have my back and are loyal 100%. you are always so sweet to me but even when youre being crazy i still love you <3
classicaz5 stuart!!!! im so glad we..


PYN and I'll Rank your KPG

48 pizzawithcookirs, Dec 26, 2016

See how you compare with other people!!!!
Marktint_1                 -->       52.50
ArizonaSun                -->       30.63
ShadowBaller000       -->       28.92
Christian_                  -->      27.43
WiiFitTrainerX            -->       26.66
TaraG                        -->       24.85
Icarus_Mark               -->      18.85
bomberv                    -->      18.58
Littlebrother123          -->      13.57
GoodAllan                  -->       10.96
MoneyNeil                  -->       10.58
s73100                      -->       10.33
Arris                          -->       10.25
iamremedy                 -->       8.35
RoseMaria                  -->        8.11
KatarinaDuCouteau     -->       7.29
Wpwsers196               -->       6.63
Evaa1996                   -->       6.00
Roshy                         -->      5.96
XxLoveWakizaXx         -->       5.75
joshie1                       -->       5.71
YasGaga                     -->       5.64
Mutiny                        -->       5.14
Mitchkid64                 -->       4.64
Conjow                      -->       4.76
lionsden121               -->       4.71
brontesonly                -->       4.60
Memphis_Grizzlies      -->       4.41
Brandt69                   -->       4.36
cococolin122              -->       4.13
#ManniBoi                    -->       3.93
#ashleykarp                 -->       3.64
#cocia2888                  -->       3.57
#Maxi1234                   -->       3.34
#islandsurvivor             -->       3.00
#Bluestar1367              -->       2.84
#Blujay112                   -->       2.72
#Survivor_Season1       -->       2.70
#Justjack                     -->       2.22
#NicoleF                       -->       2.19
#zachboy967                -->       1.66
#DrG2                          -->       1.50
#aj1111                       -->       0.22


Hunger Games Day 1

73 BigBrotherDonny, Jul 30, 2015

1 Lhume 70 (10 Arrows)
2 Spinfur 70 (28 Arrows)
3 ghrocky100 70 (10 Arrows)
4 Alanduncan 70 (10 Arrows)
5 Tadnuggets69 0 (0 Arrows)
6 survivor_season1 70 (15 Arrows)
7 survivorofthetocans 70 (9 Arrows)
8 Philip13 0 (0 Arrows)
9 Tadd 100 (20 Arrows)
10 kgunzrok 55 (33 Arrows)
11 zrtuy 70(10 Arrows)
12 c00ldude1000 0 (0 Arrows)
13 bluestar1367 0 (0 Arrows)
14 Loopycoco1 70 (10 Arrows)
15 ryanhawk71 70 (10 Arrows)
16 Jgoodies 80 (10 Arrows)
17 Sportsfan25 0 (0 Arrows)
18 Amnesia_ 70 (10 Arrows)
19 GentlemanG 70 (10 Arrows)
20 Wade03 70 (10 Arrows)
21 maxcrosby2419 70 (10 Arrows)
22 xoxu 70 (10 Arrows)
23 missalice3 70 (10 Arrows)
24 iceicebaby 0 (0 Arrows)
The number by the players is their amount of health.
Also: If you haven't been in the cornucopia the whole day, then your health will drop by 10.
Comment 'join cornucopia' if you would like to enter the cornucopia.
You can guess the bush 1-8! I have already picked 2 numbers.
Any people out of the game can sponsor others, so if you'd like, you can spam for sponsors
Remember, you can arrow someone at anytime!
Also: If you get someone out, you can have all their arrows. (Just adding that to make it fun)
Xoxu Joins Cornucopia
Bluestar1367 Joins Cornucopia
Survivor_season1 Joins Cornucopia
Kgunzrok Joins Cornucopia
#Manniboi sponsors Tadd with arrows
Ryanhawk71 Joins Cornucopia
Sportsfan25 Joins Cornucopia
#Blatastic1234 sponsors Kgunzrok with health
Survivorofthetocans Joins Cornucopia
#RevolutionaryTribute sponsors Kgunzrok with arrows
Kgunzrok arrows Sportsfan25, taking away 21 health
#Girllover101 sponsors Sportsfan25 with health
#Survivoring sponsors Sportsfan25 with arrows
Kgunzrok wins the fight and earns 90 health
Sportsfan25 loses the fight and loses 30 health
#Electracakes sponsors Sportsfan25 with arrows
Philip13 Joins Cornucopia
Kgunzrok arrows Sportsfan25, taking away 15 health
#Pikachu142 sponsors IceIceBaby with arrows
Kgunzrok arrows Sportsfan25, taking away 9 health
Kgunzrok loses the fight and loses 30 health
Sportsfan25 wins the fight and earns 90 health
Bluestar1367 arrows Kgunzrok, taking away 11 health
C00Ldude1000 wins the fight and earns 90 health
Philip13 loses the fight and loses 30 health
Tadd arrows Sportsfan25, taking away 10 health
C00Ldude1000 gets arrow update
C00Ldude1000 arrows Philip13, taking away 40 health
BOOM.Final 23
C00Ldude1000 gets another arrow update
#Thesexiestdude990 sponsors Tadd with health
#ArcanineMaster sponsors Jgoodies with health
Tadd arrows Bluestar1367, taking away 17 health
Kgunzrok arrows..


4 Truths 1 Lie Result

5 Guigi, May 13, 2015

So yeah even if my blog got rage neg cuz people are jealy i still wanted to post the results and see who got it ;P
So the lie was
#4 I never went to Costa Rica :) so only Davidftw123 got it right :) grats buddy
Thanks for trying ;P Lotus #Manniboi Bigbrofosho Alyea
AND Parvatis you are so dumb i didnt went to Costa Rica when i left you for 7 days it was Cuba xD you really dumb

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