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Is anyone else's fave TG pasttime

2 Aquamarine, Jul 2, 2014

evicting #jhelsdon2478 in stars?!?


PYN for an honest opinion

54 owlb0ned, May 21, 2014

i haven't done one of these in ages so why not
i'll do them all so comment!
#jhelsdon2478 - i forget why but we used to not get along, so it obviously isn't important! i got to know you when we did the stars assessment that didn't record and you're pretty funny!
#africanwoman - tom ur gr8 xx we haven't talked in awhile which is my fault but we used to kik everyday. ur a laugh tho
#dancefloorparty - i honestly used to think you were a 12 year old girl, but you're a good friend joe and a fool irl!!
#somebodyawesome - you really are awesome sim since you have started sending me a nice daily mail. i love asians so i love you
#sheena - um i kind of love you?? i'm glad i met you in the asian chat and koreans are my fav and you're half korean???? so ur one of my fav people at the moment
#cotbey - i have nothing against you but you hate me so over nominating you in a frookies and you made fun of me for being british on a skype call so i mean??
#eliortiz1234 - i'm so glad we met in a kik chat cos now you're like one of my close friends and i tell you everything and sometimes you're probably like jess.....but ily so don't get you're dad and his mexican drug cartel to kill me ok
#starfresh33 - we've talked a few times, no bad blood, you're alrite :)
#thesexiestdude990 - you and ash are so cute! you're a nice person and we've talked some.
#kasey2011 - even though we don't talk much i love you a lot. you're so genuine and speak your mind and i love it!
#sprtsgy1989 - sean you're cool. i wish we could actually talk sports once in awhile, but you're usually too busy sending me fake gift mails or making fun of me!!
#brookie0126 - we've never spoken, but from the blogs page you seem really nice
#thumper91 - we haven't talked often except group chat or calls, but i can tell why everyone loves you :) you don't deserve the hate and terrible things you get told cos you're a gr8 gal
#mozues - we became quick friends and you're a good one at that. we can laugh at the same things and we're meeting when i come back from uk so be ready!!! and pls help me out in that online big brother thing lol
#dhucking_quacks - we have talked a couple times and you are nothing but lovely! i enjoy your blogs and your brother was making me laugh on that group call the other day! "who are you skyping?" "I'M NOT ON SKyPE!"
#jm101 - wow so i played my first long term skype game and we became insta friends and f2 and caused some drama. you are one of my best friends on here and i can literally tell you anything or just call you up. anytime we don't talk for awhile we always pick up where we left off which is gr8 and shows how we're like soulmates obvs. we need to meet and get drunk and party soon xx
#adampaulgrant - we started talking a lot recently and you're now one of my good friends. you were my eurovision buddy to bitch to about politics which i'm thankful for. we actually met when i first joined if you remember???..


Pyn for Stars Eviction Chain

6 mrkkkkyle, Sep 17, 2012

I will tell who I would think would stay against the person below you and that person will move on to the next person. This is who I think would stay not who I would evict.
danielkennedy111 > ksnyd2504
qwert2 > danielkennedy111
qwert2 > AustinRules6969
jhelsdon2478 > qwert2
ZIMY > #jhelsdon2478

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