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Hello, my name is Chrissy Hofbeck won Survivor 35 so stfu

•••skype: phil-in-the-blanks•••

I love Sugar Kiper and here's why ...

Saara Aalto is a Robbed Goddess

If you’re my friend a game won’t change that. Just tell me before you nominate/evict me what’s happening and I’ll forgive you.

Thanks BrendonByrne, JayElVeeIsBack, Plastic, Anonymous, PaulaDeen, IceBeast, Jake6991, Gagaluv, Maturo, Obey_Me and WannaBeeFriends x2 for gifting me!
You’ve all made my day at some point.

Crickets: Sorry for causing you distress and thanks for the iconic video

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  15. I understand being a Trump Supporter vote
  17. Tengaged Drag Race?
  18. why is CarsonL such a hot asian :(
  19. Why do u all care so much
  20. too many weird things

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