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Hello, my name is i hope someone remembers me when i'm gone

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If you’re my friend a game won’t change that. Just tell me before you nominate/evict me what’s happening and I’ll forgive you.

Thanks BrendonByrne, JayElVeeIsBack, Plastic, IceBeast, Jake6991, Gagaluv and WannaBeeFriends x2 for gifting me!
You’ve all made my day at some point.

Crickets: Sorry for causing you distress and thanks for the iconic video
I was screwed over by The Tengaged Crash of December 2017 in a frookies!

StarySky: “12th – PHILIP, I am really sorry you got screwed over by the Tengaged Crash of December 2017. You didn’t deserve to go home. I would have kept you had I been given the chance; stupid lag. You didn’t deserve this. #imsosorry

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  1. lahko neč!vote
  2. I'm learning Slovene!vote
  3. Comment your favorite troll account!vote
  4. I hate when I'm hungry at 1AM ...
  5. How did Avicii die?
  6. I've gotten 5 gifts so far this year :O
  7. WOAH
  8. i JUST realized
  9. :)
  10. a russian born
  11. How old were you guys when you lost
  12. Mood.
  13. This monkey is so pure
  14. plus my top blog for a hug
  15. I can't wait to wake up
  16. so is the world gonna end today
  17. I'm calling my black pug Sugar Kiper2nd
  18. Misli na glas in upaj
  19. The best tactic for a gay male
  20. Really?

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