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pyn for who i associate u with

38 wheatbread, Jul 13, 2021

and comment who u associate me with :3
ok why are like 45 people tagged and i’m not even at +200  plus me pls
#vancouver_grizzlies - #jinxh
#unkown - #electric
#iigalaxyii - sammysosatv
#biminibonboulash - mmabatlokoamolefe because it took me 4 years to figure out how to spell ur users
#gabrieltrezza - isandeh
#3pi14159 - #vancouver_grizzlies
#singsongers - obvi notnicky333
#cheritaisdelicious - random idk if y’all are even friends but emzthorne came to mind
#dabaebae - yawnha
#fetish - i feel like there’s some person i can’t remember the name of, so i’ll go with hints
#titoburitto - probably like coreyants or any of those people that were in the breakfast club because i think u were
#amandabynes - maxi1234
#insanity - thirteen king
#jessie_ - washed_ravioli (idk if y’all are friends but i can see y’all playing stars together???)
#abstractjay - there’s another jay that has a name related to like a bird? i can’t exactly remember i’ll try to find it but that is who i’m thinking of
#somebodyawesome - ur name gives me block background vibes which i think cromatique has?
#marietori - u used to have some bestie that i cannot remember the name of! so i will say levonini
#booyahhayoob - brandonpinzu
#tbrown_47 - i feel like u joined vivor with shellbelle at a point
hisoka - moneyneil or whatever his current user is
sosyomomma - kelly0412
georgeflair - hunty
j2999 when r we applying to duos
phenomanimal - tonyalbright
survivor8 - survivorfan37
rodmacario - robynn
halley - thiii

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