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Gift Giveaway #3 - Round 2 Results

0 JohnyB, Jan 11, 2018

So here we are for round 2. Only 30 people are left in this race. Wonder who will win this giveaway.
How my giveaways work: I write down everyone's name. pin people against each other in a 1v1 matchup and assign them either a #1 or #2. Then Random.org chooses between them and that person advances.
Below are the matchups and if you're tagged you advanced
1.) yoshicoolman vs #seaking
2.) robertguajardo vs #batya
3.) misterpredaa vs #jameslu
4.) #jsbreality vs camell22
5.) #iichaoskimmy vs nochildsupport
6.) mercedes415 vs #firex
7.) #xshift vs trust
8.) bridgette77 vs #ashleybabyx3
9.) born2pizza vs #luckylefty
10.) #bambino vs drg2
11.) #littlemix vs unicorngoddess98
12.) #cryptspartan vs melindamrskk
13.) silver09 vs #sam_hamwich
14.) #maddog16 vs redfabfoxy
15.) yarn vs #bluejay7622


41 anthousai, Dec 20, 2017

pyn for a hopefully not bullshit opinion
#SeaKing - damon! I actually think you're super sweet and I do enjoy playing frookies with you. I enjoyed the couple of times we talked, you do seem like a very genuine person! hopefully I'll see ya in another game soon
#Wade03 - on my last pyn I think I had no idea who you were but I'm actually glad that we're friends now. ik some people don't like you but you've been nothing but nice to me and we've been slaying games together. I enjoy talking to you let's kill it in vivor buddy
#Brayden_ - I auto love you bc you're also an octavia blake fan which makes you an icon. I see you tryna rule the blogs page all the time and you're lowkey funny. I think you're hella nice and your humor can be taken the wrong way sometimes but you're just very outgoing
#AdamLovesEverything - I think I called you the pedo teacher from mean girls and I kind of feel bad for that? I don't really know you but I think you might be a troll I really can't tell #yikes
#trickdaddy6 - I knew you were chase's friend but I didn't really ever talk to you before today when we slayed frooks. I do think you are genuinely nice tho and I'm glad we're friends now man
#Obstreperous - I don't really know who you are but I see you on the blogs page all the time??
#Mickiejames22 - for some weird reason I stan you. your blogs are lowkey funny to me and I hope you get to throw it back for charlie day in the future
#Hisoka - I do not appreciate u constantly coming for my NECK like im jason blossom or some shit. but on some real shit you know you're my bff on here and you're like a brotha to me. you know I'll always be there for you, even when you're in a mess (literally always) I got ur back. you're my friend off of this dumb site and our conversations are iconic even tho u can say some real dumb shit sometimes I luh you glen coco <3
#Kaylabby - ugh a literal queen. I actually adore your personality and I think you're so pretty. you're so sweet and I hope we can talk more girl you can teach me how to be an iconic female on tg
#BengalBoy - one of the most iconic people on this site in my opinion. I literally don't know a single person who doesn't like you. you slay those top blogs and make the ladies and gays of tg crazy. I think you're a v friendly person and I enjoy the random snaps you send me
DrG2 - I'm not really sure who you are but I peep loveita on ur profile so I'm a stan?? other than that I don't know much about ya sorry
spartagow - I remember before we kind of got closer in the geneva divas that you would always get 13th in frooks and it would be the funniest thing to me? I literally expected it every single time but anywaY I'm glad we're friends now and get the chance to flop things together. as a previous geneva diva, stay iconic
Willie_ - I've neva talked to you but the fact that you got out in stars this week is tragic? you seem nice and people say..


PYN for an honest opinion x

45 Macda27, Dec 1, 2017

#SeaKing But I love your username tbh
#Brainjak What does that mean??? EDIT- Okay thought you were calling me a hoe or something
#mickiejames22 last time I did this I roasted you, so I'll just say I love your passion for Charlie
#thirteen lowkey annoyed at how much you get praised for loving horror when my favourite show is Harper's Island and legit can't be scared by horror movies, but you seem like someone I'd love to be friends with
#hisoka you're avi is daddy, my rose is for your avi X
#iYBF We have each other on snap but I feel like you don't give a fuck about me
#kaylabby one day you just randomly removed me as a friend on snap and I got sad about it, hmu if I did something wrong
AdamLovesEverything Fuck off you troll xoxo
BigBrotherDonny I don't know you that well tbh but I see you around tg
Is it justme or do I feel like you get tagged in so many blogs you don't care about
melindamrskk Love your One Killer blog series but I'm pretty sure you're apart of the #HackingDuo from ages ago and I was hacked for 6 months so that wasn't great
KatherinePierce "Delete your blog daddy" "Delete your fucking blog" Hun I don't forget xx
Banjoooo Idk you sorry :/ I'm not relevant enough to know everyone yet
Paige5459 You seem kind as a first impression but idk you that well
christossss Do I know you?
2388 https://tengaged.com/blog/2388/8373318/lol-u-deleting-comments I don't like you
immaxyman Hey Issy you're dope
skyler_TW I've seen you around tg but it'll be cool to get to know u more
gkg0718 I think you may of commented on some posts of mine about wanting dick or a bf, so hi EDIT- Nvm I just don't know you enough
newnightmare7 Thanks for supporting me when I made horror blogs <3
ParvatiS I've seen you around TG but I don't know you for you, hmu sometime
DaveLooney Woohoo we got our snapchat
Arris Your pics are also the same pose haha try change things up, or hmu and chat
FireX You're a very food survivor player
lliiaamm ew........  I'm kidding daddy ilysm, never stop being such a King 👑👌🏼❤️
obstreperous Chat with me sometime or something
mathboy9 Robbed from Sims 4 Big Brother, but you appear in the finale looking fly af
yoshicoolman Happy you're okay and alive, you're son af
cornelia Don't know you but seen around tg, hmu let's chat
Maybelline Idk if you're a multi or not, but I remember talking to you for like a minute
Funnehliner Same as Cornelia, seen you around, and hmu for a good chat
LuckyLefty ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^
Bengalboy Some of your blogs are funny, I don't know if we'd be good..


Random.org TGBB22 (16)

3 disneygeek, Jul 10, 2017

Eviction Order:
4th- #SeaKing
5th- #Brandt69
6th- #virgie88
7th- #Daniel123456
8th- #wwemrpeeps
9th- #rory17
10th- #aria_grande
11th- #Vanili
12th- #Jameslu
13th- #ashszoke
14th- #RealJacksonWalsh
15th- #eric_136
16th- #CalebDaBoss
17th- #Analiese
18th- #rawr121
19th- #BrainJak
20th- #survivingreality
21st- #MJFJUNE
22nd- #Christina13
By a vote of 2-0, #SeaKing you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH Part 1 Winner- ImGonnaWin
HoH Part 2 Winner- ghrocky100
Final HoH- ImGonnaWin
Final Noms- benp428 & ghrocky100
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).


Random.org TGBB22 (8)

2 disneygeek, Jul 7, 2017

Eviction Order:
11th- #SeaKing$
12th- #Jameslu)
13th- #ashszoke
14th- #RealJacksonWalsh
15th- #eric_136
16th- #CalebDaBoss
17th- #Analiese
18th- #rawr121
19th- #BrainJak
20th- #survivingreality
21st- #MJFJUNE
22nd- #Christina13
By a vote of 4-4, Random.org broke the tie and #SeaKing you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- ghrocky100
Pre Noms- ImGonnaWin & Vanili
POV- Daniel123456
Used?- No
Final Noms- ImGonnaWin & Vanili
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).

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