💙Davo 💙

33 LuckyLefty, Jan 9, 2018

#mjfjune - I think we used to talk or I could be confusing you, anywho I have no problems with you and if you wanna talk my messages are always open
thewolfman - you did really well at playing the public in stars cause you did NOTHING but oh well GG and I wish you nothing but the best
dwipeouts - IDK you at all but I’m open to talking to anyone so don’t be afraid to speak.
joey65409 - FIRST OFF girl you got too many numbers in your username but other than that I don’t know you all that well
born2pizza - I know of you but I don’t think we ever talked 1 on 1
emmett4 - Yoo! I fucks with you and you know this even though we don’t talk a lot you know I’m always rocking with you bro
darbe - BRAD :) ily you are the peanut butter to my jelly and we need to talk more p.s don’t let Karin see this.. he is the jealous type xoxox
levonini - Andrew :) your one of my favorite people on this site even though you bully me on Skype. You’re a all around good person and let’s give Eliot 16th next game
dabaebae - hmmm I seen you around and I think we played a game together or something but I have nothing bad to say about you
garrievans97 - we slayed the BB Together until I got kicked out but other than that you are literally hilarious and I like you as a person
koolness234 - josh I’ve always adored you as a person even though you used to give me 13th in every frooks  and wish we talked more but I’m too lazy to get on skype lol but you’re  hilarious
alvino - alvin you’re fucking CRAZY but you’re cool in my book and one of my favs on this site and I miss torturing you on calls
spicoli - you’re cool in my book we’ve never fussed or anything even though we don’t talk much feel free to pm me
XxLoveWakizaxX - we used to always fuss on here but we don’t talk on here I don’t hold grudges so I’m open to talking and getting to know you
hisoka - bitchhh you need to HMU more I fucks with you a lot :)
bengalboy - dru even though we don’t talk anymore you’re still cool in my book and you know I’m always Here for you
titoburitto - I lowkey thought your username was spelled right a while back LMAOO but ily despite what people think about you, you’re so cool and my bby;*
Obstreperous - we started off hating each other but I’m sooo happy we made up cause your super cool and someone I even consider a friend :) hope to chat with you soon
thejohnny - you’re cool and my friend I have nothing bad to say about you keep doing you
streamxx - idk why you would even comment you’re soo fucking childish it’s sad. I understand your young and just want to fit in and be “cool” but nothing is worst than being a follower be your own..

71 TGBB12 (14)

6 disneygeek, Sep 11, 2016

Eviction Order:
6th- #aj1111
7th- #Boots22
8th- #CrimsonEnnui
9th- #Essential
10th- #TheLogic
11th- #MrBird
12th- #ImGonnaWin
13th- #turkeylover
14th- #cococolin122
15th- #GalaxyOrb
16th- #connorfitz15
17th- #Maryland
By a vote of 2-1, #MJFJUNE you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- Swellow
Pre Noms- laughingoutloud & Christian_
POV- laughingoutloud
Used?- On Himself
Noms- Christian_ & Ethan000
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote)

31 TGBB11 (8)

3 disneygeek, Aug 14, 2016

JourdanBabyXoXo & ghrocky100
* ImGonnaWin & Macda27
* lemjam & _m4rw4n
Paigex & Billions
* DillyDally & Christian_
Darriusdabest & deshonBANNEDISBACK
MrPokeguy9 & LoveLife
bowkane & DuncanSurferBoy
rawr121 (golden key)
aj1111 & perfectprizetag
Marble & C_Shizz96
dinosaurdan & garrievans97
*New formed pair
Eviction Order:
24th- #MJFJUNE
25th- #Brandt69
26th- #BBCANfan
27th- #PinesDipper
28th- #Midgetkitty123
29th- #spinfur
30th- #MrBird
By a vote of 3-2 #rawr121 & #MJFJUNE you are evicted from the TGBB house
Battle Back Winner- #rawr121, you have returned to the TGBB house.
HoHs- #darriusdabeast & #deshonBANNEDISBACK
Pre Noms- (#JourdanBabyXoXo & #ghrocky100) & (#DillyDally & #Christian_)
POV- #lemjam & #_m4rw4n
Used?- On #JourdanBabyXoXo & #ghrocky100
Final Noms- (#DillyDally & #Christian_) & (#MrPokeguy9 & #LoveLife)
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the Nominees can vote)


Wanna Know What Bugs Me About Blogs

4 MJFJUNE, Jun 20, 2012

The Same People Get The Top Blogs But No1 Else, Let New People Get The Top Spots.... #MJFJUNE

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