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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is dwipeouts

I'm nice funny and goofy looking and a 22 straight white male

Past Group games:
Bennett's Survivor: Survivor The Skeleton Coast (7/16)
D.C Survivor Fiji (1/18)(Winner)(Villain of the Season)
Ben's Survivor Nigeria (2/16)(Fan Favorite)
M&N's Survivor: Nicaragua (7/18)
Bennett's Survivor: Madidi (17/20)
Mud's Survivor Cagayan (8/18)
Mud's Survivor Cambodia (6/24)(Character of the Season)
Kolby's Survivor Haiti (3/16)(Most Entertaining)(Fan Favorite)
L and J's Survivor Uganda (5/18)(J's Favorite)
Survivor Kolby's vs Bennet's (9/20)
PokePat's Survivor Fiji (4/18)
Dana's Survivor Africa (9/18)
Will's Survivor: Nauru (9/12)(Untapped Potential)
BigBen's Survivor: Mongolia (8/16)
Dono's Survivor Haiti (14/18)
D&B's Survivor Blood vs Water: (13/18)
Julian's Survivor Tuvalu (8/18)(Best Confesssionals)
Bigbens all Stars (12/20)

My Games 292 games played

6 Jan, 19
7 Jan, 19
3 Jan, 19
30 Jul, 18
6 Jul, 18
29 Jun, 18
23 Jun, 18

My Blog Check my blog!

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