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Hello, my name is THE LOOSE CANNON

"(Monica in Blood vs. Water, Trish in Cagayan, Natalie in San Juan Del Sur)

I don't think this should be a surprise to anyone, after what happened at the last challenge. Obviously Ollie has made it no secret that anger issues is something he is stuggling with in real life, but I wouldn't say this had a big influence on him ending up as The Loose Cannon, as he still associates himself with other people who would also fall into this category like Alicia, and previously Natalie and Courtney. There's also the fact that I really don't see anyone else in the cast falling into this category."

Skype: MrPokeguy9

My Group Game:

Survivor/TheChallenge Group Games I've been in:
DGG's The Challenge: Free Agents: 1st/28
KTC's The Challenge: Cutthroat: 1st/30
NJ's Survivor India: 1st/16 [4-3] (5 Immunity Wins) (fan favourite) (Player of the Season)
Jharrin's Survivor Worlds Apart: 1st/17 [5-2-1] (1 immunity win)
MJFJUNE's Survivor Fakland Islands: 1st/16 [7-0-0] (4 immunity wins) (player of the season)

Leli's Survivor Socotra: Trail of Trust: 2nd/20 [5-3-1] (two immunity wins)
NJ's Survivor Turkey: 2nd/15 (3-2-2) (1 Immunity win)

RSF's Season 46: Society Game: 3rd/18 (3 leader wins/eliminated before finals)
Suitman13's Flop Nation: The Secret Temple: 3rd/20 (lost final challenge)

Nat's Survivor Belize: 5th/16 (3 immunity wins)
Mittens Survivor Albania: 5th/16 (3 immunity wins)
NJ's Survivor Generation Gap: 5th/20 (1 Immunity win)

Chantra1's Survivor Guyana: 7th/18
Leli14's Survivor Kiribati: 7th/16 (4 immunity wins) (fan favourite)
Leli's Survivor St Croix, Heroes vs. Villains: 7th/20 (3 immunity wins) (fan favourite)
Will's Survivor Indonesia: 7th/20 (2 immunity wins)
Suitman's Survivor Japan: 7th/18
RSF's Season 48: Free Agents 2: 7th/28 (won 2 eliminations)

T-Vivor 3: Broadway: 8th/21 (idoled out)

Link's Survivor Marquesas: 9th/18 (fan favourite)

Jharrin's Survivor Cagayan: 10th/18
Survivor's Survivor Vietnam: 10th/18
Will's Survivor Fans vs Favourites: 10th/20
ItsOfficial's Survivor Yushan: 10th/16

Suitman's Big Brother 4: 11th/16 (2 HoH's/1 POV)
Suitman's Big Brother All-Stars: 11th/17 (1 HoH/1 POV)

Link's Survivor Tristan Da Cunha (All-Stars): 12th/32
TTJ's Survivor Peru: 12th/18 (fan favourite)
Survivor's Survivor Generations: 12th/18
Daniel's Survivor Peru: 12th/16
Suitman's Survivor Kiribati: 12th/18 (purple rocked out)
NJ's Survivor: Battle Royale: 12th/17
Suitman13’s Flop Nation: Project Rewind: 12th/24

KidA's Survivor Norway: 14th/20

Link's Survivor Gen 2 Pearl Islands: 15th/18

SG1's Survivor Russia: 17th/24

Games I'm currently in:
Stars Record: 9th, 16th, 5th, 6th, 15th, 15th, 7th, 7th, 2nd, 7th, 5th

Stars 511: 2nd place (unnominated til 4th)

Tengaged Goals still to do:
-Get TV Star
-Meet a Tengager irl
-Win an Org
-Win a stars
Hunger Kills:
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2Beastly was killed in a fight with MrPokeguy9
Ari_ was shot dead by MrPokeguy9
Katherinee_ was killed in a fight with MrPokeguy9
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