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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

♥Brooke Jowett♥

19thAug 15, 2017 by MrPokeguy9

1. Sara ( saraj10) I pray your ok this week, I know you saved Billy so #TeamSara
2. Jordyn ( JordynRose) your a queen, your honest and loyal so I stan you
3. Malibu ( SexGoddx) redeemed yourself so much after this
4. Steve ( 2beastly) not gonna lie wold rather have seen you gone over Billy but yeah...)
5. Zack ( Trust) i know Billy wasn't your target however he went under your HoH so you have to take a little blame
6. Gabbie ( NotAfraid) that wig in your dr made you look like a drowned troll looked ugly let's be honest
7. Deeanna ( deeannamorgan) your almost as fake as that subscription to weight watchers......which you need, also acting shocked that Billy left when you voted.....really...
8. Jack ( jackyboy) i liked you.....then you were the reason Billy now you can fuck off but your up Deeanna's fat arse so your SADLY safe this week......dirty test

If if isn't obviously now, I stand Rocker917 BILLY WAS ROBBED


I am bald
Sent by s73100,Aug 15, 2017
you're disgusting honestly, deeanna is beautiful
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Aug 15, 2017
BritishRomeo17 no I'm honestly not, Deeanna shouldn't be such a fake person...
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Aug 15, 2017
gabbie’s highkey a queen but the rest of this blog i can support
Sent by ashszoke,Aug 15, 2017
Okay so I love Gabbie but that was a really scary wig
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 15, 2017
mrpokeguy9 you can think that but to comment on her weight is plain rude.
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Aug 15, 2017
BritishRomeo17 oh well....
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Aug 15, 2017
Someone needs to learn the proper use of your/you're lol
Sent by joe1110,Aug 15, 2017
Don't come for me just cause I got your best friend doesn't look good on you
Sent by deeannamorgan,Aug 15, 2017
deeannamorgan oh well, maybe if you cared enough to start that subscription then maybe I did care enough about your opinion...
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Aug 15, 2017
Wow ur so funny omg u got me I care about ur opinion too ONG HAHAHA
Sent by deeannamorgan,Aug 15, 2017

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