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Death Awakens Season 2, Episode 8 "Bittersweet Reunion"

Nov 2, 2017 by MrPokeguy9

MrPokeguy9 / Chris Luna
Rocketokid13 / Sierra Quinn
Icarus_Mark / Iris Sinclair
hints / Tisha Mai
_ivyyy_445 / Henry Jaxxon
Aydanmac01 / Holdyn Maring
Maxi1234 / Max Lakers
Maxi1234 / Channie Lakers
Spencer_Bledsoe / Spencer Thompson
topazisqueen / Tabatha Reynolds
coolkat / Mayson Rivera
Fell6 / Sonia Valentine
HarleyPuddin / Harley Leonna
imprincearthur / Tony Mott
Jjred45 / JJ Slone
Zachboy967 / Nathaniel Waters
IceIceBaby / Raven Winters
Katherinee_ / Monica Sinclair
RyanAndrews / Eliza Montgomery

Secondary Characters:
Gavin Murray

tkoj555 / Jojo Kincaid -Blood lose from fall, killed before turning- Episode 4
BBCANfan / Nicholas Lee -bitten in neck by walker and stabbed by JJ- Episode 6

-Episode 8-

Panning over the town of Sommerton, the camera drifts over the town hall settlement slowly moving into the settlement with the Apartments seen in the background. You see people doing chores as Henry is walking around, making sure everyone is staying in line as he walks past Gavin who minds his business, he then looks up to the building as he sees Nathaniel watching over as the two exchange a nod of approval as Eliza walks behind Nathaniel smirking.

The camera pans into the apartment where Tony, Chris, Tisha and JJ are seen walking in and out of two different apartments. The camera then pans into Raven's apartment as Raven and Monica are seen sitting next to each other with Iris opposite them.

Iris: I can't believe
Raven: I must admit I am a little perplexed at the situation myself
Iris: the fact your still alive
Monica: and the fact you managed to make your way up here and find me, what are the chances
Raven: we don't need to go into those statistics
Iris: how did you even get here
Monica: well after you moved to California, me, mom and dad wanted a change of scenario so we moved to the next town over from here, Appleton.
Raven: might I just say, that was a lovely town
Monica: it was. After that I met a guy called David who lived in these apartments and the rest is self explanatory
Iris: so mom and dad?
Monica: once we heard what was going on, me and David rushed back to Appleton to get them and bring them here as we knew we could fortify this place but once we got to the house it was too late, I saw them reanimated in the window banging
Iris: oh my god
Iris and Monica both wipe away a tear and Monica takes a breath
Raven: luckily Monica managed to return back here and fortify the building to check us safe
Iris: and David?
Monica: whilst we made our way back the car of swarmed by the walkers, I managed to break free because David pushed himself infront of the walkers to save me, i couldn't look back cause I heard his screams.
Iris: Monica I'm so sorry
Monica: don't be, you didn't know him. Plus you had your life in California, we all knew that and were proud of you for following your dreams
Iris: but still I rarely called and checked up on you
Monica: considering your job was very dangerous and kinda illegal we understood
Raven: illegal, what on earth was your job?
Iris: ummmm
Monica: she went from being a spy to an assassin
Iris and Monica both chuckled as Raven looked on in disbelief
Monica: it wasn't exactly the job my parents hoped for Iris but she loved it and they supported her
Iris: they did?
Monica: mom just thought you were still a spy and did the stuff in the movie
Iris: she's was still clueless as ever
Raven: well at least now you have a bit of blood in this world to keep you both grounded in this world of chaos
Monica: yeah I'm glad I found her
Iris and Monica both exchange a smile as Raven watches on smiling as the camera pans outside to see a blur in the distance.

-End of Scene-

Back in Sommerton, people are still doing their chores as Henry, Harley and a couple more armed guys are seen sitting above them on the mini watch tower. The camera then pans to Gavin who is currently sitting amongst Mayson and Sonia as Holdyn walks over

Mayson: well looky who it is
Holdyn: hiya brat
Holdyn sits next to Mayson as they playfully nudge each other and smile
Holdyn: Sonia, Gavin you guys alright
Sonia: good thanks for asking
Gavin remains silent as the group get off with their chores
Mayson: so you missing lover boy Holdyn
Holdyn: I am doing fine without Chris, he's safe and sound as far as I'm concerned
Mayson: even though he could have been eaten but a fat walker
Sonia: MAYSON! Don't panic him like that
Holdyn: it's fine Sonia, I know how this one likes to try and wind me up
Sonia: it's so cute that you have someone who you love in this world
Holdyn: even though the circumstances aren't ideal, we were just at the right place at the right time.
Sonia: I wish I could find someone like that
Mayson: well there's plenty of flesh eating lovers outside these walls you can try
Holdyn: maybe go for one with pulse and who doesn't want to eat your brains first
The trio laugh as Gavin starts to get irritated which is noticed by Holdyn immediately.
Holdyn: oh I just remembered, Mayson, Sonia could you guys go help Trent with his job, he needs a few extra hands
Mayson: but why, I'm enjoying my chill time.....
Holdyn: Mayson now please
Sonia: come on, he needs our help
Mayson: ok I get it Holdyn, I get the code
Mayson stands up and rolls her eyes as she grabs Sonia who is clueless to the real agenda as they walk away from Holdyn and Gavin
Gavin: oh great, here comes the interrogation
Holdyn: I just wanna know what's up
Gavin: and why should I tell you of all people
Holdyn: because for one, I'm nothing like Henry and second I'm hear to help Sommerton.
Gavin: you can help but keeping your mouth shut
Holdyn: Gavin Im not stupid and I'm not blind, ever since your altercation with Henry your demeanour and attitude as gone a complete 180, also don't think I haven't not noticed the mark on your neck that you didn't have 2 days ago
Gavin quickly moves his neck around trying to ensure his mark can't be seen
Holdyn: I wanna be here for the people of Sommerton, I wanna protect them but I don't want to be in a place if people are ruling by fear and intimidation, if there is anything we need to know then just say
Gavin: what you should do is stay in your lane and do what your told
Holdyn: but Gavin....
Gavin slams his hand on the table which startles Holdyn and also grabs the attention of the people on the watch tower as Gavin quickly regains his composure.
Gavin: don't piss off the upper ranks, just do what you need to do until you can go
Suddenly Henry and Harley are seen walking over to the pair
Harley: everything alright here guys
Henry: Gavin isn't bothering you is he Holdyn?
Holdyn: not in the slightest Henry
Harley: so no issues?
Gavin: I just dropped the hammer on my feet and tried to mask the pain
Henry: careless as usual
Harley rolls her eyes at Henry's comment
Harley: do you want me to get Eliza to come check it out
Gavin: I'll be fine, doesn't feel like any damage
Henry: Holdyn why don't you leave Gavin to finish his chores, I, sure you could be useful somewhere else
Holdyn gets up as he looks over at Gavin
Holdyn: hope your foots ok
Gavin nods as Holdyn walks away from Gavin, Harley and Henry as he takes one last look back to see Henry glaring at him as Holdyn makes his way inside the town hall.

-End of Scene-

Back in the apartments, Monica and Iris are seen walking down the corridor as Monica gives her the rundown of how things work in the apartments.

Monica: so you got Tony who is head of stock taking and supplies and Margie assists however with her feeling unwell, JJ and Chris have been a massive help. You also got Alice who takes care of the younger ones along with Spencer which Tisha seems to enjoy supporting, you also have Big Dom who is our chef and guard down below who ensures no one sketchy gets in the building
Iris: where was he when we got here
Monica: he was preparing dinner which is why Raven went and got you
Iris: so what does Raven do?
Monica: she's our support system, any issues or worries go straight to Raven for a chat, she will sort you out and stop you feeling stupid
Iris: and your basically the leader then huh
Monica: more of a moderator, we work on communication and balance here, we all discuss our plans and idea but Raven and myself kinda do get the final say in things
Iris: so joint leader
Monica: whatever you wanna make up
The pair laugh as JJ appears from a room looking for them
JJ: just who i wanted to find
Monica: hello JJ
JJ: Monica
He nods and smiles
JJ: is it ok if I talk to Iris quickly
Monica: she may be my sister and we may have just reconnected but your more than welcome too, I'll be in my room sorting myself out
Monica leaves the pair as JJ looks over at Iris
JJ: it's a good place here
Iris: it really is!
JJ: it's well organised and managed
Iris: that's my sister for ya, she's always been like that
JJ: which is why I think my suggestion about building a trading scheme with them is something you'll agree with
Iris: of course, they have stuff we need and vice versa
JJ: exactly, plus you get to see your sister more
Iris: and with them settling in the north of Sommerton and us in the south west, we can maybe start to rebuild Sommerton and take back part of the town
JJ: and create a bigger safe haven for both communities
Iris: exactly!
JJ: you think we should go discuss it with Monica now
Iris: I think that would be a great idea
The pair walk off towards Monica's room as the camera pans behind them to see Tony had been eavesdropping, he watches them leave as he walks out the window as his eyes widen.

-End Of Scene-

The camera pans into the town hall building where Holdyn is seen walking down a corridor, he turns a corner as he walks towards Nathaniel's office, as he gets to the doors he noticed Tabatha and Henry sitting down at the desk outside having a discussion as they notice Holdyn's presence immediately.

Tabatha: hello, Harold was it?
Henry hides a smirk after hearing the comment
Holdyn: it's Holdyn and he can tell you that too
Henry: um's Holdyn
Tabatha: sooo sorry about that, HOLYDN! so what can I do for you
Holdyn: was just wondering if Nathaniel was free
Tabatha: he's currently taking to Eliza in his office
Henry: and why would you want to talk to him?
Holdyn: I just haven't had a chance to have a one on one conversation with him
Henry: and you deserve one because?
Holdyn: I'm here just like everyone else I'd at least like to get to know the leader funny enough
Tabatha: respectful
Henry: uh huh
Tabatha: if you want I can let him know you asked for him and once he's done I will inform him straight away
Holdyn: yeah that would be great
Tabatha: ok well why don't you run along and I'll get him to find you soon

As Holdyn nods and turns back around and starts walking away he rolls his eyes. As he makes it half way down the corridor he is quickly grabbed on the shoulder and pinned against the wall as he faces Henry.

Henry: what the hell do you think your doing?
Holdyn: I can ask you the same question
Holdyn quickly gets Henry off of him and glares at him
Holdyn: what's your problem
Henry: why are trying to talk to Nathaniel
Holdyn: like I said I want to get to know the leader
Henry: because of the talk you had with Gavin today by no means
Holdyn: that's not the only reason
Henry: elaborate then
Holdyn: there's just some shady shit going on here and Nathaniel doesn't exactly scream nicest guy in town
Henry: Holdyn your about to stir up a whole lot of shit for yourself and the others
Holdyn: oh Henry I'm not going to walk in there and start accusing him of shit, I just get a sense of him to see if I'm right or wrong
Henry: I suggest instead of doing that, you just stay in your lane
Holdyn: Gavin told me that this morning
Henry: and you should follow it, don't ruin this for the rest of us
They both turn to notice Nathaniel, Eliza and Tabatha walking them from along the corridor as they start to walk over to the pair
Nathaniel: I think talking to Holdyn is not bad at all
Henry: uh huh
Nathaniel: if he has any concerns or issues he wants to raise them I am more than happy to discuss it with him. I want Sommerton to be a place where people can come to me with issues and we sort them out in the best way possible.
Nathaniel turns and looks at Holdyn
Nathaniel: Tabatha informed me that you wanted to talk to me
Holdyn: as I said to her and Henry, just wanted to get a read on you
Eliza: understandable
Nathaniel: indeed, in this world we all need to get a read on people since we don't know who can be trusted and people's motives
Henry: Holdyn you sure you want to talk
Holdyn: yep I am more than positive
Nathaniel: well then why don't you and I have a chat in my office to get to know each other better
Holdyn: certainly
As Holdyn and Nathaniel head off towards his office, Henry watches them leave as then turns his focus towards Eliza and Tabatha
Eliza: stop worrying, Nathaniel ain't gonna hurt him, if Holdyn wants a chat, that's all he'll get
Eliza walks away as Tabatha slowly walks to Henry
Tabatha: you seem stressed
Henry: I just don't want him screwing things up
Tabatha: he won't, now how about we go down to my room and I can de-stress you huh
Henry: I could use that
Tabatha: I bet you could
Tabatha kisses Henry softly on the cheek as they both walk towards her bedroom smiling.

-End of Scene-

The camera cuts into Nathaniel's office as he opens the door letting Holdyn in as the pair sit on chairs opposite to one another

Nathaniel: so Holdyn, tell me what it is that is one your mind?
Holdyn: well firstly I just want you to know that I not trying to interrogate you
Nathaniel: oh don't be silly I understand why you want a chat
Holdyn: you do?
Nathaniel: of course, we are currently living in a world that consist of flesh eating walkers, people who have fallen off the bandwagon and want to become the last humans standing and others who just want to become the dominant force.
Holdyn: accurate
Nathaniel: but then you have people and communities like Sommerton who want to rebuild humanity and get it back to the way it was, I know you think I am probably this power induced maniac who wants to be the leader of everywhere but in reality I want to help Sommerton get back to how it was and regain our humanity.
Holdyn: so then what's with the mark on Gavin's neck
Nathaniel: care to elaborate Holdyn
Holdyn: I just want to know your not running this town on fear and intimidation since I know after Gavin's mark appeared he's become a lot more reserved, also the fact I've noticed the similar mark on others.
Nathaniel: I must say I am impressed
Holdyn: you are?
Nathaniel: yes! Your quite the obsérvate person and being able to obtain that much knowledge with such little entail, it is quite the achievement
Holdyn: so what's the deal with it then
Nathaniel: myself and other members of Sommerton discussed how we would go able dealing with incidents that put the people of Sommerton at risk or people who could cause problem within the community and we came up with the 4 streak policy.
Holdyn: 4 streak policy?
Nathaniel: so if you are involved in an incident that distraughts the peace, the 1st streak is a verbal warning from any senior council member, 2nd streak is a meeting with myself where we discuss your actions and warn you about the 3rd streak
Holdyn: 3rd streak I assume is the mark
Nathaniel: quick to solve, well done. 3rd streak, we have to show that actions have consequences which if you can agree is fair enough
Holdyn: I can see your point of view and the 4th and final streak
Nathaniel: we have no choice but you send you away from Sommerton, at that point you have become a burden here and are a risk to the community and we have done all we can
Holdyn: as much as I am not a fan of the physical harm I understand your method
Nathaniel: see Holdyn, we do to protect the good people of Sommerton, Gavin received his 3rd streak after his altercation with Henry so he knows if he becomes a burden he will have no choice but to leave
Holdyn: does this mean I'm on my first streak?
Nathaniel: oh god no, you wanted to know more about the place our living in, Im not going to hide that from you, but I will give you this warning. if you want to know anything just ask, Sommerton has no secrets
Holdyn: everyone has secrets
Nathaniel: Sommerton is a place not a person, how I think that concludes our chat
Holdyn: it does
As the pair stand up, Nathaniel holds out his hand as the pair shake hands as Holdyn walks over to the door and exits, the camera then turns back to Nathaniel whose face turns from a pleasant smile to somehow of a frown as e walks over to the his window looking back on everyone in Sommerton, he firstly looks over at Gavin who is keeping to himself, next towards Holdyn who is walking outside as he exchanges a friendly hello to Harley, finally he looks over to Eliza who turns her head looking up at Nathaniel as the pair exchange a head nod.

-End Of Scene-

The camera pans into the apartment where Iris and JJ are standing in front of Monica and Raven as they discuss the option of trading between the two settlements

Iris: think about it sis, if both here and the town hall start having a trading agreement we can slowly start to rebuild the town
JJ: exactly, once the trading starts. We can slowly build a path where potentially people from town hall can move here and help you guys out with any supply runs or tasks that you need to accomplish
Monica: I can see the logic in that
Iris: plus it means we can slowly start to create a route between the two settlements which could create more space for our communities to live and start to take back Sommerton
Monica: and rebuild it into a larger safe haven
JJ: exactly
Raven: well I must commend you both on this very well thought out plan
Monica: yeah I gotta say Iris, your almost as organised as me
Iris: I try
Raven: however I must ask the question regarding the leader over at town hall since i know neither of you are that person
JJ: I'm sure Nathaniel will be onboard, especially since it will be a beneficial aspect to rebuilding Sommerton again
Raven: well I mean if he was willing to come here and discuss it or Monica could accompany you back and discuss there with him, I see you concerns of doubts as to why this won't work.
Iris: that's great
Monica: we could always send myself and one other person back with Iris to discuss the plan with, who was he called again
JJ: his name is Nathaniel
Iris: and we could always leave a couple people here to keep things running smoothly here so you guys do not get into any trouble
Raven: that is very kind of you
Suddenly a knock is heard at the door as Tony walks in
Raven: is everything ok my dear
Tony: no it isn't
Monica: what's wrong
Tony: well you might want to look outside and see for yourself
The group head to the window that Monica closed, as she opens its, they see a herd of walkers outside the apartment as the start to feel the building shake, as the camera cuts to walkers banging on the door as Big Dom can be seen at the entrance looking nervous afraid as he runs through a stairwell to head to the group.

-End Of Episode-

Thoughts on the episode?
Thoughts on the Apartments and the people?
Why was Gavin so quiet towards Holdyn?
Thoughts on Iris and JJ's plan?
Why was Tony eavesdropping?
Why was Henry so hesitant for Holdyn to talk to Nathaniel?
Thoughts on Holdyn and Nathaniel's conversation?
What's in store for the apartment with the walkers approaching?
Favourite/least favourite characters?
Any other comments or concerns or theories?
You happy this is back?

Just so you know I have written the next couple of episodes after this so I will at least end this season, I have gotten my creative juices back so I might do a season 3 just looking that how I'm gonna fit it into real life schedule.


yasss so glad this is back, ill read and answer questions later! :)
Sent by RyanAndrews,Nov 2, 2017
Thoughts on the episode? First I want to say that I am super happy and excited that the series are back. Amazing return!
Thoughts on the Apartments and the people? I like how Monica and Raven are in charge being co-leaders. Monica can learn a lot from Raven and Raven can benefit from Monica's character and young mindset.
Why was Gavin so quiet towards Holdyn? I honestly have no idea. The guy doesn't seem that bad
Thoughts on Iris and JJ's plan? i don't think its going to work. Nathaniel is shaady
Why was Tony eavesdropping? maybe he is Nathaniel's spy?
Why was Henry so hesitant for Holdyn to talk to Nathaniel? Henry is always paranoid, he thinks that Holdyn is going to make his life worse once again and wants to prevent it.
Thoughts on Holdyn and Nathaniel's conversation? Nathaniel explained the things very well and everything seems legit, but "seems" is not enough!!
What's in store for the apartment with the walkers approaching? Someone is gonna die, but I don't know who. DRAMA
Favourite/least favourite characters? I like most of them to be honest.
Any other comments or concerns or theories? There is definitely something going between Nathaniel and Eliza! They are bad news! I really like them both and cant wait to find out what they are hiding!
You happy this is back? YAAAAAAAAAASSS!
Sent by Katherinee_,Nov 3, 2017
Thoughts on the episode? It's great to be back
Thoughts on the Apartments and the people? I can't tell whether they're less shady or more shady than the people in town
Why was Gavin so quiet towards Holdyn? one word: Secrets
Thoughts on Iris and JJ's plan? It might fail, it might not, the results will be exciting anyways.
Why was Tony eavesdropping? Who doesn't love snooping once that awhile.
Why was Henry so hesitant for Holdyn to talk to Nathaniel? He's worried Holdyn is plotting something.
Thoughts on Holdyn and Nathaniel's conversation? I don't trust things.
What's in store for the apartment with the walkers approaching? People gonna die.
Favourite/least favourite characters? None
Any other comments or concerns or theories? None.
You happy this is back? Yes.
Sent by Fell6,Nov 3, 2017
*Looks at her computer screen and checks her mail and sees that this is back*
......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Pushes her homework to the side to read it*

Thoughts on the episode? I loved it!
Thoughts on the Apartments and the people? I think there all kinda mysterious but hey so are the people in the town :P
Why was Gavin so quiet towards Holdyn? The Shade is being thrown there
Thoughts on Iris and JJ's plan? I'm excited to see what happens there
Why was Tony eavesdropping?  Probably to learn some secrets idk
Why was Henry so hesitant for Holdyn to talk to Nathaniel? Henry doesn't want holdyn to get them kicked out of sommerton
Thoughts on Holdyn and Nathaniel's conversation? Nataniel seems a little too calm for holdyns snooping HMMMMM
What's in store for the apartment with the walkers approaching? Those zombies are about to get there thanksgiving I'm guessing lol
Favourite/least favourite characters? I love almost every character each one has there flaws and strengths
Any other comments or concerns or theories? No
You happy this is back? YAS
Sent by HarleyPuddin,Nov 3, 2017

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