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Death Awakens Season 2, Episode 14 “Starting Over”

Apr 15, 2019 by MrPokeguy9

Main Cast:
Chris Luna
Iris Sinclair
Henry Jaxxon
Holdyn Maring
Monica Sinclair
Nathaniel Waters
Mayson Rivera

Also Starring:
Eliza Montgomery
JJ Slone
Tabatha Reynolds
Max Lakers
Channie Lakers
Big Dom
Tony Mott

Jojo Kincaid -Blood lose from fall, killed before turning- Episode 4
Nicholas Lee -bitten in neck by walker and stabbed by JJ- Episode 6
Margie Luke -cause of death unknown, reanimated and killed by Big Dom- Episode 9
Alice Grimes -devoured by walkers- Episode 9
Tisha Mai -bitten by ankle and then grabbed by walker and fell down stairwell- Episode 9
Raven Winters -trapped in apartments, killed by toxic gases- Episode 9
Spencer Thompson -pulls into a group of walkers and devoured- Episode 11
Sonia Valentine -ran into a herd of walkers- Episode 13
Harley Leonna -shot in the head by a mystery person- Episode 13
Sierra Quinn -locked herself in town hall complex and status unknown- Episode 13

-Episode 14-

the camera pans over a dense woodland, trees cover miles of land as the darkness takes over, slowly a women can be heard running whilst breathing heavily, suddenly the camera cuts to a close up of Iris who is sprinting through the dark forest with Eliza behind her, Iris is still carrying an injured Channie as growls can be heard all around her.

Eliza: keep going we’re almost there

They continue running, it sounds like the growls are getting larger and closer as a sense of panic set in Iris wanting to get to the safe house, suddenly they run into a clearing to see a wooden two story house in the clearing, Tony at the door waving to the girls

Tony: quickly get in!

The trio rush in to the house as Tony quickly shuts and locks the door. Iris is still breathing heavily when Gavin comes over and takes Channie off her and takes her into another room as Eliza follows them. Iris looks up to see Tony, Nathaniel, Henry and Mayson sitting around as she looks for others.

Iris: where is everyone else
Nathaniel: this is all that made it here
Mayson: loads of people got ambushed by walkers on the way here
Iris: my god
Eliza walks out of the other room
Eliza: Mary is in the back with Max & Channie
Iris: how are they holding up?
Eliza: they will be fine, Max is awake, Channie has lost blood but will be fine once Mary and I stitch her up
Iris: ok thank you
Eliza nods as she returns into the other room
Nathaniel: well this was an unexpected turn of events
Henry: it’s not unexpected, we were targeted
Nathaniel: what do you mean
Henry: me and Tony noticed people cutting holes in the fences, people are trying to overrun us with walkers
Nathaniel: this cant be true
Tony: it is, it has to be the same people that ambushed me & Iris back at the highway
Iris: why would people be doing this
Eliza: because they’ve found us
Eliza re-enters the room
Iris: you think those bandits have found us
Eliza: it was only a matter of time
Henry: woah hold on? What bandits? What are you talking about
Eliza sighs as she sits down
Eliza: I feel I have to be honest with you all

Tony, Henry & others exchange confused looks as Iris & Nathaniel take a breath as the camera pans on Eliza who is clearly nervous.

-End Of Scene-

The camera cuts back to inside the house as Eliza is sat in the living room with Iris, Nathaniel, Henry & Mayson as the others look to her before she finally speaks

Eliza: Nathaniel & Iris are already aware of this but before I got to Sommerton, I was ambushed by a group of bandits, they lived north of the town about 20 miles north so they were far, I never told them about this place, but I assume they found out about us which is why they attacked
Henry: so you knew about these people and didn’t tell ANYONE!
Eliza: well firstly I told Nathaniel, JJ & Harley, Iris found out during the evacuation. Secondly I was going to inform everyone else, once we were ready to battle them
Tony: battle?
Mayson: hold up, so you’re telling me there are crazy psychos out there attacking whoever and you wanted us to fight them
Eliza: when we were ready
Nathaniel: Eliza knew that when we were strong, we could defeat them and stop them from killing us
Henry: so you’re telling me this crazy bitch was just training us up to fight her stupid battle
the room goes quiet as everyone stays in silence for a moment
Eliza: look, I’m not sitting here and saying everything I did was wrong, however now we all know so either we sit here and become sitting ducks or we fight them
Henry: you really think I’m about to help you
Iris: Henry
Henry: no Iris, I’m not about to sit here and be her little minion and do whatever she says, I don’t take orders from her and neither should you Nathaniel
Nathaniel: right ok, looks like everyone needs to have a moment to breath since this is shocking news, Henry you head upstairs, Tony & Gavin be on lookout.
As everyone goes to their positions, Mayson walk up to Eliza who is clearly irritated by the talk
Eliza: yes Mayson
Mayson: I’m not saying what you did was write but if they are the bad guys then we need to get rid of them
Eliza: thank you Mayson
Mayson shrugs as she walks upstairs as Eliza takes a sigh of relief

In the other room, Max is sitting on a chair watching Mary stitch up Channie’s leg, he tries to wipe away tears as Iris walks into the room.

Iris: hey Mary how is Channie doing
Mary: she’ll recover, however the damage to her leg is serious, without professional help...
Max: she’s screwed basically
Mary: well no, just quick getaways will be difficult for her
Iris: thank you for the update Mary
Mary nods as she makes her way out the room, Iris sits next to Max
Iris: I’d ask how your feeling but we both know the answer
Max: why did it have to be Channie though, she done enough wrong
Max starts to tear up as Iris comes over and puts an arm round his shoulder
Iris: the world has done to shit Max, a lot of bad shit has happened to too many good people
Max: yeah but it shouldn’t have happened to Channie, I was meant to protect her
Iris: and you have and still are
Max: no I haven’t....
Iris: she’s still alive isn’t she
Max: barely
Iris: but she’s still survive Max, you haven’t screwed anything up
Max: it feels like it
Iris: ok, let’s see it this way, what would Channie say in this situation
Max: she’s say that it wasn’t my fault because there was nothing I could have done to prevented it
Iris: well then there you go
Channie: I also would say stop crying cause I’m not dead
Iris & Max look over as Channie starts to open her eyes and move her head
Max rushes over to his sisters side and hugs her, Channie smiles but winces slightly as Iris gently pulls him away
Max: I’m so sorry Channie
Channie: Iris just explained this Max, you don’t need,to be sorry, I’m still alive ain’t I
Iris: exactly, how you feeling
Channie: really tired but that’s to be expected with the amount of blood I lost and I can’t really feel my right leg so I kinda already know the deal
Max: Channie I’m so..
Channie: Maxwell Benedict Lakers don’t even go there
Iris: oh damn she said your full name
The three of them stay silent for a moment before laughing toward for a moment. As the laughter dies down Max looks over at his sister and smiles
Max: I’m really glad your ok
Channie: and I’m glad your ok
Iris: I’m glad we’re all ok
Channie: I have a question though
Iris: go on
Channie: do we know what happened to the others
Iris: no actually and that’s a good point, let me go ask Eliza

Iris gets up and rushes into the living room as Channie looks over at her brother and smiles. Max smiles back as he holds on his sister’s hand and squeezes it, a sense of calm and happiness fills the room.

-End Of Scene-

Back upstairs Henry is walking around a bedroom, clearly frustrated with the conversation that has just happened, not being able to sit down due to his frustration, he starts tapping a desk as Nathaniel walks in calmly and shuts the door.

Henry: I seriously can’t right now Nathaniel
Nathaniel: I’m aware
Henry: and you knew this whole time
Nathaniel: yes but let me explain
Henry: what is there to explain, you guys were building not only my group up but other civilians to fight her battles
Nathaniel: her battle would have become our battle sooner or later and right now that’s pretty much become the case
Henry: how do we even know it’s them
Nathaniel: geographically speaking they are nearest group of people we know of in our area
Henry: true
Nathaniel: plus by the way Eliza was speaking about them, these guys that ambushed us seem like the same guys
Henry: I mean who else would cover themselves in guts and would walkers as a shield to destroy our settlement
Nathaniel: exactly
Henry: but why did you want to go along with Eliza’s plan?
Nathaniel: because it could have worked out well for us
Henry: now this I have to hear
Nathaniel: think about it, we take over their community, have strong people on our side and become the dominant community, nobody will be able to defend us
Henry: that’s a good point
Nathaniel: plus if me and you were the leaders, we would slowly be able to rebuild not only their settlement but other settlements into a way that we wanted and take ourselves in a new ages were we make the rules of the world
Henry: and no one can stop us when we become too powerful
Nathaniel: exactly my friend
Henry: we can finally create the world we want, that deserves to be made
Nathaniel: now your following
Nathaniel comes across pats Henry on the shoulders
Nathaniel: once all the pieces come together, we can finally have our own way
Henry: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
Nathaniel: it already was, all I did was show you what we can achieve
Henry: and it’s beautiful

The pair of them laugh, Henry has a hint of evil in his laugh as Henry takes to relax and Nathaniel starts to smile deviously. The camera cuts to other side of the door where Mayson is over hearing their conversation. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head before moving away from the door.

-End Of Scene-

The camera cuts to outside the house. Gavin & Tony are both outside the house, Tony on one side of he porch, Gavin on the other as Iris walks out the door and greets them both.

Iris: how is it looking out here boys
Tony: seems to be clear
Gavin: haven’t heard any noises in the bushes so hopefully they have passed us
Iris: you think they are looking for us
Tony: 100%, they attacked us multiple times, they probably even ambushed Monica and other which is why they aren’t here
Iris: I hope they are ok
Tony: I know Monica will is fine along with everyone
Iris: I know but it’s the fact I don’t know where she is which makes me nervous
Tony: I’m sure she will be walking up to meet us in no time...AHHH
Tony suddenly falls to his knees as a knife goes straight into his side, Iris rushes to Tony as Gavin looks around as Eliza comes rushes out with Mayson at the window.
Eliza: what happened
Iris: someone is here
Suddenly a man comes walking up towards the house, slowly clapping, Gavin and Eliza both point their guns as the man chuckles
Man: oh I wouldn’t do that if I were you
Gavin: what’s your name
Man: I could ask you the same thing, sadly I don’t care enough
Eliza: considering you highly outnumbered, I don’t think you have the right to tell us what to do
Man: oh on the contrary, I have man in the bushes with guns pointed all at your faces so I think it’s the other way round
Eliza & Gavin look at each other for a moment before lowering their guns
Man: smart choice there
Iris: so what’s your name
Man: yall ready care to know my name huh, well it’s Alec
Iris: what do you want, why have you and your people been attacking our group
Alec: I have no idea what your talking about
Tony: oh give it a rest you idiot
Alec: hmmm pretty mouthy for a guy who just got a knife thrown at his side
Iris: he has a point, we know what you and your people have been doing so I’ll ask again, why have you been attacking us
Alec: well I mean it’s very simple. You have supplies, we want them, you have weapons, we want them, you have females......we want them if you know what I mean
Eliza: you disgusting creature
Alec without missing a beat draws out his gun and points it at Eliza who doesn’t react whatsoever
Alec: hmmm, guess your not scared of a gun huh
Alec stays closer
Alec: hang on a minute I remember you, weren’t you the old hag who we ambushed a few months back.....yeah, killed your husband, took your child, left you on the road to die.....shame that last part didn’t happen
Eliza: yeah it is a shame for you
Alec: ballsy thing to say to a man pointing a gun at you....I admire it
Alec puts his gun back in his pocket
Alec: so here’s what is going to happen, you’re gonna give us your weapons and supplies, we will head back to our base and you’ll move on
Iris: not gonna happen
Alec: oh I think it will
Iris: in your dreams maybe
Alec takes a step closer and glares at Iris
Alec: be thankful I’m not taking you back for the boys to have fun with ya, cause I’m real close to making it happen
Iris: you wouldn’t even be able to drag me 2 feet
Alec: hmmm I like a challenge
Alec starts to slowly walk
Alec: now I am going to say this again, give us your supplies and weapons and be on your merry way....if you don’t agree this’ll regret it
Eliza: as we said before we ain’t giving you shit
Alec: are you sure that’s your final answer
Iris: go to hell
Alec: don’t say I didn’t warn you
Without missing a beat again, Alec in lighting speed, takes out his gun and fires a shot, right into Tony’s head. Iris screams as the bullet misses her and Tony falls into her arms lifeless as Blood starts to drip out of the wound, Eliza looks on in shock as Alec quickly aims his gun at Gavin before Gavin even as time to react
Alec: you aim your gun and you’ll be next fella
Gavin lowers his gun as Alec starts smiling
Alec: ok I think you’ve got the message by now, if you don’t give me what I asked for, that shit will keep happening
Iris: why do this, why can’t you live with other people
Alec: wanna ask a stupid question like that
Iris: I’m still waiting for your stupid answer
Alec rolls his eyes as he begins to talk
Alec: because most people now are weak, they want solidarity and peace in a world that is plagued with death and destruction, the only way we survive this world is by becoming the strongest, by taking what we need in order to survive and letting the weak die out, which would be you guys if you hadn’t already guessed it by now
Eliza: you think we’re weak
Alec chuckles as Eliza takes a couple steps towards him
Eliza: oh laugh all you want but the last thing you’re gonna do is call us weak, cause all you’ve done here is fuel our fire and my only intention now is to watch you and all your men burn to the ground
Alec: well that’s very sweet of you to say but boss man back at base won’t let that happen, especially not by the names of some old hag like you
Eliza: it’s a shame your boss man doesn’t realise that a women’s scorn is a deadly thing
Alec: so is my gun, guess you’ll learn that the hard way

As Alec points his gun at Eliza’s head as everyone looks in shock. Suddenly another gun shot is heard as Alec screams in pain as he falls to his knee, grabbing onto his leg that starts to seps with blood. The group look around confused for a moment, before Chris comes walking out with a gun in his followed, Tabatha & JJ follow him. On the other side Monica, Holdyn & Big Dom walk out as the group in the cabin look out in happiness

Iris: Monica!
Mayson: Chris! Holdyn!
Chris & Holdyn smile at Mayson who is in the window
Eliza: JJ good to see you
JJ: likewise
Iris: how did you know we were here
Monica: JJ knew of the safe house
Chris: we made our way here on feet, once we heard the commotion, we knew we had to be quiet
JJ: don’t worry though his 4 men that were hiding in the bushes have been taken care of
Alec: you dirty animals
Monica: oh now we’re the animals, funny how the tables turn
Alec spits at Monica who quickly kicks him in the face as he,struggles to get back to his feet. By this time Eliza has made her way towards him and the other
Eliza: looks like you underestimated us
Alec: on the contrary, you underestimated how much shit you’ve just gotten yourself into
JJ: well in that case why don’t you send a message back to your leader
Alec: go on
JJ: tell him to leave us alone
Monica: and if he tries to attack us again
Iris: it will be the last thing he does
Chris: because we will death his base to the ground
Holdyn: and every bad soul in it
Eliza: because are done being scared and we aren’t scared of you
Alec starts to laugh
Alec: well I already know his answer.....EAT SHIT!
the group stare at him as he continues to laugh, suddenly Eliza grabs her gun and points it right at Alec’s skull
Eliza: guess we will have to send him that message ourselves, but before I send you on your way, who should I address the message too?
Alec: Kenneth
Eliza: well don’t worry I’ll make sure Kenneth gets the message loud and clear, I’m sure he’ll see you very soon

Before Alec can even have time to response, Eliza pulls her trigger sending a bullet through Alec’s skull before he falls to the ground unconscious. The group look at Eliza whose cold demeanour suddenly relaxes as they start to realise they are no longer in any danger at the moment.

JJ: Eliza are you...
Eliza: I’m fine, really
Monica: oh my god Tony
Monica rushes over to Tony who Iris is still holding, trying to hold back tears as she looks at his lifeless body as Nathaniel, Henry, Mayson, Mary, Max & Channie all exit the house. The group look around at each other in despair
Holdyn: so what’s the plan now then
Henry: what do you mean
Holdyn: I mean what are we going to do about these bandits
Chris: I think we all know
Tabatha: we do
Eliza: yes we do!
Iris: Eliza is right
Iris stands up as everyone looks at her
Iris: we know we have to fight now
Henry: wait are you seriously
Iris: yes! Regardless of how everyone feels, they have sent a message to us with this, they’ve shown that they will kill us in order to advance so now we have a choice, kill or be killed
Chris: as much as I hate to admit it but Iris is right
Nathaniel: yes she is, but we can do this, we are strong, we will not let them win. Sure we don’t have a base right now, yes we may have to retreat for now until we have somewhere secure.....but once we do, Kenneth and these bandits will realise who they have messed with and realise we are not afraid of them and never will be.
Eliza: this is for everyone they have husband, Nicholas, Spencer, Harley. This is for all of them
Iris: we have to do it for them
Nathaniel: and we will....together!

As the camera pans around, it looks at every member of the group, faces determined, the camera goes pass Chris & Holdyn who hold each other’s hands and smile as Mayson comes over to them with a determined expression. The camera also goes past Max & Channie, Max holding up Channie as they smile over at the others. Then next to Henry who looks nervously around the group. Finally it goes past Eliza and Nathaniel who have an angry yet determined expression, resting on a close up of Iris. Eyes welling up with tears but still looking determined and ready to fight this upcoming battle as the camera cuts to black.

-End Of Scene-

The camera pans into a warehouse as men are seen walking around with heavy equipment and weapons as the camera pans to a table as it goes to the back of a chair, someone is seen sitting on the chair, facing away from the camera as a man approaching them.

Man: Kenneth
Kenneth: do you have news
Man: we managed to remove those survivors from town hall
Kenneth: I’m hearing a bug coming
Man: but when they were found by Alec, he and his men were killed by them
Kenneth sighs as the camera moves towards his face, revealing a broad men with a black beard and look black hair, quite muscular wearing a black denim jacket.
Kenneth: well looks like we’re gonna have to get our hands dirty and finish the job then won’t we

The Kenneth closes in on Kenneth as they starts to snarl evilly and he deviously smirks into the camera, suddenly the camera cuts to black.

-End Of Episode-

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