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Death Awakens Season 2, Episode 10 “Suspicions”

Apr 2, 2019 by MrPokeguy9

Main Cast:
Chris Luna
Iris Sinclair
Henry Jaxxon
Holdyn Maring
Monica Sinclair
Nathaniel Waters
Sierra Quinn
Mayson Rivera

Also Starring:
Eliza Montgomery
JJ Slone
Tabatha Reynolds
Harley Leonna
Max Lakers
Channie Lakers
Spencer Thompson
Gavin Murray
Big Dom
Sonia Valentine
Tony Mott

Jojo Kincaid -Blood lose from fall, killed before turning- Episode 4
Nicholas Lee -bitten in neck by walker and stabbed by JJ- Episode 6
Margie Luke -cause of death unknown, reanimated and killed by Big Dom- Episode 9
Alice Grimes -devoured by walkers- Episode 9
Tisha Mai -bitten by ankle and then grabbed by walker and fell down stairwell- Episode 9
Raven Winters -trapped in apartments, killed by toxic gases- Episode 9

-Episode 10-

The camera pans over a quiet abandoned Sommerton, next panning over the apartment that is how abandoned, slowly panning towards the town hall, the camera cuts into the outside where people are working away, next in the canteen where people are eating and enjoying themselves, finally the camera cuts to the male shift hospital where Eliza and Chris can be seen with the newcomers alongside Iris and JJ who are watching them finish up examining the patiences.

Eliza: well you all mean fit and healthy, no bites or serious injuries
Chris: the only minor injury was Tony’s arm but I can patch that up if you want
Eliza: I would appreciate that greatly Christopher
Tony: yeah thanks for the help

Chris starts to bandage up Tony’s arm as Tony smiles, Eliza approaches Iris, JJ and Monica

Eliza: so Miss Monica, seems all of your people are fit and able
Monica: thank you again for looking over us all and helping us with the fall of our previous settlement
Eliza: not at all, the people of Sommerton need to look out for each other
JJ: had we known you were located there we would have come sooner and spoken with you guys
Monica: well at least one good thing came out of all of this
Eliza: and what might that be?
Monica: I got to reunite with my sister
Iris and Monica exchange a smile as Eliza takes a moment to acknowledge the statement
Eliza: oh so you are sisters
Iris: you bet, have not spoke in years
Monica: but being reunited now, I’m sure we will have plenty of time to catch up
JJ: and I’m sure Nathaniel won’t mind the extra set of hands here either

Chris and Tony join the rest of the group

Chris: right Tony is all patched up, I’m going to go check up in Holdyn
Iris: don’t leave him waiting too long, he might go crazy
JJ: why don’t I come with you, we can check on the others and get all the new residents settled in
Eliza: fabulous idea, I will tidy up everything here, Iris, JJ why don’t you get our newcomers settled into their rooms and I will get Nathaniel to introduce himself as well.

As the rest of the group leaves to settle in, Eliza begins clearing up in the infirmary, a look of frustration and slight panic traces her face as she quickly looks back at the newcomers, concerned.

-End Of Scene-

Outside in the courtyard Henry is watching over as Harley, Holdyn, Mayson & others are doing their jobs as he notices Chris, JJ, Iris, Monica & Tony walk up to them. Holdyn gets up from his chair and hugs Chris, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek

Holdyn: took you long enough to come see me
Chris: sorry was just helping Eliza finishing up with everyone
Holdyn: I can see, hi I’m Holdyn
Monica: I’m Monica and this is Tony
Tony: pleasure is all mi...
Tony stops his sentence when his eyes turn to Harley, fear filling his eyes as Harley gets up and walks over to Tony, extending her hand
Harley: I’m Harley, nice to meet ya, have you guys been shown around yet
Monica: not yet, was just wondering where the rest of my group was
Mayson: last I saw them they were being sent to the canteen by little miss bossy boots
Harley: Mayson!
Holdyn: she’s referring to Tabatha, Nathaniels assistant
Mayson: you all agree with me
Harley: regardless of our opinions, they are with Tabatha being shown around, ill take you there if you want
Monica: oh I’m good thanks, I think I’ll stay with my sister for a while
Harley: alright well I’ll take Tony
Tony: oh! Um if it’s too much hassle I’ll wait with Monica
Harley: nonsense happy to show you around Tony
Tony: oh right ok
As Harley starts to head inside with Tony hesitantly follows her, Henry makes his way to the others still outside
Henry: and why have we stopped doing their jobs
Holdyn: relax Henry, Iris is just introducing us to her sister
Henry: her sister! So we has reinforcements now
Monica: you must be Henry, well I’m Monica it’s a pleasure to meet you
Henry: if you’re anything like your sister, pleasure wouldn’t be the word to describe this first encounter
Monica: well even though I have been informed about you, I will make my own judgements first
Henry: huh pretty and smart, Iris should take some pointers from you
Iris goes to walk towards Henry but Monica stops her
Monica: oh don’t worry Henry, my Iris is smart enough to know when to stand her ground
Monica steps towards Henry
Monica: just like I know that if you think for a second you can weasel your way into my good books after the crap you’ve pulled on my sister, just remember Henry, like you said I could brains so I wouldn’t get me mad
Clearly shaken by Monica, Henry struggles go formulate a response
Chris: ok so since I’m now back and Henry is clearly at a lose for words, why don’t I take over and he can go rest
Mayson: he can go find Tabatha
Holdyn: MAYSON!
Mayson giggles as she watches Henry walks away from the group, clearly not certain on how to take the previous encounter as Iris smiles on watching him leave
Iris: I am so glad you put him in his place
Monica: oh please Iris, you know we’ve deal with bigger arseholes than him, he is all bark and no bite
Iris: very true, well I’m still glad your here, well I guess I should reunite you with your group and finally get you settled in
Monica: great! Well it was nice meeting you guys
Chris: you too
Holdyn: talk soon
Iris and Monica smile and wave at Chris, Holdyn & Mayson as they walk into the town hall as Mayson, Holdyn & Chris all sit back down to continue their jobs

-End Of Scene-

Inside the town hall, Harley is walking fast down a corridor as Tony nervously follows in tow looking anxious.

Harley: I’m not gonna lie, I’m surprised to see you still alive
Tony: were so am I
Harley: you gonna reveal how you managed to get with that group
Tony: what do you mean
Harley stops dead in her tracks and turns to Tony with an icy glare
Harley: how did you manage to escape prison Tony since last I heard, all the guards left you all to rot in jail and turn
Tony: some of us managed to escape through the vents, which was lucky since one whole ward had turned and were starting to overrun the pal d
Harley: if only they had gotten to you before then
Tony: wow really nice of you to say
Harley: what do you expect me to feel Tony, your not exactly the first person I want to see
Tony: well I am and you will have to get use to it, look I’m sorry for what happened before all of tis went down but we’re here now and I’m here to make sure the people who have kept me safe are safe and that me, you, them and everyone survives
Harley: just know I’m watching you, canteen is down this corridor and through the double door
Harley starts to walk back down the corridor as Tony takes a deep calming breath making his way to the mess hall. Harley suddenly turns around
Harley: and before you worry, I won’t say anything about your past unless I need too
Tony: thanks

Tony turns back and enters the canteen as Harley watches him enter, keeping her gaze fixed on him and the door, a worried expression on her face.

-End Of Scene-

In the Canteen, the rest of Monica’s group are sitting around the same table waiting for Monica to appear.

Big Dom: I wonder what is taking Monica so long
Tony: she must still be with Iris
Big Dom: anyone else think that is just crazy
Spencer: what?
Big Dom: were in a world where almost everyone with knew and loved is either died or apart of the dead roaming the earth and Monica reunites with her sister
Spencer: I mean that is crazy, how long has this apocalypse been going on for
Tony: pretty sure it’s only been like 6 months
Big Dom: still that is crazy

Monica and Iris enter the canteen shortly followed by Eliza with Nathaniel in tow. Tony, Big Dom & Spencer quickly hug Monica & Iris as Channie & Max stay back and smile at them both. Nathaniel warmly smiles at everyone

Nathaniel: well, finally we get to meet, welcome to our little safe zone, my name is Nathaniel
Monica: Monica, nice to meet you
Nathaniel: pleasure is all mean, now I know you’ve met Eliza here who looked over you and Tabatha my personal assistant
Max: sure seems like she’s personal to you
Monica: MAX!
Nathaniel: oh no need Monica, I see this young lads got a good eye, sharp, good traits
Monica glares at Max who shrugs his shoulders as Nathaniel continues talking
Nathaniel: now you are more than welcome to stay here, I mean considering you are family of Iris, how can I say no
Iris: I mean it would have caused a riot
Nathaniel: indeed, but we have beds and supplies to cover you all, we just ask you do your part and help out so everyone can thrive
Monica: we will be more than happy too
Big Dom: I use to be a chef so if you ever need help in the kitchen, I’m your guy
Nathaniel: well thank you that would be much appreciated, if anyone has any useful skills please inform us and we will put you to good use
Monica: certainly Nathaniel, we appreciate you letting us join your community
Nathaniel: it is nothing really, we help you so you can help us, it’s how we live nowadays, how I have to tend to some things so I’m sure Iris can show you to where we all sleep and I will get Eliza to rely to the others jobs you can get started on

With a joyful nod, Nathaniel says goodbye to the newcomers as he exits the canteen with Eliza by his side

Nathaniel: thoughts on them
Eliza: they seem like a strong group, really good fighters which we need
Nathaniel: and the children
Eliza: like you said the boy is sharp, the girl seems timid but looks to be observant and vigilant
Nathaniel: is that good or bad
Eliza: depends on how she takes us
Nathaniel: so does this cause any issues to the plan
Eliza: Of course not, if anything, it gives us all people to use for it

Eliza smirks as she continues walking down the corridor with Nathaniel as they enter his office.

-End Of Scene-

Back in the courtyard, Chris is up top with a couple of guards watching over everyone. Holdyn is currently showing Tony & Spencer how to use some of the power tools as Henry is busy cutting planks in half. Harley starts to walk over to Chris.

Harley: so how you feeling about the new additions
Chris: feeling good, I mean Monica seems to be exactly like Iris so I believe they are good people
Harley: well let’s not judge a book by its cover, we haven’t gotten to know them yet
Chris: very true but you guys were open to letting us in not even s month back
Harley: that’s because we got the sense that most of you guys were good people
Chris: most?
Harley: I mean you got Henry the hothead but he’s still willing to simmer down
Chris: you think anyone in Monica’s group could be trouble
Harley: don’t know, only time will tell I guess

As Harley says that, the camera pans over to Tony, Spencer and Holdyn as Tony looks up smiling, his gaze shifting as it reaches Harley, his smile quickly fades as he watches Harley watch him as Chris walks away from Harley, Harley continues to stare at Tony making sure he knows she will watching him.

-End Of Episode-


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i love the episode
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