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Death Awakens Season 2, Episode 12 “Secrets Exposed”

Apr 9, 2019 by MrPokeguy9

Main Cast:
Chris Luna
Iris Sinclair
Henry Jaxxon
Holdyn Maring
Monica Sinclair
Nathaniel Waters
Sierra Quinn
Mayson Rivera

Also Starring:
Eliza Montgomery
JJ Slone
Tabatha Reynolds
Harley Leonna
Max Lakers
Channie Lakers
Big Dom
Sonia Valentine
Tony Mott

Jojo Kincaid -Blood lose from fall, killed before turning- Episode 4
Nicholas Lee -bitten in neck by walker and stabbed by JJ- Episode 6
Margie Luke -cause of death unknown, reanimated and killed by Big Dom- Episode 9
Alice Grimes -devoured by walkers- Episode 9
Tisha Mai -bitten by ankle and then grabbed by walker and fell down stairwell- Episode 9
Raven Winters -trapped in apartments, killed by toxic gases- Episode 9
Spencer Thompson -pulls into a group of walkers and devoured- Episode 11

-Episode 12-

the camera pans on the highway as the camera travels down a herd, walkers being seen heading in the same direction until they start to bunch together against a set of cars set up as a barricade, suddenly the camera cuts back to the herd as a silhouette stands up from the herd. The figure turns revealing himself to be Spencer, guts hanging out as he has re-animated as he starts banging against the cars trying to get to Harley, Iris & Tony who are still in shock about what has happened

Tony: I swear someone pulled him under
Harley: how is that even possible, no human can be around walkers without getting attacked
Tony: I don’t know
Iris: they could have covered themselves in guts to disguise their smell
Harley: but still, it doesn’t add up Iris
Tony: and a walker having that much strength to drag a person doesn’t add up either
Harley: yeah but this situation adds up when your involved Tony
Iris: hold up, why’s that Harley, you don’t even know him
Harley: that’s what you think
Tony: Harley dont
Harley: no I will, you see Iris, me and Tony know each other
Iris: what?
Harley: yeah we knew of each other before this whole thing started, because I watched him get sent to prison......for assisting the murder of my brother
Iris: Tony is that true

Tony tries to speak but his emotions cut him off as he starts to breakdown, Harley gives him an icy glare as she starts to walk back towards Sommerton, Iris slowly walks over and kneels next to Tony as he looks up at Iris trying to speak but still can’t. Iris helps Tony to his feet walking with him back to Sommerton trying to calm him down.

The camera cuts back to the walkers by the barricade as the blacked out figure who is seen covered in guts starts to push the cars apart, creating a breach for the walkers to get through. Walkers starts to enter through the breach and walks off towards where Iris, Tony & Harley walked too. The camera cuts back to the blacked out figure who is standing by the cars as a zombified Spencer follows the herd as the blacked out figure walks in the other direction out of shot.

-End Of Scene-

Back at All Goods, Holdyn & Tabatha are still outside surveying the area. Holdyn continues walking his set path as Tabatha is chilling in the back of the jeep drinking up water as she sits up to look over at Holdyn.

Tabatha: still doing your cardio huh
Holdyn: yep
Tabatha: you know you can survey the area by standing still and looking around
Holdyn: well you could start actually looking around
Tabatha: touché
Holdyn: why are you even out here right now Tabatha
Tabatha: care to elaborate on that statement Harry
Holdyn: firstly it’s Holdyn and you know that, secondly why did you want to go out of the safe area, you’re not even helping this mission right now
Tabatha: you wanna know why
Holdyn: yes
Tabatha: well then take a sit and I’ll explain
Tabatha pats the seat next to her as Holdyn reluctantly sits next to her
Tabatha: I’m out for because number one, I needed a change of scenery instead of that desk looking at Nathaniel’s ugly old office doors and number two because I need to be out here to learn
Holdyn: learn what?
Tabatha: the thing you and your group have been great at doing, surviving.
Holdyn: but you’re still alive just like
Tabatha: because I knew where to go at the start and I’ve managed to flirt my way into a good position in that community, but I don’t know how to fight, I’ve never had to survive and fight yet, and I’m not stupid, I know I will need to at some point so I’m willing to step outside and learn
Holdyn: well I’ll respect you for that I guess
Tabatha: thanks....LOOK OUT

Holdyn looks confused as suddenly he feels something grab his arm, he quickly turns to see a walker has snuck up on them and if about to bite his arm when he starts to struggle. Panicked, Tabatha starts to look for something to use as Holdyn continues struggling with the walkers, the walkers starts to get closer to biting Holdyn’s neck when Tabatha suddenly climbs over Holdyn stabbing the walker in the head with a knife and pushes the walker off Holdyn. The pair regain their composure as they look at each other and sigh.

Holdyn: guess I knew you one
Tabatha: don’t say I don’t try
Holdyn: let’s get back to being on look out
Tabatha: ill go this way and double check no walkers are about to ambush us
Holdyn: and I’ll do the same
The pair jump out of the jeep and start to walk
Tabatha: oh and Holdyn
Holdyn: yeah
Tabatha: you should know I will always make sure I can favours returned

Tabatha smiles as her and Holdyn looks away and continue their look out ensuring no other walkers are nearby.

-End Of Scene-

Back inside All Goods, the other four are going around the centre filling up their carts. JJ goes out the canned good aisle, getting all of the canned food in this cart. the camera cuts to Big Dom, 5 big jugs of water are in his cart along with some kitchen utensils and gas canisters and portable gas stoves. The camera cuts to Chris who is slowly making his way down an aisle as Monica approaches from behind with her cart.

Monica: so found anything good
Chris: some canned meats, water the necessities
Monica looks into Chris’ cart to see about 10 big boxes of sour patch kids and bacon jerky and points to it
Monica: so all of that is necessary
Chris: it’s all packaged so it’s still good, plus you are allowed to indulge, even in the apocalypse
The pair giggle
Chris: so what have you heard
Monica: raided all the seeds, got watermelon, carrots, sweet corn the all lot
Chris: smart
Monica: as well as knives from the kitchen section for weapons, plus I grabbed some old magazines so people would have something to read so they don’t get bored
Chris: thinking of the others, I like it
Monica: thanks
The pair turn a corner and head into another aisle
Monica: so I’ve been meaning to thank you
Chris: for what?
Monica: looking after my sister since this shit started, I know my sister is a hand full but I appreciate it
Chris: you don’t need to thank me, if anything I should thank your sister for helping us out and your partners for raising a strong willed, badass person
Monica: well I’m sure my partners would blush at the compliments
Chris: I mean it though
Monica: what?
Chris: without Iris I don’t think I would have survived, she has helped me and the rest of our group so much in getting this far
Monica: well that’s good to hear
Chris: I mean we’ve all that stuff we’ve had to deal with and Iris has had her share of conflicts
Monica: yeah she told me about Henry and now he tries to turn everyone against her once he learnt she used to be an assassin.
Chris: yeah but none of us were about to let that happen, she had been with us for too long for our opinions to just suddenly change. She’s a good person and a loyal friend, me and Holdyn certainly weren’t going to let her go and if it came down to it we would have gone with her
Monica: is that so
Chris: Of course, I’d rather have an assassin on our side then some middle age man who can’t get his head out his arse
The pair chuckle at Chris’ shade
Monica: yeah she told me that you and Holdyn have been there for her the most, which is why I wanted to thank you.....having people you can trust in this world now is golden, it helps you survive knowing you don’t have to survive on your own
Chris: well don’t worry with you here now, all of our bonds can only get stronger

As they continue walking down to the end of the aisle, JJ appears as the three of them stop looking at each other’s carts.

JJ: looks like we’ve done good
Monica: yeah I think we’ve got enough supplies to last a good half a year, could always grab another cart to add a couple more months
Big Dom: way ahead of ya Monica
They all turn to see Big Dom walking towards them with two carts in front of him, both full of food, water, clothes and bedding
Monica: nice Big Dom
JJ: all of this will really help back at town hall
Chris: will make our lives a lot more comfier that’s for us
JJ: well why don’t me and Monica bring these carts back to the jeep to get it all loaded up whilst you and Big Dom quickly do around run around to see if we can’t hide anything more
Chris: on it
Big Dom: sweet, I saw hiking boots I could use and hiking bags we could all have

Monica and JJ smile as Chris & Big Dom head back down the aisles one last time to scavenger anything useful as JJ rushes over to window to get Holdyn & Tabatha over to start loading their new supplies into the jeep.

-End Of Scene-

Back in Sommerton the camera cuts into a library as the doors real open as Sonia & Sierra make their way inside the library looking at all the books on the shelves.

Sierra: wow I still can’t believe this place exists in here
Sonia: just another hidden gem on this place
Sierra: how did you even know this was here
Sonia: before this whole end of the world thing, I came here on a school trip and they showed us this, it was rarely used by using of the mayors so it was forgotten about but I’ve always used it as my secret place to calm down and find peace
Sierra: well sure is peaceful
The two of them start to go down separate aisles in the library looking at all of the books displayed. Sierra looks through the books, seeing all the titles and authors as she gets to the end of the aisle, Sonia is waiting there to spook her, Sierra jumps ready to defend herself but once she realises it is Sonia who is already laughing, she can’t help but laugh

Sonia: sorry I couldn’t resist
Sierra: my god you scared me half to death, thought that was the end
Sonia: well don’t worry I won’t let anything or anyone hurt you
Sierra: same here

Sonia smiles as she takes a step closer to Sierra as Sierra looks on and smiles, Sonia slowly closes the gap between them both as she puts her arms round Sierra’s neck, Sierra still smiling does not seem to acknowledge what Sonia is doing as they stare at each other for a brief moment, then suddenly Sonia leans in closer, kissing Sierra on the lips, Sierra freezes for a second not processing what has happened until she jolts back away from Sonia in disbelief. Sonia starts to panic

Sonia: oh I’m sorry was that too forward
Sierra: yeah just a little bit
Sonia: I’m sorry I didn’t mean too
Sierra: well clearly you did mean to kiss me or else you wouldn’t have
Sonia: because I thought you wanted too
Sierra: why did you think that, I’m not gay
Sonia starts to well up as she realises her mistake
Sonia: I’m sorry I just...
Sierra: it’s fine just give a moment to process this
Sonia: I’m sorry, please don’t tell anyone
Sierra: and whys that
Sonia: because.....because.....
Sonia starts to get emotional as she runs off towards the doors
Sierra: Sonia wait,
Sonia: no!
As she goes to walk out the door, Sonia turns back to Sierra
Sonia: you’ve made your feelings very clear, I’ll stay out of your way
Sierra: Sonia please

As Sierra tries to plead, Sonia is already exiting the library as Sierra stands there for a moment still trying to process what just happened as emotions of guilt trace her face.

-End Of Scene-

Back at All Goods, the group are putting the last of the items Chris & Big Dom managed to scavenger as JJ walks over to Holdyn who is at the back of the jeep.

Holdyn: I still can’t believe we managed to find all of this
JJ: I say we just be thankful
Holdyn: why’s that?
JJ: well considering how deep into the apocalypse we are, places like this will be hard to find, still intact I mean and not picked to its core
Holdyn: very true, we will have to start venturing outside of Sommerton soon if we wanna gather more supplies
JJ: well we still have a couple places we could search, by we can start figuring out places to go and...
Monica: GUYS! We got trouble

JJ & Holdyn hear Monica and rush over to her direction as the group look over the car park to see a big group of walkers heading in their direction.

Chris: of course we couldn’t have a quiet, peaceful day
JJ: alright Tabatha you drive the jeep to the other side of the complex, Big Dom go with her, the rest of us kill the walkers, if it starts getting too much we head to the jeep and retreat, no need to get ourselves killed
Big Dom: got it

As Big Dom & Tabatha get in the jeep and drive off screen, the other four start walking towards the walkers, getting out their weapons. JJ pulls out his large knife as he kicks a walkers to the ground and stab its in the head. The others start killing the walkers. Suddenly two walkers go for Holdyn as he struggles to fend them off, Chris quickly comes to his side killing one walker as Holdyn takes care of the other. They look at each other Chris quickly kisses Holdyn on the cheeks as they both smile and continue killing the walkers.

At the jeep, Big Dom is in the back watching the others are Tabatha is in the front seat with the car ready

Tabatha: now is it looking
Big Dom: they’re coping for now
Tabatha: just give me the signal if we need to move
Big Dom: don’t worry I’m sure they’ll be here in no......WOAH!
Suddenly Big Dom is pulled out the back of the jeep as a metal chain is hold across his arm
Tabatha looks, seeing that Dom is being grabbed towards figure in blacked out clothing we’re a couple walkers are nearby ready to attack
Tabatha: IM COMING!

Tabatha rushes out the car and charges past Big Dom, killing one of the walkers, as she goes to kill the second, the figure goes to stab her but Tabatha dodges, missing the knife by centimetres. Big Dom is still being pulled closer to the walker as Tabatha regains her composure, instead of doing for the walker she charges at the hooded figure, swinging a baseball bat at his side, winding him. As the man drops to the ground, Tabatha seizes her chance and goes for the walkers who Big Dom is currently fighting off, as the walkers goes to bite Big Dom, Tabatha swings her baseball bar, knocking the walkers head clean off

Tabatha: are you ok
Big Dom: I’m fine
Tabatha: good, now let’s deal with this son of a bitch who....

They both turn around to notice the figure running off into town, disappearing into the alleyways, as Tabatha helps Big Dom up, the others come running over

Chris: are you guys ok
Big Dom: were good
JJ: what the hell happened
Tabatha: some guy tried killing Big Dom and surprising us
JJ: well we’ve managed to clear out the walkers
Chris: what do you think this was
JJ: what do you mean
Holdyn: I don’t think this was coincidence
Monica: what do you mean
Holdyn: I think this was an ambush
JJ: no it couldn’t be
Holdyn: really so it was just coincidence that those walkers attacked us as someone random person ambushed Big Dom and Tabatha whilst we were distracted
JJ: I mean it’s possible
Holdyn: Chris, didn’t you say when travelling to Monica’s base, walkers attacked you and the attacked seemed rather odd
Chris: yeah it seemed very organised
JJ: so what are saying Holdyn
Holdyn: I don’t think we’re alone in Sommerton and I think people are coming after us
Monica: which could mean
Holdyn: since a lot of us are out right now
Chris: they could be going for the town hall
JJ: right we need to move out, everyone in the jeep

The group look nervous as they rush to the jeep, JJ rushes to the drivers seat as Tabatha, Monica & Big Dom get in the front as Chris & Holdyn hop in the back with the supplies with guns loaded. They seem alert as the jeep pulls off and starts heading back to Sommerton.

-End Of Scene-

The camera cuts to a birds eye view of townhall, suddenly it cuts to Henry and Nathaniel on the watch tower looking over the town.

Henry: so how do you think everyone is getting on
Nathaniel: I think plans are coming together, do you have faith in them
Henry: depends on who you are referring too but I have faith in some
Nathaniel: I can already tell who you are referring too with regards to who you don’t have faith in
Henry: and those people you believe are
Nathaniel: Christopher, Holdyn, Iris, Harley & possibly Monica due to her blood connection with Iris
Henry looks at Nathaniel shocked
Nathaniel: don’t look shocked, you asked the question and I answered honestly
Henry: I just didn’t think you were going to open that can of worms
Nathaniel: the reason I did is because I am aware of your weakness so since you gave the option to address it, I might as well
Henry: I haven’t got any weaknesses
Nathaniel: you don’t enjoy it when people challenge your way of thinking and if people stand up for you, you are hostile towards them and try to undermine them in order to appear as those you are right, you also have a slight hint of sexist tendencies.
Henry: excuse me
Nathaniel: oh Henry please don’t act shock, I’m aware of you because we are exactly the same, because all of those things I mentioned, I share those same insecurities
Henry: then how come you are leader if we’re the same
Nathaniel: because you need to learn how play to people’s feeling and emotions whilst still getting your agenda through
Henry: go on
Nathaniel: you have to make them believe that you are listening to them whilst convincing through confidence and a direct way of speaking that your way is the best way
Henry: and I’m guessing that’s why politicians get their way
Nathaniel: it’s how many successful people used to get there way and even in the apocalypse is still works because that element of fear people hold make it easier for people like us to tell on their emotions
Nathaniel smiles as he walks at Henry before heading to the gate
Nathaniel: don’t worry, I see how you work and it’s right

Nathaniel walks away from Henry as Henry stands there for a second, taking a moment to let Nathaniel’s words sink in. The camera cuts to Nathaniel who is with Eliza and Mayson as Iris, Harley & Tony walk back into the safe zone

Eliza: where is Spencer?
Iris: he didn’t make it
Harley: because Tony killed him
Nathaniel: what!
Iris: Harley, that’s not true
Harley: oh is it not
Tony: no it’s not true Harley!
Tony and Harley stare down each other as Iris & Nathaniel step in between them creating a block
Harley: oh give it up Tony, stop this act, Iris knows who you really are and soon everyone else will
Iris: Harley enough!
Eliza: right Harley follow me
Nathaniel: I will go with Harley and Eliza, the rest of you stay here and....
Nathaniel: how many
Henry: too many

Nathaniel, Eliza, Iris & Harley make their way up to the watch tower to meet Henry as they look over the town, they are shocked to see walkers surrounding the gate, hundreds of them banging against the walls, trying to get in, the camera cuts to the walls that are slowly starting to give way as the camera cuts to a close up of Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: god damnit!

-End Of Episode-

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