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Death Awakens Season 2, Episode 7 "Reunited"

Mar 3, 2017 by MrPokeguy9

MrPokeguy9 / Chris Luna
Rocketokid13 / Sierra Quinn
Icarus_Mark / Iris Sinclair
hints / Tisha Mai
_ivyyy_445 / Henry Jaxxon
Aydanmac01 / Holdyn Maring
Maxi1234 / Max Lakers
Maxi1234 / Channie Lakers
Spencer_Bledsoe / Spencer Thompson
topazisqueen / Tabatha Reynolds
coolkat / Mayson Rivera
Fell6 / Sonia Valentine
HarleyPuddin / Harley Leonna
imprincearthur / Tony Mott
Jjred45 / JJ Slone
Zachboy967 / Nathaniel Waters
IceIceBaby / Raven Winters
Katherinee_ / Monica Liarcnis
RyanAndrews / Eliza Montgomery

tkoj555 / Jojo Kincaid -Blood lose from fall, killed before turning- Episode 4
BBCANfan / Nicholas Lee -bitten in neck by walker and stabbed by JJ- Episode 6

-Episode 7-

The camera pans over Sommerton as it looks over the town hall safe zone as people are going about their day. The camera passes people's faces looking at their different expressions. Then the camera cuts to the apartment, looking over at the building towering over Sommerton as it cuts to JJ, Chris, Iris and Tisha following Raven in her wheelchair towards the lift as they all get in it and the door closes

JJ: how does the lift still work
Raven: we had a generator that, we only use it for when I need to get down, apart from that it's used when we are cooking
Chris: how many people are here
Raven: well there is myself, Max, Channie, Tony, Spencer and our little leader Monica Liarcnis
JJ: so your not the leader
Raven: oh no dear, I couldn't lead this place, I can't even stand up
Iris: then why are you the person we met
Raven: Monica is currently out scavenging for us so Tony is in charge but no one wanted to meet you so I came down
Chris: you saw us coming
Raven: well I mean we can see you from 3 blocks away so yeah we did
The lift finally stops as the doors open revealing two guys by the door with their weapons pointed towards the left
Raven: Tony, Spencer put them down, their good people
Tony: you sure
Raven: well I'm still alive aren't I, put your gun down you fool
They lower their weapons as Tony extends his hand to JJ and the others
Tony: Tony, nice to meet ya
JJ: JJ and this is Chris, Iris and Tisha
Tisha: hey
Spencer: I'm Spencer
Iris nods at the pair as they start walking down the corridor
A young teenage boy and girl exit from a room as they stand their hesitantly
Raven: they won't bit you, introduce yourself
Channie: Im Channe and this is my older brother Max
Max nods as the group enter Raven's flat along with Tony
So you guys all get your own flat
Tony: yep, kinda gives us a little bit of humanity back
Raven: this was my flat originally before the apocalypse
Chris: you mean you guys were here when it all happened
Tony: not everyone, I was the only one not here, I was visiting my girlfriend at the time but her and Monica didn't want to leave Raven here so she managed to convince people to stay and protect the Apartments which we've been doing ever since
JJ: why that's so good
Iris: why wouldn't you guys just take Raven with you if you don't mind me asking
Raven: oh sweetie, if you hadn't noticed I am extremely old, there is no point in me going anywhere
Tisha: how old are you?
Raven: I'm 83 years old and don't say I don't look like because you can't bullshit and bullshitter my dear
Raven chuckles as the group look on in shock
JJ: so who else is here
Tony: myself, Raven, Monica, Spencer, Max and Channie. Everyone else either left or didn't make it past the first few months
Chris: So your girlfriend? And their mom?
Raven: sadly they did just they did not die in vain, no one ever will
Iris: so when do you think this Monica will be back
Tony: hopefully so
Raven: until then you are more than welcome to keep my company here or talk to the others

The group look around the apartment as Chris sits next to Raven in a chair as the camera slowly pans out the room

-End of Scene-

Back at town hall, people are starting to wake up for another day, people are seen walking around the courtyard and along the corridors. Nathaniel is just seen getting on with sim writing in his office as he hears Eliza one through the radio.

Eliza: Nathaniel, your needed in the canteen urgently
Nathaniel: on my way

Nathaniel gets up from his chair and exits his office and makes his way to down the corridor towards the canteen. He opens the canteen door to notice Henry and another male member of the Sommerton survivors are havin a standoff, glaring both at each other with angry and hatred as Eliza along with Holdyn and Harley trying to make space between the pair.

Nathaniel: now what is going here
Male: Nathaniel tell this chump to know his place
Henry: last time I checked I am looking after things on Chris and JJ's behalf whilst they are on mission
Male: you mean JJ, that Chris ain't done shit for us and neither have any of your people
Eliza: Gavin! I suggest you stop what your saying right now
Gavin: why should I. This douche doesn't deserve my respect
Henry: and whys that
Gavin: because egotistical pricks like you and your people will just ruin this community
Gavin then proceeds to throw a punch, connecting with Henry's face as Henry is knocked back a couple of steps as Harley stops Henry from falling as Holdyn and Eliza hold back Gavin as Nathaniel finally intervenes
Gavin: nah Nathaniel, he deserves more
Nathaniel: no he doesn't, if anyone deserves punishment it's you Gavin
Gavin: your joking me
Eliza: Gavin I suggest you stay quiet
Gavin goes to say something to Eliza but shuts up as Nathaniel walks over
Nathaniel: these guests that your talking about Gavin are now part of our community and you will learn to respect one another
Nathaniel starts to walk around as he acknowledges everyone in the canteen
Nathaniel: if anyone else think these people don't deserve our respect then express it now........that's what I thought. We are all here to thrive and survive and if you carry on your pre-apocalyptic ways your going to be the reason we go down in flames. Now Gavin as for you, Harley and Eliza will take you to my office where you will await your punishment
Gavin walks towards the canteen doors as Eliza and Harley follows him as he glares over at Henry who returns the glare as they exit the canteen, Nathaniel walks over to Henry and looks at his eye.
Nathaniel: he got you good there
Henry: but not enough, I'm fine
Nathaniel: don't worry, he will learn his lesson. In Sommerton we want a community of trust so he will learn what that means now, after Eliza is finish with me, I'll make sure she comes tend to your eye for you
Henry: thank you Nathaniel
The pair exchange in a smile and a nod at Nathaniel exits the canteen as Henry looks over at everyone left in the canteen
Henry: right guys once your finish here make sure you head straight to your duties, don't want Nathaniel see you not respecting our community now do we.
Henry smirks as he walks through the canteen and makes his exit as people finish their meals and carry on with their day.

-End of Scene-

Back at the Apartments, the camera past Raven's flat as Raven, Iris and Chris are talking, then another room as JJ and Tony are looking the Apartments ammo and food supplies, moving to the corridor, Spencer is showing Tisha down the hall as they make their way down towards Max and Channie's flat

Tisha: so how has everyone been coping since the apocalypse here
Spencer: fairly well, I mean we're normally low on supplies but spirit wise we've stayed optimistic
Tisha: how have you managed that
Spencer: guess it's just because Raven made sure we stay optimistic, no point in living in fear. Plus Monica's leadership has helped us get past times we fight we weren't gonna make it
Tisha: well I can't wait to meet her but don't worry we came with some supplies for you guys
Spencer: thank you, well here are the others, you can meet them
Spencer smiles as he walks away leaving Tisha to enter Max and Channie's flat, he knocks and walks in as she sees notices Max on the sofa reading a comic as Channie's is playing with some dolls
Tisha: hi there
Max looks over at Tisha but ignores her as Channie's acknowledges her and smiles
Channie: hi I'm Channie, that's my antisocial brother Max
Max makes a peace sign
Channie: where are you and your group from
Tisha: were from the town hall in Sommerton
Channie: really people are also surviving in Sommerton, I wonder why Monica never told us
Tisha: she may have not gone that far, JJ didn't find you guys until last week apparently
Channie: so what are your people like
Tisha: are people are good people, we have a good leadership he seems to have our communities best interests at heart
Max: he seems huh
Tisha: yeah, I haven't gotten the chance to speak to him properly but he seems good
Max: Monica is probably better
Channie: Max don't judge
Max: just saying
Tisha: don't worry I get it, I had an older brother so I get where he's coming from
Max: just want to make sure my sister is safe currently
Tisha: and she is, none of us will hurt you guys
Channie: ok how old are you
Tisha: only 18, you?
Channie: im 15, Max is 17
Tisha: so only a year older than huh
Max: still more cocky than me
Channie: MAX! No she isn't
Tisha: listen Max I understand you have this wall up at the moment but I can ensure you I'm not here to hurt you, I've been through enough in this apocalypse that I could not turn on anyone or cause anyone's death. This apocalypse matures everyone at some point, we've lost someone no matter what, we have to be there for each other no matter what
Channie: I agree, I'm glad you came
Tisha: thank you, hopefully we can make it through this apocalypse
Max: not everyone will make it, you just have to hope your not the one of the few that don't make it
Tisha: we can hope about it or make sure we are those people that do
Channie smiles over at Tisha as the camera pans out of the room as Tisha is seen going to sit down with Channie and play with her as it pans outside the door to see Chris watching in as the camera pans to see face to see a slow smile forming.

-End of Scene-

Back in another part of the of the Apartments, JJ and Tony are checking out supplies that the group brought to them.
Tony: can't thank you enough for these supplies
JJ: we thought we'd at least come offering something so you knew we weren't hear to take from you
Tony: and I appreciate it, Monica will as well
JJ: so what is this Monica person like
Tony: she takes everyone's feelings into consideration, she wants us all to be happy feel like our voice is heard
JJ: I see
Tony: what about your place, how is your leadership
JJ: he looks out for us, but probably not in the way Monica does so softly
Tony: so its more of dictator
JJ: he's just trying to bring order back into society, it's all fun and games us creating these new communities but some sort of order need to be brought back into this world
Tony: I understand that but hopefully we can make it less corrupt than what it used to be
JJ: what do you mean?
Tony: before this apocalypse the world had so much entitlement and people hungry to control the world and people's rights, maybe this time we can create something more fair and equal for people, obviously with laws but none that discriminate anyone
JJ: I could get on board with that, so I'm guessing before the apocalypse you enjoyed a protest
Tony: no actually, I just want there to be more equality for people since I know the world before wasn't fair to people, I know first hand
JJ: really?
Tony: yeah but it's the past now, we have to focus on the future
Tony and JJ hear Iris as they run towards Iris and enter Raven's room as Chris follows in quickly to notice Iris holding onto Raven who is sturggli g to breath
Iris: Tony what's wrong with her
Tony: she needs her medication, Iris, Chris keep her steady breathing
Tony runs out as Iris, Chris and JJ look over at Raven worried as they try to get a steady breath going as Raven follows the breathing pace. Suddenly Tony runs back in with an epi-pen as he holds onto Raven's arm and stabs it in her arm as everyone stays where they are silently as they watch Raven get back to normal with her breathing.
Iris: are you ok
Raven: I'm fine now, thank you Tony dear
JJ: what happened
Raven: it's my condition
Tony: she suffers from diabetes so has these episodes from time-to-time
Iris: diabetes
Raven: yes, it isn't the best thing to have in this apocalypse but I've dealt with it for 57 years of my life, I can't get away from it now
Tony: yeah all trained to help her incase it happens
Raven: which I'm grateful for, however thank you everyone for the support, now shall we continue our conversation Iris
Iris: yes of course
Raven: you boys can get back to what you were doing
The boys exit the room and head back to the supplies as Chris joins them and watches them stock take
Chris: are you not constantly worried about that
Tony: of course but it's just another thing we have to deal with
JJ: is she not a liability
Tony: of course however to Monica, Raven is like a mother to her so would do what she can for her even in this apocalypse
JJ: I guess I can understand that
Chris: still I think we need Monica here to discuss where you guys go from here and how our community could possibly help you in any way
Tony: I think that's for the best

-End of Scene-

Back at the town hall Henry is walking down the corridor as he notices Tabatha sitting on our desk outside Nathaniel's office reading a book, he walks up to her and lowers the book so she can see his face
Henry: and what would you be doing out here then
Tabatha: Nathaniel's in there handling that argument
Henry: what between me and Gavin, there still in there
Tabatha: yeah, him, Gav, Harley and Eliza have been in there since they escorted him out of the canteen
Henry: what are they doing
Tabatha: just making him see sense
Henry: and how do they do that
Tabatha: you don't wanna find that out
Henry: how come
Tabatha: Nathaniel is just a stickler for respect and following the rules here
Suddenly the doors to Nathaniel's office open as Harley and Gavin walk out. Henry and Tabatha look over at Gavin as he glares back at Henry, Henry looks closely to see a red mask on Gavin's shoulder which looks to continue but is hidden by his shirt, as they walk down the corridor Eliza exits the office and stares straight at Henry and Tabatha
Eliza: ah Henry, just the man I wanted. Nathaniel would like a word with you
Henry: of course, I will talk to you later Tabatha
Tabatha: good luck in there
Henry: I don't need luck, I won't be in danger
Henry walks into Nathaniel's office, as he enters he notices Nathaniel's chair is turned around as he goes and stands by the desk
Henry: hey Nathaniel you wanted to see me
Nathaniel turns his chair as he faces Henry with a disappointed look of his face
Nathaniel: yes I did Henry, I firstly wanted to make sure you were alright after that confrontation in the canteen
Henry: yeah I'm fine that was nothing
Nathaniel: ok, well I wanted to see you mainly to let you know that I have had a couple of complaints about your respect towards others in this community and I want you to know if you slip up again, I will have no choice but you take further action to ensure you understand how we work here
Henry: and that would be
Nathaniel: I suggest you just take this warning as your understanding Henry, learn to respect people here as I see potential in you Henry, you just need to make others see it too
Henry: ok Nathaniel, understood, shall I continue with my job now
Nathaniel: that would be marvellous
Henry exits the room as Nathaniel turns his chair back around looking disappointed still as the camera pans to his feet to reveal a metal iron

-End Of Scene-

Back at the Apartments Chris is entering Raven's room as Raven and Iris are sitting in their chairs
Chris: you guys still having a conversation
Iris: yeah Raven is really interesting she has a lot of stories
Raven: would you like to come sit and I will tell you some
Chris: of course, I'd love too
Chris sits on a chair opposite to the girls as Raven relaxes in her and gets ready to tell her story
Raven: back before this apocalypse started and even present day, I was still living in this apartment building when something happened
Iris: what?
Raven: there were a couple of men came into the apartment building, they blocked off the entrance and started raiding all the apartments, they went floor to floor taking anything valuable from each flat and anyone that was there and put up a fight, they either injured or killed. I heard the screams a couple of floors down and heard people running around trying to save their things. I knew what was happening
Iris: what did you do
Raven: I just stayed there, waiting for them. After a while they started on this floor, they then got to my room, they banged on the door, so i let them in watched them look in. They started searching the place as one told me to not stop them or else I'd be "dead meat" so I smiled and watched them by the door
Iris: what happened next
Raven: while they continued looking, i walked out my door and shut it, they tried getting out but couldn't unlock the door because I locked it from the inside
Raven closes her eyes and takes a breath
Raven: we phoned the police, told them the situation so they managed to get into the building and got the guys and put them in jail, managed to keep all my things and watch them get what they deserve. The reason I told you this story is because I want you to know that no matter what is happening in this world and where you are, if you do something bad intentionally it will always come back to haunt you.
Suddenly Tony walks and looks at the group
Tony: Monica is finally back and ready to meet you
Raven: finally, she took her time. Why don't you guys go meet her, I'll wait here for her
Chris and Iris get up as they walk outside and follow Tony down the corridor, suddenly they notice a tallish lady standing in the middle of the corridor shaking hands with JJ and smiling at Tisha facing away from them. Iris and Chris walk up to her as Iris go to speak
Iris: hi there, nice to meet you I'm...
As Iris continues speaking Monica turns around to face her, Iris' speech stops as he stops and stares at Monica as Monica does the same
Iris: oh my god
Tisha: what is it Iris?
Iris: Monica....she's....
Monica: well, well, well if it ain't little sister
The screen cuts to black

-End Of Episode-

Thoughts on the episode?
Thoughts on the survivors at the apartment?
How was Raven greeting the survivors?
Thoughts on Henry and Gavin's confrontation?
Why is Max so hesitant of the survivors?
Why was Chris eavesdropping on Tisha?
Why was JJ hesitant about talking about Nathaniel and Sommerton?
Thoughts on Raven's medical attack, should the group be worried?
What was on Gavin's neck?
What was Nathaniel's warning about?
Why was there an iron in Nathaniel's office?
Did you enjoy Raven's story?
Thoughts on Monica?
What can we expect next how seeing Iris' sister alive?
Favourite Character(s)?
Least Favourite Character(s)?
Any other comments/concerns?



Me at Monica having Iris' last name backwards lol
Sent by RyanAndrews,Mar 3, 2017
I'll answer these later, but let me just say that I am BALD
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Mar 3, 2017
This is going to be epic! I can feel it!
Sent by Katherinee_,Mar 3, 2017
This episode was very interesting, I loved it.
Sent by Fell6,Mar 3, 2017
Thoughts on the episode? Good
Thoughts on the survivors at the apartment? Okay
How was Raven greeting the survivors? ummm well maybe
Thoughts on Henry and Gavin's confrontation? FUNNY
Why is Max so hesitant of the survivors? he might think there like theives
Why was Chris eavesdropping on Tisha? to see if he can trust her
Why was JJ hesitant about talking about Nathaniel and Sommerton? He knows something
Thoughts on Raven's medical attack, should the group be worried? Well yah
What was on Gavin's neck?A BITE XD
What was Nathaniel's warning about? Idk
Why was there an iron in Nathaniel's office? IDk
Did you enjoy Raven's story? Yah
Thoughts on Monica? Pretty great
What can we expect next how seeing Iris' sister alive? STORIES
Favourite Character(s)? Harley Chris Iris Sonia
Least Favourite Character(s)? Henry Tabatha
Any other comments/concerns? No
Sent by HarleyPuddin,Mar 3, 2017
Thoughts on the episode? That was actually really good for a more chilled episode
Thoughts on the survivors at the apartment? They're okay for the most part.
How was Raven greeting the survivors? It must have went well because everyone seemed cordial to her
Thoughts on Henry and Gavin's confrontation? For some reason, I feel like this is reminiscent of those Old West showdowns.  Maybe it could be like the Old West between Henry and Gavin  ;)
Why is Max so hesitant of the survivors? Well, considering it's the apocalypse, I can see what he's getting at.  He probably doesn't trust strangers, but maybe he'll come around.
Why was Chris eavesdropping on Tisha? I think HarleyPuddin has the right of it there.
Why was JJ hesitant about talking about Nathaniel and Sommerton? I'm not too sure
Thoughts on Raven's medical attack, should the group be worried? Raven's old.  Her being alive long-term was always going to be a long shot, so while they should be worried, I don't think they should be shocked.
What was on Gavin's neck? It could be a bite, but it could also be a disease he might have that is unrelated to turning into zombies.
What was Nathaniel's warning about? I can relate.  Basically, if Henry screws up again, he's going to stripped of any kind of positions and face dire consequences.
Why was there an iron in Nathaniel's office? Maybe it has to do with a condition Nathaniel might be suffering.
Did you enjoy Raven's story? It's actually surprisingly deep, yet also so simple.
Thoughts on Monica? Not sure yet tbh
What can we expect next how seeing Iris' sister alive? The fact they're sisters shocked me tbqh  Maybe it could be like an opposites kind of game for Iris and Monica, but who knows?  How this will develop will be something to watch for sure.
Any other comments/concerns? Nope  :)
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Mar 4, 2017
Thoughts on the episode? YEES! Great I love it! There was no serious action, but I love the introduction of the apartments and Raven < 3
Thoughts on the survivors at the apartment? Raven is definitely my favourite! She reminds me of Sue so much! I miss her dearly!
How was Raven greeting the survivors? She is such a queen! She is so interesting and funny!
Thoughts on Henry and Gavin's confrontation? HAHAHA! Finally someone punched Henry !!
Why is Max so hesitant of the survivors? I guess he just loves his sister and will do anything to protect her.
Why was Chris eavesdropping on Tisha? He wants to know if she is really changed, but the fast that she is a lying whore cant be denied!
Why was JJ hesitant about talking about Nathaniel and Sommerton? I think he wants to make the Sommerton Community bigger and better
Thoughts on Raven's medical attack, should the group be worried? Yes, she is an old lady and that can kill her in the middle of the night and turn her into a zombie and then bad shit ...
What was on Gavin's neck? HE WAS IRONED! Cant believe Nathaniel is so mean!
What was Nathaniel's warning about? Nathaniel is a bit too harsh if you ask me
Why was there an iron in Nathaniel's office? He punished Gavin by igniting the iron into his neck!
Did you enjoy Raven's story? I expected a different ending where she kills them with her gun lool
Thoughts on Monica? QUEEN! Loved to finally see her on-screen!
What can we expect next how seeing Iris' sister alive? I expect a story time and bonding
Favourite Character(s)? Iris, Monica, Raven, Sierra, Sonia, Harley, Eliza
Least Favourite(s)? Tisha and Henry
Sent by Katherinee_,Mar 4, 2017
Sent by Katherinee_,Apr 7, 2017

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