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Death Awakens Season 2, Episode 13 “Fight or Flight”

Apr 12, 2019 by MrPokeguy9

Main Cast:
Chris Luna
Iris Sinclair
Henry Jaxxon
Holdyn Maring
Monica Sinclair
Nathaniel Waters
Sierra Quinn
Mayson Rivera

Also Starring:
Eliza Montgomery
JJ Slone
Tabatha Reynolds
Harley Leonna
Max Lakers
Channie Lakers
Big Dom
Sonia Valentine
Tony Mott

Jojo Kincaid -Blood lose from fall, killed before turning- Episode 4
Nicholas Lee -bitten in neck by walker and stabbed by JJ- Episode 6
Margie Luke -cause of death unknown, reanimated and killed by Big Dom- Episode 9
Alice Grimes -devoured by walkers- Episode 9
Tisha Mai -bitten by ankle and then grabbed by walker and fell down stairwell- Episode 9
Raven Winters -trapped in apartments, killed by toxic gases- Episode 9
Spencer Thompson -pulls into a group of walkers and devoured- Episode 11

-Episode 13-

The camera cuts over the town hall, a birds eye view is shot, looking at town hall as a massive herd of walkers are banging against the north and east side of the town hall, the camera cuts to inside the herd as walkers continue to bang against the barb fence as a hooded figure covered in guts and blood is at the fence. He brings out a pair of plier cutters and starts to make a hole in the fence. The camera suddenly cuts back to the survivors in the courtyard as Nathaniel makes his way down the watch tower.

Harley: what are we gonna do we’re surrounded via the north and east side
Iris: will the fences hold
Harley: most likely no with the amount of walkers that are around
Nathaniel: how did this happen, I thought you made the barrier
Tony: we did
Harley: unless you screw it up after we left
Iris: Harley this isn’t the time, I was Tony the whole time after you had your tantrum and walked off
everyone looks over at Eliza who is slowly walking towards the group calm and collected
Eliza: here is what we’re going to do, Harley & Iris go with Gavin and start packing up as many supplies into bags as we can. Henry, Tony, you go round up as many people as you can and start to shoot down the walkers at the fence. Sierra & Mayson you go and get everyone else and ensure that everyone is ready to evacuate if we need too
Nathaniel: you hear her everyone, go go go

As everyone go to their jobs, Iris looks back at Eliza who is walking into town hall calm as Nathaniel follows her, she looks to be in control as Iris continues to follow Harley & Gavin.

-End Of Scene-

Up on the guard towers, Henry, Tony and others shooting down walkers that are against the fence

Henry: die you sons of bitches
Tony: Henry there are too many of them
Henry: as long as we can kill these ones at the front it should form another barrier
They continue shooting as Tony looks down and notices someone cutting int other fence
Tony: Henry do you see that
Henry looks over at where Tony is pointing
Henry: what the hell...
Suddenly another gunshot is hear and one of the people next to Tony falls to the ground lifeless a gunshot wound to the head as everyone drops to the ground
Tony: what is going on
Henry: looks like we’re under attack
Suddenly they start to hear growls and scream, Tony and Henry look over to the courtyard as they notice walkers are starting to enter the courtyard through holes made as the walkers start to appear civilians inside

Henry, Tony and others quickly make their way down the guard towers as they rush towards town hall, a couple people are grabbed by walkers as Tony shoots down walkers near the entrance. Tony, Henry and a couple others get inside the town hall and slam the downs shut and start to barricade as they hear banging and growls from walkers on the other side. The camera cuts to black

-End Of Scene-

Back inside the town hall, Sierra, Mayson and others are around the bedrooms, listening to what’s happening, they are starting to get scared

Mayson: what do you do
Sierra: I don’t know, they said to get everyone and never said where to take them
Mayson: well do we know where we can go
Suddenly screams are heard, everyone looks down the corridor as walkers appear and start approaching them
Sierra: oh shit!
Mayson: quick everyone follow me towards the canteen!

As everyone starts to follow Mayson, Sierra makes sure everyone follows her, she turns to the walkers and notices Sonia standing there

Sierra: Sonia come on!
Sonia turns and looks at her tears streaming down her face
Sierra: Sonia lets go quickly
Sonia: no...
Sierra: what do you mean
Sonia: I’m not going
Sierra: please don’t do this
Sonia: you made me so this
Sierra: what?

Suddenly Sonia turns and runs towards the walkers, Sierra screams as she watches Sonia push herself into the walkers, disappearing into the corridor, only her screams can be heard. Sierra looks on in disbelief as Tony & Henry suddenly appear and grab her

Tony: come on Sierra

They drag Sierra towards the canteen as Sierra stares back, tears streaming down her face as they enter the canteen, Sierra looks over at everyone as Tony, Henry and others start barricading the doors.

The camera then cuts to Iris, Harley & Gavin so have made up around 8 bags of supplies

Iris: ok what’s next
Gavin: we need to get these to people

Suddenly they hear the commotion upstairs

Harley: oh god
Iris: sounds like the walkers got in
Harley: crap!
Gavin: what do we do now
Iris: if people are smart they should have done to the canteen
Harley: we can get to the canteen from here
Iris: ok let’s go then
Harley: I don’t think Eliza and Nathaniel are there though
Iris: what why?
Harley: they’ll be in Nathaniel’s office
Iris: why the hell would they be there
Harley goes silent for a second as she looks over at Gavin
Harley: Gavin take the first lot of bags and head to canteen and see if people are there
Gavin: on it
As Gavin leaves Harley turns back to Iris who is starting her down waiting for a response
Iris: are you gonna answer me, why are they in Nathaniel’s office

Harley continues to look at Iris nervously as she takes a deep breath as she looks like she is about to response to Iris as the camera cuts to black.

-End Of Scene-

The camera cuts to Nathaniel’s office as Nathaniel & Eliza are rushing around the office looking frantically in places

Eliza: Nathaniel you god damn fool where did you hide it
Nathaniel: I can’t remember
Eliza: well you’re going to remember soon, I can’t leave without
Nathaniel: we will keep looking until we do

Suddenly the doors burst open as Iris & Harley enter spooking Nathaniel & Eliza as a look of anger appears on Iris’ face

Iris: so it wasn’t Nathaniel who was in charge of this place
Nathaniel: what are you talking about
Iris: you weren’t the one barking orders all this place, it was her!
Iris points at Eliza
Nathaniel: Iris how dare you try and accuse Eliza of such a..
Eliza: Nathaniel it’s fine
Eliza raises her hand and looks at everyone
Eliza: Nathaniel continue searching, Harley help him, you know what I’m looking for
As the pair start searching the office, Eliza walks over to Iris calmly
Eliza: I’m sorry you had to find out this way
Iris: I don’t care your excuse I just want to know why you weren’t honest about who was running this place
Eliza: because had you known about what we wanted to achieve, you would have caused more trouble than good
Iris: what do you mean what you wanted to achieve
Eliza sighs as she takes a sit
Eliza: I wanted to build this community to build strong people, people who could fight, people who weren’t afraid of anyone. I wanted a community who were the toughest community around, because I needed fighters
Iris: but why
Eliza: there is another group nearby, only myself, Nathaniel, JJ and Harley know about them
Iris: what!
Eliza: they are a group of men who think the way to survive is to steal and cause destruction, I had the unfortunate memory of meeting them on the streets a couple months back, I was travelling with my son and husband, we had heard about this settlement and wanted to come, on our way here we were ambushed by these men, they took our belongings and took me and my family hostage, they asked us where we were going and I refused to talk. I knew had I even mentioned this place, they would come here and destroy another good place, however when I didn’t speak is when they turned violent....they stabbed my husband and left him to bleed out and once I didn’t did not speak, they took my son, I don’t know what they have done but after they took him away into a room, they put me in a car and drove out into the highway, threw me into the road still tied up, basically left me to die
The camera pans over to Harley & Nathaniel who are continuing to search for Eliza’s item clearly bothered by the conversation
Eliza: I thought I was going to die but luckily a couple hours later, hands still tied, Nathaniel and Harley came across me, they saw what had happened and I told them everything, I told them that one day I will go back to those monsters and kill every last one of them. Make them pay for what they did to my family and god knows how many more people, so we all made an agreement, this community we would work on discipline, combat and other tactics to train people up so when the time came, we would go back to their base and fight them.
Iris: Eliza....
Eliza: however it seems they have found us and struck first which puts us in a vulnerable position so all I ask is this Iris....are you with us or against us
Iris looks stunned as Nathaniel comes over to Eliza
Nathaniel: here is the map and antidote
Eliza: thank you
Iris: what does that antidote do
Eliza: you will know soon enough
Nathaniel: we have to get moving and fast
Harley: this place will be overrun soon
Eliza: then let’s go quickly
Iris: ok then

Eliza & Iris nod as the four of them head out of Nathaniel’s office. The camera cuts to them walking down the hallway as the camera pans on Eliza’s face, a sense of anger and determination is written across it.

-End Of Episode-

The camera cuts to outside the town hall. The jeep carrying JJ, Chris, Monica, Holdyn, Tabatha & Big Dom slowly pulls up near the town hall as they survey the area

Tabatha: oh my god
JJ: Holdyn hows it looking
Holdyn: it appears the walkers have gotten through the walks and are slowly entering the buildings
JJ: crap
Monica: oh my god
Chris: don’t worry Monica, iris will be ok
Monica: and how do you know
Chris: because we both know your sister and this won’t kill her
Holdyn: it seems that it is only the east and north sides that have been branched
Monica: so what’s the plan then JJ
JJ: if they have to exit via the west or south, I know of a safe house that myself and Harley set up about a month back in the woods on the south side about 2 miles in
Chris: you think that’s where they are going
JJ: Nathaniel & Eliza agreed if we had to evacuate we would all meet her and then go from there
Holdyn: then let’s get moving
JJ: it will take a while though, we can’t get here by car, we have to go to the other side of the woods and then go by foot
Chris: then let’s get to where we can go by car and make a plan from there
Monica: let’s just pray everyone gets there in time

The group look on in disbelief as they start the jeep up and starting heading out of town towards the south highway heading towards the woods.

-End Of Scene-

Back inside the town hall, the camera cuts into the canteen. People are scattered in groups as Henry & Tony are guarding the barricaded door as Gavin hands people bags and weapons. Channie & Max are sitting at a table near Tony who gives them reassuring looks. The camera cuts to Sierra who is by herself trying to keep herself composed as Mayson walks up to her

Mayson: hey
Sierra: hi Mayson
Mayson: I’m sorry about back there
Sierra: why you sorry we all managed to get here
Mayson: yeah but I saw Sonia
Sierra takes a deep breath, trying to control her emotions
Mayson: I didn’t realise we was that unhappy, to just do something like that
Sierra: it was my fault so I’m the one to blame
Mayson: no it’s not, you couldn’t have stopped her from running into walkers
Sierra: I could have been a better friend
Mayson: what are you talking about

Suddenly the kitchen doors swing open as Eliza, Nathaniel, Iris & Harley enter looking around at everyone left.

Eliza: right people we need to evacuate
Nathaniel: we have a safe house in the woods, if we all make it there we can access everything quickly and if we need too, move on quickly
Eliza: we need everyone to be prepared and head towards the southern exit doors, once we exit this room we need to head straight for south gates. Henry & Sierra will ensure they are opened so everyone can get out, then you head straight towards the woods, make sure you stay near myself, Nathaniel or Harley.

Suddenly the barricaded doors start to slowly open as walkers start to break through the doors

Nathaniel: we have to move now!

Suddenly: the doors burst open as the walkers enter, one of the tables being used as a barricade fly over towards Max & Channie as it slams into them. Tony rushes over to them as Iris goes to them as well. Everyone runs together the south doors as Sierra, Henry, Nathaniel & Harley get to the front.

Nathaniel: right everyone stay together and protect one another

Nathaniel then opens the doors as they all start to make their way outside, the camera cuts to Iris who is running towards Tony, once she gets there, she sees that Tony is trying to help Channie who is stuck underneath a table screaming in pain, as she over at Max who is laying on the ground unconscious. She kneels next to Channie and looks at her. Iris notices that one of the table legs has gone through Channie’s leg causing her to remain stuck, Channie slowly stops screaming and her screams turn to cries as she looks over at Iris.

Channie: please save Max
Iris: where gonna save you too
Channie: the table is too heavy, if you try we all die
Iris: were not leaving you
Channie: please just save my brother and go, they are coming
Iris looks up at the walkers who are slowly approaching
Tony: Channie we can’t leave you
Channie: I’m telling you to go, get my brother out of here and help him, he can survive please!
Iris: no we’re not leaving you, Tony help me

Tony & Iris grab the table and try lifting it, Channie screams as the table legs moves between her skin and bones, Iris & Tony strain her they lift the table up more, removing the table leg from Channie, as Channie moves out of the way they quickly drop the table, Iris picks up Channie and Tony grabs Max


they all start to run as walkers are about to grab them, they quickly turn and run out on the doors. The camera cuts to outside as the other group is running towards the south gate. Nathaniel is seen stabbing walkers who get to close, the camera then cuts to a women running who gets grabbed by a walkers, she starts to scream as the walker goes to bite her, suddenly Eliza rushes over stabbing the walker in the head as she and the women continue running.

Henry, Sierra & Harley are the first to make it to gate as the trio start pulling the gate up.

Henry: we need to get this gate up
Harley: once the gate is up, we make sure everyone is out
Henry: what then
Harley: we can close this door to ensure the walkers don’t....
Suddenly a gun shot is heard and a bullet spares Harley’s neck, Harley collapses to the ground as Sierra & Henry look on in shock, Nathaniel quickly runs to them
Nathaniel: HARLEY!
Harley struggles to speak as blood gushes out of her neck, she holds onto her neck looking at Nathaniel
Harley: get everyone out
Nathaniel: Of course
Harley grabs onto Nathaniel’s arm
Harley: tell Tony I’m sorry
Nathaniel nods as he watches Harley stop struggling then go lifeless
Nathaniel: quickly open the gates
Sierra: sorry
Henry & Sierra regain their focus and get the gates open
Nathaniel: quickly everyone follow on

As the group filter out of the gate and follow Nathaniel & Eliza towards the forest. Sierra looks back noticing Iris, Tony, Channie & Max

Henry: Sierra we have to go
Sierra: I’m not leaving them
Henry: we have to close this gate
Sierra: then go, I’ll close it
Henry: are you crazy
Henry looks shocked as he looks at Sierra who glares at him, Henry then looks at Sierra and nods as he runs towards the others heading to to the forest, Sierra takes a deep breath as Iris & the other approach
Sierra: come go!
Iris: what about you
Sierra: I’m closing the gate
Iris: are you insane
Sierra: someone needs to it
Iris: but Sierra
Sierra: no Iris!
Iris stands there shocked as Sierra starts to tear up
Sierra: I’m sorry, I’m just done
Iris: please Sierra
Sierra: I’m sorry Iris, I can’t keep going, get the others to safety, I’ll make sure the walkers don’t follow
Iris: Sierra....
Sierra: thank you for everything
Iris walks through the gate as Sierra works to ensure the gate is shut, as the gate shuts, Iris turns back to look at Sierra who is smiling at her, then a reanimated Harley starts to wake up slowly moving towards Sierra
Iris: Sierra......
Iris watches as Sierra notices Harley and stabs her in the head. Sierra takes a deep breath before running stabbing walkers in her path. Iris continues to rest scared for Sierra, as Sierra tries to circle back to the south gate trying to find an exit. Sierra starts to panic, then takes a deep breath as she circles around the other side of the town hall, disappearing in the darkness, Iris looks on in shock as a voice calls out of her.


Eliza comes running up to Iris and starts dragging her along with an unconscious Channie away into the woods. The camera then slowly pans on the town hall, as walkers start to exit the canteen, the camera goes around the courtyard seeing walkers around, as it starts to inside the town hall with walkers down every corridor. Then it cuts to the edge of the woods as the camera closes in on Eliza, Iris & Channie as they head into the woods and into the darkness.

-End Of Episode-

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Good old sierra we love her girl even though she died
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