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Death Awakens Season 2, Episode 11 “Surprise Ambush”

Apr 5, 2019 by MrPokeguy9

Main Cast:
Chris Luna
Iris Sinclair
Henry Jaxxon
Holdyn Maring
Monica Sinclair
Nathaniel Waters
Sierra Quinn
Mayson Rivera

Also Starring:
Eliza Montgomery
JJ Slone
Tabatha Reynolds
Harley Leonna
Max Lakers
Channie Lakers
Spencer Thompson
Big Dom
Sonia Valentine
Tony Mott

Jojo Kincaid -Blood lose from fall, killed before turning- Episode 4
Nicholas Lee -bitten in neck by walker and stabbed by JJ- Episode 6
Margie Luke -cause of death unknown, reanimated and killed by Big Dom- Episode 9
Alice Grimes -devoured by walkers- Episode 9
Tisha Mai -bitten by ankle and then grabbed by walker and fell down stairwell- Episode 9
Raven Winters -trapped in apartments, killed by toxic gases- Episode 9

-Episode 11-

The camera pans over the townhall, you see survivors working hard at their jobs as Henry, Harley, Monica and other guards are watching the perimeter. The camera cuts to Spencer, Sonia, Holdyn, Sierra & Mayson who are all busy doing their jobs and smiling. Sonia and Sierra are seen smiling at one another. The camera cuts to Nathaniels office where Nathaniel along with Eliza, Chris, Iris & JJ are all looking over a map of Sommerton.

Nathaniel: ok so food rations are starting to run low so we need to start searching a new area
Chris: well where haven’t you tried JJ
JJ: myself, Harley & Nicholas managed to search all of the western side of town, after you guys came we started doing the east towards the highway but it seems that the amount of walkers appearing is starting to increase
Nathaniel: so what your saying is that the east side is starting to become a problem
JJ: yes and if we don’t control it soon it could cause some major problems
Iris: ok well what about the north, specifically this building called All Goods
Nathaniel: that was the a chain of different supermarkets
JJ: I went there once this whole thing went down, they had the place on lockdown so no one could get in, steel shutters on the windows
Chris: so it meant if people wanted to get in
JJ: they’d have to make a lot of fuss about it
Nathaniel: have you checked it out since JJ
JJ: I had a look around it a week ago with Harley, seemed to be in tact
Chris: which means it could a gold mine for us if we can get inside
Eliza: but you said the steel shutters, you’d need people to drill the shutters open
Iris: not to mention the alarms that could be triggered
JJ: it’s a risk
Nathaniel: but a risk we need to take. Ok so I say the plan is two send two group, one group heads to All Goods, the other towards the east near the highway.
Iris: how come
Nathaniel: like JJ said we need to control this walker trouble so we need to block off or at least reduce the access to stop walkers from entering the town.
JJ: we could move cars onto one side which reduces the access
Iris: or block of the main highway and use the little roads as her entrance and exits
Nathaniel: smart idea. Ok then Iris you grab a team and head to the highway.
Iris: how many
Nathaniel: 3 or 4, you won’t need that many, JJ I want you Chris, Monica, Big Dom, Holdyn & Tabatha with you two All Goods.
JJ: why Tabatha?
Nathaniel: she’s been moaning about being stuck in the town hall all the time so this gives her something more to do
Iris: ok I’ll take Harley, Spencer & Tony with me
Eliza: with leaves Henry in charge?
Nathaniel: myself and Eliza will watch over Henry and his commands
Eliza: I’ll make sure everyone is ready
Nathaniel: well team, let’s get this plan into action

-End Of Scene-

The camera pans to the courtyard where Iris, Harley, Spencer & Tony are all setting up to go, Henry opens the gates to let them out

Iris: thanks
Henry: don’t get bite out there
Iris: I know you hope I do
Henry: true

Henry shuts the gates as the group of 4 starts walking towards the highway. Harley goes to Iris’ side

Harley: so what’s the plan once we get to the highway
Iris: survey the area, see where most of the walkers are entering and figure out the best way to block the path
Harley: how you feeling about the team
Iris: good, Tony and Spencer seem strong so they will be fine
As Iris walks ahead, Harley slows her pace to meet up with Tony
Harley: let’s hope you don’t screw anyone over with this mission
Tony: for the last time Harley, I’ve changed, I’m here to help you and everyone else
Harley: let’s hope that is the case.

The group continue on down the road as the camera pans backwards towards a figure lurking in the shadows of an alley

-End Of Scene-

Back at Sommerton, The other group are getting ready to head out. JJ, Monica & Tabatha are in the front of a Jeep with Big Dom sitting in the back with Eliza inspecting the equipment as Chris & Holdyn approach the Jeep. Mayson walks towards them all.

Mayson: really, your both leaving me with Horrid Henry
Chris: just stay out of his way and you’ll be fine
Mayson: why can’t I come out on these missions with you
Eliza: because your far too young Mayson
Mayson: seriously I’m only 3 years younger than Chris and he’s going
Eliza: that’s because he’s proven that he can work with the group and not run off randomly
Holdyn: she’s got you there Mayson
Mayson: whatever...
Holdyn: look just do your job, if Henry tries to intimidate you walk away and if he follows go straight to Eliza or Nathaniel
Eliza: don’t worry Mayson, I’ll be keeping a close eye on Henry
Mayson: you better or else he’s toast
Tabatha: can you guys finish your talk, it’s time for me to get to see the around town!
Mayson: don’t die guys
Holdyn: we won’t
Holdyn & Chris get in the back of the Jeep as Tabatha rolls down the window so Eliza can speak to her and JJ
Eliza: you guys remember the plan
Tabatha: go to the store, raid the place, let Tabatha enjoy her time out of the town hall and come back in one piece
JJ: yeah we know what do too

JJ rolls the window back up as Nathaniel & Henry open the gates up so the jeep can exit the town hall as it starts to drive towards All Goods

-End Of Scene- 

Back on the road, Iris, Harley, Spencer & Tony make their way to the highway, looking over at it surveying the area. They notice the main highway is filled with walkers as the smaller roads seem to have fewer walkers

Iris: so looks like the highway is a no go
Spencer: yeah if we tries to escape there we’d be stuck and surrounded
Iris: so that’s where we need to somehow barricade
Harley: what’s your plan
Iris: we reach grab a car and move it creating a primary barrier, then two of us start to move more cars either on point or around whilst the others make sure no walkers get past the primary car wall
Tony: I can defend
Spencer: I’ll help Tony
Iris: awesome, once we’ve done that, the walkers will be too distracted on the wall that we could move some car to one side of the smaller road just o secure the barricade in case we need to make a quick getaway
Harley: well then let’s find som cars with fuel and get moving.

As the group head back, Tony stops and looks around feeling nervous, he starts to look closely at an alleyway thinking he sees something but hesitates and rushes to catch up with the others.

-End Of Scene-

Back at the town hall. Sonia, Sierra, Max & Channie are all sitting on a grass patch relaxing

Channie: it’s nice to finally sit on grass again and chill
Sierra: especially when it’s a chance to relax from jobs
Channie: yeah I don’t get the whole jobs thing
Sonia: most of us don’t but if we don’t follow them we could get kicked out
Max: i mean it would mean we get away from dictator and his little minions
Sierra: but it also means you have no protection out there
Sonia: Nathaniel isn’t bad, he’s not the problem

As Sonia says that Henry approaches the group looking down on them

Henry: who said you could rest
Sonia: we’ve finished our jobs for the day
Henry: still didn’t answer my question, you could easily help others instead of being selfish
Sierra: oh Henry give it a rest
Henry: excuse me
Sierra: stop being such an arse, Sonia answered your question, stop trying to dictate what we do
Henry: oh just wait Eliza hears this
Eliza: oh don’t worry I heard everything
Eliza walks up behind Henry smirking
Henry: so you know they’ve been slacking
Eliza: actually, I heard they had finished their jobs so they are having a well earned rest
Henry: seriously
Eliza: yes Henry, now can you please come help up top watching the perimeter
Henry: if it gets me away from these delinquents then yes

As Henry & Eliza walks away, Sierra breaths a sigh of relief as Max sits up right

Max: why is he such an arse
Sierra: he’s always been like that since the start
Sonia: why though
Sierra: it’s his personality, he always thought himself as a leader
Max: I don’t know why
Sierra: it’s because he’s head strong, he’s not afraid to take charge and lead, however it seems whenever someone challenges that he gets annoyed
Sonia: well thanks for standing up for us Sierra
Sierra: it’s fine, you know I got your back, especially when it comes to Henry
Sonia: well I need to make it up to you, let’s do something fun tonight
Sierra: Sonia our version of fun nowadays is sitting in our room braiding our hair and playing card games
Sonia: we could always visit the library in here
Sierra: wait his place has a library, since when
Sonia: it’s at the back, next to where all the supplies are kept so no one ever goes there
Sierra: well I’m definitely up for a change of scenery
Sonia: well once we’ve had lunch, we can go
Sierra: awesome it’s a date

As Sierra smiles and laughs and lays back down, the camera pans to Sonia who is noticeably smiling and really happy about what is going to happen later on.

-End Of Scene-

The camera cuts to All Goods a the jeep pulls up, several walkers are around the car park as Chris, Big Dom, Holdyn, Monica & JJ get out the car and start to kill the walkers, once they have finished all the walkers, Tabatha gets out the jeep and heads towards the rest of the group as they walk towards one of the steel shutters

Holdyn: thanks for help Tabatha
Tabatha: no problem
Holdyn: you know that was sar...
Chris: yeah she knows
Tabatha: so how we gonna open this bad boy up then
JJ: we spoke this steel cutter that should easily cut through the steel
Monica: the only question is are their walkers inside
Chris: and will any alarms be set off once were in
Big Dom bangs on the steel shutters and listens quickly to inside
Big Dom: can’t hear any growls
JJ: well let’s just do this quick, Chris, Holdyn, Monica take watch and be on the look out for herds or people
Tabatha: what about me?
JJ: grab the Jeep and bring it to this window, no point in walking to the Jeep then it’s parked right outside
Tabatha: great so I get the boring job
Holdyn: you said yourself you wanted to spend some time out of the safe zone, you didn’t wanna do any hard jobs so we’re treating you well princess

Chris chuckles at Holdyn’s response as Tabatha glares at Chris you quickly stops chuckling as she turns back to Holdyn before walking towards the Jeep and bringing it towards the window as JJ & Big Dom work on getting through the steel shutter

JJ: almost there

Finally the a section of the steel shutter falls into the store as an opening is made, JJ & Big Dom look inside as they start to smile

Big Dom: jackpot baby

The rest of the survivors all inside to find a store that has not been touched, cans and water still on the shelves and what seems to be no walkers or humans in sight

Monica: must be our lucky day
JJ: alright, Big Dom, Monica, Chris come with me inside, each grab a shopping cart and let’s get what we can
Holdyn: what about me?
JJ: you stay are with Tabatha on lookout and give us a shout if you see anything coming
Tabatha: aww would you look at that, looks like you get to time spend with the princess, feel honoured
Holdyn: don’t think honoured is the right word
Holdyn starts to walk away from the Jeep, looking out for anything in the distance as the camera cuts to JJ, Big Dom, Monica & Chris as they puts to explore the store, grabbing all the canned goods and water they can.

-End Of Scene-

The camera cuts back to the highway where Iris, Spencer, Tony & Harley are all driving towards a cut off point on the highway entrance, all in separate cars. As they drive towards the entrance, the walkers nearby hear them and start to make their way over as the four of them all park there cars in a defensive line cutting of the route for the walkers who start to bash on the cars, as they all get out the other side Iris looks to the others.

Iris: right Tony, Spencer you guys keep an eye on these walkers and kill any that go under or over the cars, me and Harley will work on putting more cars across to make it a more secure barricade
Spencer: got it!

As Harley and Iris run off to get into the next two cars, Spencer and Tony watch the walkers closely, killing any that start to go under the cars as the girls drive a couple of the cars on top of the other cars.

Spencer: how do you think this will hold
Tony: it will be good, just need to secure the underneath
Spencer: yeah the walkers will start to filter in if we don’t secure that now

As Tony goes to speak he pauses, feeling a strange presence, he looks around trying to figure out what it is he’s feeling as Spencer looks on perplexed

Spencer: You alright Tony?
Tony: yeah I just feel a strange presence is all
Spencer: what do you mean a- WOAH!

Suddenly Spencer is dragged to the ground as a hand pulls him under the car, Tony turns to see and rushes to him as Spencer is screaming, he kicks his leg free but it is grabbed again as the sounds of growls can be heard. Tony looks under the car to notice a couple walkers have grabbed onto Spencer, Tony tries to pull Spencer back but Spencer let’s out a blood curdling scream as walkers bite into his legs, Tony looks in horror then notices a blacked out figure among the walkers, grab both of Spencer’s legs and grab him further into the walkers to be eaten alive. Tony puts back in shock and crawls away from the cars as Iris and Harley comes running over to him.

Harley: what the hell happened to Spencer
Iris: Tony what happened to Spencer
Tony: a walker grabbed him.....but I don’t think it was a walker

The three of them look on as they can see through the car windows walkers surrounding Spencer’s body, a black hooded figure can be seen slowly ambling away from the scene as Iris, Harley & Tony watch in shock as Spencer is devoured.

-End Of Episode-

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Okay bitch what the fuck just happened

Who the fuck is this hooded figure and how the fuck are they surviving with the walkers around them
Sent by aria_grande,Apr 5, 2019

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