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4thSep 14, 2018 by MrPokeguy9

Nathan #LoveLife has been banned, apparently its due to a design hes posted in his shop, however he wanted you to know that the design was posted a few weeks ago in NexusCain shop "Obsession". If this is the case, why has Nathan been banned for this when Nexus was fine, surely LoveLife should be unbanned as it was ok for Nexus????


Sent by Fetish,Sep 14, 2018
Has Nathan had warnings for illegal designs before?  If so, I would imagine that's why he was banned.  I don't know the reason though so it's just my thoughts.
Sent by Jenna2010,Sep 14, 2018
so quick to ban people for designs yet i mailed him about multis twice and get ignored

i hate this site
Sent by boneworks,Sep 14, 2018
How incredibly unfair. iScotty would have moved on if Admin had taken action earlier, and deserved to be in this week.
Sent by Icing,Sep 14, 2018
Jenna2010 yes but apparently this design wasn't illegal but if it turns out to be then how come Nexus does not get banned for it? That's the point i believe Nathan is making here
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Sep 14, 2018
Not sure MrPokeguy9
Sent by Jenna2010,Sep 14, 2018
Icing Nathan just wants to point that even without the "illegal" design he still had a higher profit than Scotty

Jenna2010 well then I guess we will have to wait and see, also Nathan just wants to clarify he's never had a warning off Admin regarding designs before
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Sep 14, 2018
Bring back Nathan!!
Sent by Blitszims,Sep 14, 2018
Well, I hope his situation gets sorted out MrPokeguy9
Sent by Jenna2010,Sep 14, 2018
He posted the design with the mouth... Nexuscain removed the mouth
It is illegal with the mouth.
jenna2010 mrpokeguy9
Sent by gagaluv,Sep 14, 2018
gagaluv ok fair enough, I'll let him know. I was just passing on his messages
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Sep 14, 2018
Ok mrpokeguy9 ty!
Sent by gagaluv,Sep 14, 2018
Admin, pretty scummy...
Sent by Tyler93,Sep 15, 2018
I support this decision, but Icing's point stands.
Sent by _Aria,Sep 15, 2018

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