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Hello, my name is Tara ❤'s Sean

Ima start keeping these :)

from scrolldragsix nov 8,2019
also listen to this :

Nov 26, 2019 by Emmett4
tarag you have never once gave me bad vibes so idk y u have so much haters

Nov 24, 2019 by CeliaJones
Fucking plastic surgery Barbie doll bitch

Nov 10, 2019 by Thirteen
I have always belonged to her.
I took 16th so TaraG wouldn't have to and now she lives to see another day. Sacrifice me in her name. I give my blood to you now.

You’re awesome!! Live your best life! Give the haters hell :-)
Sent by wsheldonm1990,Nov 7, 2019

from krissin nov 11, 2019
@TaraG: My sorprise in this game ♥. I dont know the reasons why some people hate you. Maybe its what you said "you cant make happy all people".
But for me you are awesome, your nice, friendly and know when someone needs a hug ♥. Thanks and i wish continue talking with you.

I miss you Tara
Sent by Thirteen,Nov 4, 2019

From kevin0621, oct 21, 2019
TaraG - we first met in amazing Testers charity. I won the first HOH and actaully put you up lol. And than I actually began to talk to you, and you are so kind and gentle hearted (her haters I understand you won’t agree with this but don’t take it out on me just stay quiet about your opinion) and we talked and talked throughout pretty much the whole game, and I’m so glad that I had you as a friend during that game, and I’m so so glad I had met you that one day.

14thOct 20, 2019 by shellbelle
So why is every one so bent up about tara?
Is it because she is older than you? I mean technically your older today than yesterday so omg your so gross
Is it because she has tits? So does your mom? And lets be honest breast are the most beautiful part of the body.
Because she speaks her mind? So does the fucking president and y'all voted him in?? Besides its sexy 😉
Ive never encountered so much hate for someone after logging in . she is truly one of the sweetest people on here.
That being said. TaraG I ❤ you...

Scrolldragsix -
and a kissable mouth xxx and versace hunk

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