Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Doug

I never have and never will let anyone on my account for any reason at all so don't ask.
I have over 1000 design png files some of them I have to ask for permission though.

my designs (outfits only)

I am the orginal owner and will never ever sell my account. If need help in a charity game just mail me
Actives FTW WINNER OF STARS 102 :)
Won 20 Old Rookies :)
Owns 267 designs. Total of 9 shops so far
Made final day in 24 classic rookies in arow.


from Kitkatfl1 7 min ago you look like a whore (WON)

Robbed with 3rd in special fastings
skype wwemrpeeps85
thought of the golden key frookies idea
Golden Key Frookies idea from big brother 13
First 4 survivors of the nominations get free ride to jury and can't be nominated until jury. (the show had it top 10 but make it jury on here)

If you get the goldden key you cannot play POV or write anything in the chat
once it its jury everyone with a golden key is allowed to play pov challenges and spam for hoh

Dont break the rules or you will be evicted.

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22 Jul, 18
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16 May, 18

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  6. Which of these 3 should I watch
  7. Can’t decide
  8. Why is Kaitlyn so stupid?
  9. Janelle will never play big brother again.
  10. My prediction
  11. Janelle doesn’t like Kaitlyn
  12. I talked to Janelle
  13. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  14. I don’t understand 5th
  15. Who posted Kaitlyn without makeup photo?
  16. Omg yessssssssssssssss Mods
  18. If you could pick any tv show 2nd
  19. BabeeeIdah irl
  20. Lmfao

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