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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is QUEEN Alexis McFirecrotch [im fucking fat]

I'm Angela Harriet Simon. <-------- random nickname from a blog.

Samantha Pembroke < 33

Hi! My real name is Andy and I love Big Brother and Survivor. I dont like when people fight with me so please dont start one. I want to make more friends than enemies.

I always plus spam eventually, even if I don't respond to it.

White- July 31, 2010
Yellow- August 6, 2010
Orange- August 14, 2010
Light green- September 15, 2010
Dark green- January 28, 2011
Blue- February 26, 2011
Purple- March 9, 2011
Red- March 16, 2011
Brown- March 27, 2011
Black- April 5, 2011
Silver- June 15, 2011
Gold- October 6, 2011
Sky- July 14, 2012
Blood- September 16, 2012
TV Star- November 10, 2012 (173)
Super Gold- June 15, 2021
Platinum- July 31, 2021
Chromatica- November 10, 2021

Highest Rank: 19th

My favorite lines said about me <3 :

we all stare at the girl with the toothbrushh
now come vote in jury bitch. lol jks ily..
amf7410 - LIKE: You're a really cool kid, very nice, and Sandy for SOME REASON lmao has a ton of faith in you, I remember one stars he was like AMF IS GONNA WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and I was like "Lolwut" and then I think you made finals? :O And it was just funny so every time I think of you I laugh, in a good way :P DISLIKE: You've been on the site for a while now and I still think you hold back too much, I don't really know you for anything? If that makes sense? And I feel like you're a popular person so it kinda confuses me xD
This'll be a long one probably haha. Oh Andy/Amdu/Candy Andy/Mr. Fabulous/Teeny Weeny/My E.B, we've been through a lot the past 6 months. We met in a castings, but didn't really start talking until Austin's charity game where we instantly clicked. We started texting shortly after and now I feel like we're inseparable. We've helped each other a lot about each other's problems, talked a lot to each other about a lot of things, and even though sometimes I embarrass you (unintentionally x)), you know ily. < 3 You (and Nick) were the first ones to even know what I looked like and helped me kind of get over my insecurities. Andy, you're so sweet, friendly, funny, kind, and adorable ok. I'm always here for you < 3
amf7410, you're probably one of the most accepting and sympathetic guys on Tengaged, and you're nothing but a good listener, and very helpful, and haven't seen anyone have a problem with you, except in the Stars pollbox way back, where I stuck up for you, although I didn't know you all too well
YOU!!! You have always been someone that I've wanted to individually get to know better. In a way, I feel like I already know you since our friend groups are so similar to each other, it's like replicated friendships, and in addition - you seem like someone I'd get along with greatly. I'm certain that we've played games together before... but nothing comes to mind at the moment, LOL. Truly, I appreciate your presence even though we don't talk to each other. You appear to be someone that is bubbly, fun, exotic, humorous - and you also seem to be one that knows when to drop the fun and come to your friends' aid if your help is needed, which I respect loads. Thank you for your contributions to the site, and although you may not know it - you have affected me, whether it be directly or indirectly. Keep on doing you, and don't change. God bless! ;)
amf7410 - Andy!!!!!! Andy, you are also one of my best friends on this site because you are a fun and creative. You are amazing at Tengaged, and it really wouldn't be the same without you. You always have my back, and I cannot thank you enough. And by now I should really know to send spam to your mail instead of skype! lmao! :)
amf7410 if u were a BIT more rebellious u'd own this site
If this was real bb jenna and andy would be winning everything
AMF7410 - You're really sweet and kind, I honestly don't know how people can evict you in Stars, LOL! You're just naturally nice to people, whoever they are and what they've done. I've never seen you in drama or an arguement with others. Everyone should be supporting you in Stars, you've an overall great person and I wish a lot of people would see that!
Amf7410 - One of the few genuine people on this site. I feel like you're a great person who puts people people your own self. It's really great to have people like that here, and I always respect people for doing that!
amf7410 Very chilled guy. You are not rude in any sort of way. You don't like to start drama, but you are not scared to finish it. Over all, great personality.

The Duel:
Immunities: 83 (1)
Duels went unnommed: 6 (2nd place, 1st place, 2nd place, 2nd place, 2nd place, 1st place)(Duel #5, #50, #52, #55, #78, #82[charity])
duels: 1987-1528 endurance win against tottzi
1874-956 endurance win against Harkinson
663-450 words win against vatcheabs
1252-873 guitarkp loss against NoelSarah
750000-108391 DOND win against jeffprobst
500000-15250 DOND loss against Paul41
10996-300 DOND loss against BbDamian
970-800 numbers win against black0ut247
31400-24900 match three loss against cfloyd
1050-860 words win against etaco75
86086-82760 DOND loss against monokolopo
1716-1464 guitarkp loss against someguy123
750-200 DOND loss against HighDefinition
1830-1722 endurance win against ryguy
2031-1529 endurance win against AllieBoBallie
43500-28400 match three loss against Sassy003
1643-1269 guitarkp win against Minimum4characters
30000-28400 match three win against MarekK24
34100-29000 match three win against cody_
1893-1633 endurance win against QueenDoe
1975-1503 endurance win against Yoki
30000-29400 match three win against SamMacTavish
1250-1160 numbers loss against rippyroo
1187-470 words win against nickgick99
1680-1652 guitarkp loss against ChillTownsEpuc
49900-32600 wheel win against MontyBurns
27500-19100 match three win against nbkiller
1219-1016 words win against ultimatephenom
2083-1705 endurance win against Vedat
1272-1183 words win against JonathanT23
45200-36300 match three loss against Piddu
1160-880 numbers win against Jake6996
1430-988 words win against hwest14
75000-50000 DOND win against xAdam93x
1847-1759 endurance win against DoubleRainbow
400-200 DOND loss against Vh1clown
23900-18000 match three win against crush
750000-170667 DOND loss against sd66
131746-300 DOND loss against kdog
1010-460 numbers win against tycoon1234
1724-999 guitarkp win against rob1127
46550-33950 wheel loss against ianfitz0012
500000-16000 DOND loss against connora
403-0 New Words win against zacxingcai
29950-19750 wheel loss against tyleror
22800-22250 match three loss against TylerK
32400-27350 match three loss against DavidVegemite
32700-32100 match three loss against Vh1luvr15
19785-500 DOND win against Hershey
1581-1523 guitarkp win against LaFierceBrittany2
719-320 New Words win against Godrik
126275-1000 DOND win against kimmal8
1050-990 numbers win against sprtsgy1989
48250-35800 wheel loss against hwest14
300000-????? DOND win against nicklove09
1913-1460 endurance win against Bridgette77
1744-1732 guitarkp loss against Calculate
30550-12350 wheel win against deathmetal29630
1995-1716 endurance win against dools
0-0 ?????? loss against Bruno11
1136-813 guitartiw win against AlbieSweetheart
2009-1672 endurance win against davidfisher
22450-22350 wheel loss against Aduro
1541-1373 guitartiw loss against TylerK
37650-13350 wheel win against Kentuckyy
1874-1826 endurance win against Shabootyquiqui3
968-528 new words loss against XRyn0618
1724-1659 guitarkp win against Sparticus142
42200-38500 match three loss against BareSlut
1260-1050 numbers loss against joey96
1056-479 new words win against Moo_Cha_Cha
80767-5177 DOND loss against awseome2210
1150-1150 numbers loss against LaFierceBrittany2
1380-770 numbers win against LaFierceBrittany2
1360-1030 numbers win against jhelsdon2478
36700-32250 match three loss against BarefootAndPregnant
576-526 new words win against FiberOne
876-582 new words win against jm101
1745-1445 guitartiw loss against ladylizard
2107-1890 endurance win against rob1127
1757-1386 guitartiw loss against Peetah32
652-541 new words win against snoofle
34050-18450 wheel win against zmilner91827
1745-1235 guitartiw loss against XRyn0618
1849-1453 endurance win against Dusty12910
34100-33900 match three win against finegold
1945-1633 endurance win against bigpimpin
41500-32700 match three loss against pokemaster
1932-1600 endurance win against Uskyld
160016-5 DOND loss against JUM40BUM40
930-890 numbers win against Hayker
20400-18700 match three win against Kelerson
17250-5700 wheel loss to etaco75
1016-623 guitarkp win against gbpackXLVchamps
1016-180 guitarkp win against Squirrels1666
910-670 numbers win against ohhayy
1054-962 guitartiw win against maxiphone27
1100-930 numbers win against STOKES2009
940-470 numbers win against corey1
1279-1185 endurance loss against goleadorgeta (my mouse fucked up or i would have won -_-)
26250-11600 match three win against Shankie24
957-576 star words win against MrCriminalJustice
1028-1016 guitarkp loss against vatcheabs
1016-879 guitarkp win against Hannah_Banks2250
950-790 numbers win against Mearl
839-399 star words win against VivianLeigh
42735-10000 deal loss against Kooldude1991
1016-1016 guitarkp loss against leviwwe1
1057-1049 guitartiw loss against streeter
915-689 guitartiw win against kamri
16850-0 wheel win against Fredcrugar
400-341 maze win against tartra
1032-1012 guitarkp loss against sandizzle
1364-601 endurance win against jharrin7887
1334-919 endurance win against PaulaDeen
910-850 numbers win against snels66
1150-1030 numbers win against Emmaleigh
1351-1172 endurance win against BbDamian
342-267 maze win against Superdude13
348-262 maze win against Swifty
1077-905 guitartiw loss against joe1110
872-347 star words win against broncman789
16200-5450 wheel win against Rafe
25300-18000 match win against vatcheabs
1180-1040 numbers win against Kentuckyy
402-378 maze win against Kaay
20700-20600 match loss against babebee
162-133 starflakes win against Nova
7000-0 wheel loss against animorphs (the bitch didnt save right or i would have won that whole duel)
864-0 guitartiw win against MontyBurns
830-4 guitartiw win against AHezze
168-146 starflakes loss against Rebelman2227
405-369 maze win against XavierR83
863-536 star words win against Jouix
172-136 starflakes win against iMiracle
163-161 starflakes loss against Brad13535
397-338 maze win against laidback27
398-368 maze win against KingB24
972-844 guitartiw loss against JohannaMason
1014-734 star words win against Manticore
855-825 guitartiw loss against deathwish
769-732 star words win against jamie19
774-763 star words loss against smuguy2012
1307-1190 endurance win against brandonpinzu
109774-10000 DOND loss against Kentuckyy
34300-22650 wheel loss against Halloween

Stars 153: 6th place
Nommed for 13th:
amf7410 35.5%
BBlover96 64.5%
Nommed for 8th:
amf7410 46.1%
DanieleD 53.9%
Nommed for 6th:
vikejk17 49.5%
amf7410 50.5%

Stars 163: 2nd place
Nommed for 12th:
JetsRock12 59.8%
amf7410 40.2%
Nommed for 9th:
Brandonator 52.4%
amf7410 47.6%
Nommed for 6th:
amf7410 47.3%
IAmPaxton 52.7%
Nommed for 4th:
amf7410 45.9%
rippyroo 54.1%

Stars 178: 13th place
Nommed for 16th:
amf7410 34.3%
black0ut247 65.7%
Nommed for 13th:
mikec51 47.6%
amf7410 52.4%

Stars 219: 10th place
Nommed for 15th:
amf7410 43.3%
NotAfraid 56.7%
Nommed for 10th:
ShadowBaller000 49.0%
amf7410 51.0%

Stars 240: 1st place (of 17)
Nommed for 14th:
jamjars 63.2%
amf7410 36.8%
Nommed for 7th:
amf7410 49.4%
obscurity 50.6%
Nommed for 6th:
cubuff2014 53.5%
amf7410 46.5%

Stars 267: 3rd place
Nommed for 16th:
MTman 50.7%
amf7410 49.3%
Nommed for 5th:
Bradyman7 53.1%
amf7410 46.9%

Stars 279: 10th place (of 18)
Nommed for 15th:
amf7410 48.2%
KrisStory 51.8%
Nommed for 13th:
amf7410 47.1%
austino15fffan 52.9%
Nommed for 10th:
Thumper91 40.9%
amf7410 59.1%

Stars 290: 3rd place
Nommed for 9th:
MikeRORO 52.8%
amf7410 47.2%
Nommed for 7th:
amf7410 48.3%
DantezFire 51.7%
Nommed for 5th:
superman11 54.0%
amf7410 46.0%

Stars 296: 14th place
Nommed for 14th:
amf7410 50.5%
Jouix 49.5%

Stars 304: 10th place
Nommed for 16th:
cfff 51.2%
amf7410 48.8%
Nommed for 13th:
amf7410 45.5%
panda13 54.5%
Nommed for 10th:
amf7410 58.6%
damo1990 41.4%

Stars 310: 13th place
Nommed for 13th:
cfff 46.7%
amf7410 53.3%

Stars 319: 5th place
Nommed for 11th:
Imthtawesom 51.8%
amf7410 48.2%
Nommed for 5th:
amf7410 50.3%
KrisStory 49.7%

Stars 325: 3rd place
Nommed for 13th:
amf7410 46.4%
ShayyBayy 53.6%
Nommed for 10th:
amf7410 40.0%
ShazamMcAmazing 60.0%

Stars 335: 13th place
Nommed for 13th:
tyleror 50.0%
amf7410 50.0%

Stars 343: 7th place
Nommed for 7th:
amf7410 52.7%
ElectraViv 47.3%

Stars 357: 3rd place
Nommed for 9th:
amf7410 43.6%
Jermin119 56.4%
Nommed for 5th:
RoseMaria 51.9%
amf7410 48.1%

Stars 373: 3rd place
Nommed for 12th:
RoboZoe 61.0%
amf7410 39.0%
Nommed for 10th:
amf7410 43.8%
amills5 56.2%
Nommed for 5th:
amf7410 44.3%
TheEclipse 55.7%

Stars 381: 7th place
Nommed for 15th:
amf7410 37.2%
JohnyB 62.8%
Nommed for 7th:
amf7410 50.8%
oreo270 49.2%

Stars 424: 11th place
Nommed for 11th:
amf7410 54.6%
JetsRock12 45.4%

Stars 451: 2nd place
Nommed for 8th:
Natepresnell 50.2%
amf7410 49.8%
Nommed for 5th:
Oliviaxoxo 50.9%
amf7410 49.1%

Stars 469: 11th place
Nommed for 11th:
amf7410 50.2%
ParvatiS 49.8%

Stars 476: 8th place
Nommed for 10th:
Padfoot 50.7%
amf7410 49.3%
Nommed for 8th:
Oliviaxoxo 38.1%
amf7410 61.9%

[8:16:46 PM] Jason< 3Roman: did anyone see natalie strutting up the steps
[8:16:50 PM] Jason< 3Roman: legit killing it

[2/4/2015 7:56:17 PM] Roman<3Jason (bowling4fun): did he change races?

"Old people can adopt young people, so why can't young people adopt old people?" - NotAfraid

[12:14:50 AM] Patrick (GrrrImABear): 9-0
[12:14:53 AM] Patrick (GrrrImABear): Sharob wins
[12:15:10 AM] Patrick (GrrrImABear): Andy was fan fave

skype: ask me for it

my 100th game has to be one of my favorites, all the people in there were so nice <33333 :)

TV Star charity, I love them all <33333333

My first +6:
My first +7:
My first +8:
My first +9:
My first +10:
My first +11:
My first +12:
My first +13:
My first +14:
My first +15:

amf7410 hmmm tricky i gotta say 3rd nommed 5 times the first one you get SURPRISINGLY 26.4 of the vote 2nd time 34.2 3rd 37.6 4th time 40.2 last time 42.7 nommed for 16 12 9 6 5

¨°º¤ø„¸ PARAMORE ¸„ø¤º°¨copy and paste
¸„ø¤º°¨ ROCK ON! `°º¤ø„¸if you think Paramore
¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„ is great!

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