Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is nick

❤ Real Fakes OG ❤

Host of an org called NRS
I play ORGS!

Just a guy looking for some fun and friends :D
Brandt69 is my big bro and dynamic duo! Mess with him and I will end you!

GerardoM13: I can't haha


Top Blog:5
Fasting Wins: 3
Casting Wins: 0
Merges:2 (Biggest Merge Streak :1)
Frooks Finals: 2 (1-1)
Rookies Wins: 2
Hunger Payouts: 1
Hunger Winner:0
Stars I've Played In: 0
Stars Finals: 0
Stars Wins: 0

Sometimes when I am bored I make random charts lol so go check them out

Games I Have Played In

-Matt Survivor Cuba Redemption Island: 8th/18
-Alvards Survivor Peru: 4th/18
-SFCB Survivor East Indies: 10th/20
-JB's Survivor Survivor Peru: 9th/16
-MFJ Big Brother Season 1: 14th/17
-Rise of Legends RP: Diamond Love
-Armanti The Amazing Race Season 1- 8th/12
-100 Person Stars- Made Top 60 Unnommed
-Caleb Individual TAR Fast Skype Season 1- 2nd/6
-TotsTrashy Big Brother Season 12- 2nd/16
-Birew Fast Survivor Season 2- 4th/10
-Big Brother 2: robots vs Godzilla : 9/14
-Alex The Weakest Link Fast Skype Season 1- 3rd/9
-Bennett Survivor Fans v Favorites-15th/20 [out by twist]
-KaseyHope Bb s2 Den of Tempations : 14th/18
-Caleb Real Life Fast Big Brother Skype S3: 6th/14
-JPORG Survivor Season 8: 15th/18
- Survivor Easter Island Discord Org 8th/16
- Emiko Big Brother Discord Org 9th/14
-RuPauls Drag Race S1 Org: 6th/12
- Kenny Twitter Big Brother Org S2: 1st/18
-Katie's Big Brother KIK S5: 4th/18
-Katie's Big Brother KIK Allstars: 9th/24 *Evicted in Triple Eviction*
- Cerials Survivor 2/18
-Trashy Big Brother 6- 11th/16
- Tumblr Survivor Andalucia: 3rd/22nd
- Circle of Neutrality S3: 10th/18
- The Goonies Big Brother Mini: 4/13
-Tumblr Survivor Jordan Pines: 28th/30
- Survivor Horizons: Ryruku- 13th/16
- Tiny Survivor S2: Cape Verde- 6th/18
-Endurance S1 Org- 2/12
- Sing Off S1 Org- Top 8
-IOS6- 14th
- Alex Survivor China- 16th
- RGB Big Brother - 10th
- Total Drama Big Brother S5- 17/22
- Brian’s I Love Money 11- 5th
- Atomic Survivor Lagos - 18th/20
- BBAllIn6 - 10th/23
-American Idol Season 1- 6th Place
- Survivor Cutthroat 11: March Madness 3- 10th/64
- SurvivorCaps Rhodesia- 13th place
-Survivor Cutthroat 12: First Mates 3- 2nd/28

NRS Winner Circle
Big Brother 1: Christmas- Jacob
Series cancelled due to budget comps

Twisted Big Brother
This is a series where I invite people to my house and we play big brother and seasons will be filmed

Season 1 (not filmed because we had another party right after)
F2- Luke and Courtney
Winner- Luke

Other Orgs That I've Hosted For

My Games 218 games played

20 Jan, 19
29 Jul, 18
22 Jul, 18
20 Jul, 18
26 Nov, 17
24 Nov, 17
18 Nov, 17

My Blog Check my blog!

  1. I would much rather see Malcom back
  2. Lmao the girls really overanalyizing everything
  3. Dear Big Brother
  4. Joey Lawrence
  5. If Jonathon Bennett doesn’t win
  6. Where can I watch drag race
  7. Someone tell me why
  8. is anyone hosting a mini
  9. Remember when you had to stalk to play hunger
  10. Gabby
  11. I liked gabby before today’s episode
  12. Join my discord
  13. This site is so dumb
  14. Out of the F4 on dancing with the stars
  15. Go watch my new YT video
  16. Alec king
  17. Question
  18. Today me and my friends decided to do a irl mini..
  19. Here’s the thing
  20. Honestly this cast isn’t the cutest

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