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The RAWR Games 4: The Mole

Congratulations to Anthony (iYBF) for winning TRG3: Free Agents!


We are traveling to Venice, Italy to allow 16 players to experience a game like no other. One that requires teamwork, accountability, and a strong sense of intuition. This group will work together in missions, to earn money towards a group pot, where only one person will win in the end.

But here in The City of Bridges, something is a midst among this group of strangers. Within this group of 16, is a mole, someone hired by me to intentionally and covertly sabotage the group's missions.

The rest of the players' jobs is to discover this traitor...this double-agent...the mole. At the end of each episode, all the players will take a quiz, 10 questions based on the identity of the mole. The player with the lowest score each episode will be executed.

Who will end up on top?

Who will deceive the others?

And the most important question of all...

Who is the MOLE?

Tune in to see The Rawr Games 4: The Mole- Deep Undercover!

TRG Wikia:



Group Pot: $194,170
Mole Pot: $305,830



WINNER- MoooHades (Liam)

The Mole- pizzawithcookirs (James)
2nd Place- ThisIsMyGame (Gamo)

3rd Place- mysterygame2 (Nolan) [Executed Episode 11]
4th Place- k4r4k (Kara) [Executed Episode 10]
5th Place- nbkiller (Nick) [Executed Episode 9]
6th Place- laughingoutloud (Connor) [Executed Episode 8]
7th Place- Ryan_Jambe (Ryan) [Executed Episode 7]
8th Place- doubledarefan01 (Nels) [Executed Episode 7]
9th Place- noah_kondon (Noah) [Executed Episode 5]
10th Place- epicwafflez23 (Eli) [Executed Episode 4]
11th Place- Lalisa (Chili) [Executed Episode 3]
12th Place- Daniel123456 (Daniel) [Executed Episode 2] DID NOT SUBMIT
13th Place- LockerAmi (Ami) [Executed Episode 2] DID NOT SUBMIT
14th Place- chazza647 (Chazza) [Executed Episode 2] DID NOT SUBMIT
15th Place- Novamax243 (Max) [Executed Episode 1]

Featured Players 9 playing

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