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When someone posts a cry for help

6 Ashleybabyx3, Nov 24, 2018

#Obstreperous should not be banned because of the porn. This guy seriously needed help and was not at a good stage in his life... hopefully this ban doesn’t cause what is likely to happen... shame on the admin :/


OMG that was so sad to read

3 Ashleybabyx3, Nov 24, 2018

Can someone please reach out to #Obstreperous I’m actually really worried. This is how people lose lives.. someone prevent it :/


Obstreperous was my Roblox BFF

0 Timster, Nov 24, 2018

I absolutely love Garrett. I pray to the Lord that he's alright. I wish I could speak to him. He told me before Adam I was one of the closest people to him. One time I gave him advice and he was so greatful that somebody actually cared about him. Gare Bear is such a funny, unique, messy individual. I hope he knows he is loved and has a purpose in life. His troll blogs alone and one liners are Roblox makes me giggle all the time. He is one of my favorite people on this site.
God bless him. And sorry AdamLovesEverything I also know how it feels to be someone's backbone and without you they wouldn't likely live. That is one of the hardest things to deal with. You can't live you whole life struggling to keep someone else happy 100%. Its just not possible. As mean as it sounds you aren't responsible for anyone's mental state but your own. Try not to be super stressed out, things will work out fine. I've gone through this many times before. Don't let that blog take away YOUR happiness.
Life will get better. It always does. When you go through something tragic your mind consumes your thoughts. You believe that you have nothing to live for when that's FAR from the truth. Think about when your sad and you suddenly cheer up after you see something funny. Think about tasty hearty meals that make you feel at peace. Think about the joy of cruising down the street at night in the car. All those random little things + a million more example are what makes life worth living.
If either of you happen to read this and need to talk feel free to reach out. I am disturbed right now from those blogs. #obstreperous



7 Minie, Nov 23, 2018

If you are reading this,it will be okay. Break ups are hard and painful and you might think you will not get over that heartbreak for the rest of your life but in a couple of months when you meet a new Ryan you will forget all about your broken heart. Please be okay and don’t do anything you will regret /:


oh wow im still trending!

4 Obstreperous, Dec 30, 2017

this is a sign i should join stars right


oh wow i love trending

3 Obstreperous, Dec 29, 2017

thx to my fans ily all



47 MarieTori, Dec 29, 2017

for an honest opinion and I'll tell you if I've ever disliked you :) xo
Sihz - We actually haven't come in contact very much on our years on here but I've always thought you seemed really laid back and used to want to be friends with you back in like '13 or something but then I left the site and yeah I don't really know much about you but I think you're a cool guy.
Thumper91 - Okay I'm trying to find a reason why I don't like you and I think it's just because you stayed sticking up for that nasty greasy haired idiot Taybear or w/e, plus I'm team lemonface always and I'm pretty sure yall beefed. However, that's really not a fair reason and I've heard a lot of nice things about you. I'm kind of a dick sometimes and judge people without giving them a chance. If we ever cross paths hopefully we'll have a fresh start.
Thirteen - idk I'm not a fan lol. I don't really like the werid psycho shtick but I'm not sure if it's a persona or really you. Creepy either way but keep doing you I guess. But yeah you're really rude to my boyfriend T. Buritto so I can't support :/
MoreBeastThanYou - We've both been around for a long fucking time but maybe back in like '09-'10 we talked a bit more because of association with RJ and all that but we really haven't talked much since then so I don't really know anything about you but I've always respected you I guess, you've always seemed like a cool guy to me
Idgaf - aw nostalgia. We used to be really good friends and we would always bag on each other and I miss that sometimes, it's nice to think about old tengaged and all the fun people and fun calls and such playing OMGpop for hours and just causing drama on the blogs. I hope you're doing well, I really like all of your tattoos that I've seen, hopefully someday we can catch up. :)
#Obstreperous #yoshicoolman - sorry fellas I really don't think we've ever crossed paths, if so sorry!
iigalaxyii - We really haven't talked much, we're not in the same friend groups and I think a lot of the people you associate with are really fucking lame, however when weve been in the same chat and stuff you seem like a really nice guy and maybe sometime we'll talk a bit more.
Paige5459 - I've seem your name a lot lately and it seems like people are really taking a liking to you, I haven't really spoken with you but you seem like a nice person. Not sure at all if you're a guy or a girl but that shouldn't matter. Yeah you seem nice but we really haven't talked.
AllieBoBallie - I would consider you one of my best friends on here right now, and hopefully that lasts this time. You're such a nice person and you really care about the people you talk to  on here and I'm glad that we're reconnecting. We had a bit of a fight becuase you were rude to me in a skype game ;) but it's all better now and I'm excited to continue our..


PYN for Naughty or Nice!

96 SmoothStalker12, Nov 28, 2017

Based on what I've seen of you from the past month
#Obstreperous - controversial blogs are a no no in the north pole
#Batya - Rednoses are for Rudolph, not Tengagers!!
#MrBird - Rednoses are for Rudolph, not Tengagers!!
#Wade03 - Drama is not permitted in the workshop!
#MoooHades - Someone who worships the dark Hades is condemned to the naughty list!
#ninaboninacrown - Your blogs are more dirty than the reindeer pen!
#sosyomomma - Rednoses are for Rudolph, not Tengagers!!
#Brayden_ - How can one claim to be the best blogger on TG while #BengalBoy is still around? Santa disapproves
#mikec51 - Santa doesn't approve of those who lie with other men
#dwipeouts - Santa has nightmares of your avatar chasing him around the ice skating rink
#Memphis_Grizzlies - for having the devil oliviaxoxo on your front page!
#BengalBoy - You have more ho ho hoes thirsty for you than even Santa, naughty!
#ninjohn - A dangerous woman mask = danger = naughty
#Halloween - red noses are for Rudolph, not tengagers!
#Hints - Santa and you both know what you've done to deserve this, Santa aint no snitch
#imprincearthur - Santa is afraid of your moppy headed avatar
#tpidude73 - Santa heard you and #IceBeast making some fruitcake in the closet if you know what he means
#yoshicoolman - Rednoses are for Rudolph, not Tengagers!
#turkeylover - Randomize doesn't allow full photo avatars, and Santa respects his owner Rando
#Icebeast - See #tpidude
#titoburitto - Santa thinks your avatar murdered, skinned and made a cheap outfit out of a reindeer.
#m7md26 - Your avatar desplays a killer, and killing is naughty naughty
#zorbo678 - Santa does not approve of the naked lady in front of you
#Stary - naughty, you killed irelia
#hellomynameis347 - 347 is not a real name and cannot be written on santa's list!
#greenranger8 - if you won't tell santa your name then you can't be on the nice list!
#pizzawithcookirs - put that middle finger down and you will be on the nice list!
wildboy12 - a bit too wild for santa's liking
garrievans97 - a name like slutty version cannot appear on the nice list!!
moondancer63 - Santa fears moon dancing is slang for some cult ritual
Mickiejames22 - no false idols shall be worshiped, especially Charlie Day
GrrrImABear - santa pities those in TG relationships, but not enough to put you on the nice list
Insanity17 - you did not nominate olivia in rookies, that is a SIN
corgi - your avatar is not human
#JustMe - To the teenage elves on TG, you are admired as if you are Mrs. Claus herself!
#DakotaCoons - the multi elves loved you enough to give you a stars win!
#GoodKaren - Like your username, you have been good!
#bamold1999 - Santa Calvin admires that you also have a workshop/lab of your own elves
#AdamLovesEverything - Loving things are admired by fat..


Oh, cute!

3 Obstreperous, Jun 3, 2016

#Obstreperous is trending!
Nice to see people know how to spell my name correctly.


Big brother Random season 1 episode 4

3 s73100, Mar 22, 2016

By a vote of 6-2 Mrbird you are evicted :o
Current cast-
HOH comp
#obstreperous you may not compete as the outgoing HOH
This comp is called Drop it lock it poc-a-dot-it and here is how it works you will hold on to a handle. let go and your out
Here is the order of elimination-
CONGRATS #trickdaddy6 you have won HOH!
#trickdaddy6 tells the #ladyslayers they are safe
Nomination ceremony
#benp428 flips off trickdaddy and throws a chair through the wall!
POV player picking
WIll all compete
This comp is called Endurace the person who can stand on a pole the longest will win the POV
#Lavaworks at 10 minutes
#trickdaddy6 2 hours
#JamesLu 5 hours                                   
#benp428 6 hours
#Wadea03 7 hours
#pizzawithcookirs 7.01
POV ceremony -
#pizzawithcookirs - I have decided to use the POV on myself. Trickdaddy6 you must now name a replacment
#trickdaddy6 #obstreperous Sorry
Vote to evict #benp428 or #obstreperous

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