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Hello, my name is i hope someone remembers me when i'm gone

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If you’re my friend a game won’t change that. Just tell me before you nominate/evict me what’s happening and I’ll forgive you.

Thanks BrendonByrne, JayElVeeIsBack, Plastic, IceBeast, Jake6991 and WannaBeeFriends x2 for gifting me!
You’ve all made my day at some point.

Crickets: Sorry for causing you distress and thanks for the iconic video
I was screwed over by The Tengaged Crash of December 2017 in a frookies!

StarySky: “12th – PHILIP, I am really sorry you got screwed over by the Tengaged Crash of December 2017. You didn’t deserve to go home. I would have kept you had I been given the chance; stupid lag. You didn’t deserve this. #imsosorry
I did some spring cleaning. New songs will be copy/pasted soon.

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