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PYN End of the year 2017

7thDec 30, 2017 by _Adidas_
Post ya name and I'll share my favorite memory of the year w u, I don't ever do these so pyn ;)
Also bit drink so I'll be sharing a lot hehe
#Calebdaboss - seeing your photo being shared throughout Tengaged
#mickiejames22 - stanning the one the only Selena Quintanilla, along with 3 other irrelevant people
#thirteen - "tito buritto mosquitto" and winning stars
#thumper91 - of all the 3 games we played we didn't work together despite being like the best of friends in 2014-2015 D;
alanb1 - your weird obsession with me; joining survivor and orchestrating hisoka's demise by getting rid of the .es while I still slay stars with 1 of them only for you to be voted out and having a Romeo and Juliet moment ; slaying yet another survivor expect u get voted out an doin with all your cult members only to get screwed by your Aussie crush and getting the satisfaction of achieving revenge on all the haters wow we rlly do slay can't wait to slay all the fags on SF but I'm nervous to meet u bc ur obsessed; your black friend
JSBReality - probably aligning in frookies and owning my design
mikec51 - "im outsmarting Ms. Smartypants" all jokes aside i wnated to work with you but you rlly ruined it by cheating in zoo to get rid of Hunter and then plan on voting me out
jackyboy - getting 3rd in bb, getting 11th in survivor, joining the multi castings and wanting to be friends with you only to be fake
justme - our castings with mama c #JustSueMe
Lazeric - the rookies we played and seeing u in frooks w ur premade
paige5459 - I actually don't think we have envkuhntered but I hear you are a sweetheart
anthousai - I really don't know how we even met it must have been a frooks bc that's all e used to do; we have become a gr8 clique with Geneva divas and giving rozlyn 13th and joining castings even tho u eloped just like our recent frooks D; I wish 2018 we talk way more tho since I am closer w Nichole vlad Sparta Finn than u
nichole98 I know u have an obsession with me l, I can't help being so irristitable with my caramel skin, too bad u hacent added me on sc so I can show u all my parts , nonetheless we have became a power couple from calling u out in the first frooks from slaying Deanna from killing u in hunger from seducing u to gift me from being Mexican wow we are every duo combine dinto 1 but 100x better I can't compare us to anyone we are unstoppable,  2018 I expect u to come out as a man
scooby0000 - your pictures posted everywhere, joining stars, being a string supporter of mine in stars
philip13 - maybe frooke?
levonini - hosting tvivor,  attempting to seduce me in endurance, your nose, Rico Suave, uglifying your avatar,
hints - the boring ass supertribe D; oh and we also did hunger but it was in early 2017
theacf12  - orchestrating survivor blindsided and creating way more in 2018 <3
pizzawithcookirs - hunger
dj2722 - being robbed of being the best couple of 2017 with wooden leg jenzie
ghrocky100 - ok u have yet to answer my question D;  being an ally in trinity but being a complete pain in stars
bengalboy - returning and slaying the gays yet again
starysky -clearing the Chatzy except review mode exists and I saw ur pussy lips thanks for taking me to finals lmao
roshy - Greg's charity being the best game ever and thinking fatchole was in fact Lana del Rey
rollingderp - D; voting u out in trinity I wishbi didn't but don't think it would have put me in a better spot bc of the premade
vlad21 - slaying frooks, being in trinity as a premade but then not even working together bc uuj ain't loyal seeing u waste an idol while still becoming close friends a few weeks later and slay hunger except I was shopping wow I have gr8 moments with Geneva divas oh also flopping stats
Eoin -  Evicting you in stars D; Ive known Dane longer, but if you stay i will support bc of the premade
Darbe - winning every (?) game and accusing you of multis
Arris - ... nothing really D;
Hisoka - .. LMAO okay We did slay frookies and then we slayed survivor BUT i didnt like it because of the cheating so Alan and I made sure we got the other accounts out, the hunger games really tore us tho bc of how unfair it was and then we got major beef but i think it has died out now, we made amends like i dont have that hate anymore im hoping we can play again though maybe a frooks
DakotaCoons - adding u on snap but never messaging you and then delete you but then add u back lmao plus ur stars win
EliotWhi  - ... nothing really D;
Cornelia - leaving TG to watch BB19 to not be spoiled... who even watched big brother now a days ...
Birks4444 - ... nothing really D;


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Oh hun I know exactly what it’s gonna be
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Paige :P
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Me & WhatevertheF chatzy
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hi x
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what questionnnn
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OMG!!! but yeah, it's TRUE!
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